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May 29
Why the run to the F fund.
by  United States mrmaxd | 4 Comments

Is this just the seasonals pulling out or something else

May 28
It's 0230 EST 28May, and once again we
by  United States crondanet5 | 13 Comments

have no nightly IFT recalculation. This appears to be a longitudinal repeating glitch in the program. Not only does it affect everyone participating in the Fantasy Game because yesterday's returns will not be reflected in today's TSP investing decisions but it continues to degrade the value of this web site to all who love using it to manage their TSP investment program. Is there any way (a) yesterday's results can be processed so today's results build on those figures and not on the results of 28 May's market close and (b) can the program receive a permanent and lasting repair? This is the only TSP web aite that experiences this ongoing problem. It needs to be fixed and I hope I never have to make another post like this about a brilliant person's incredibly significant program that keeps stumbling for unknown reasons. Please do not reply "It will be fixed tonight." Please make your program recalculate 27May's results and then fix it. Thanking you in Advance, Very Truly Yours....

May 27
Please excuse my ignorance.
by  United States ArrieS | 17 Comments

I don't understand why people are advocating for gold/silver as a hedge for the next collapse.

I hope someone can please explain this to me. Precious metals are a safe haven for currency depreciation. As with all stock market crashes, it erases wealth, I.E. money. If money is erased, how does that lead to inflation? To further expand, the last crash hurt the housing market. Trillions in value was wiped out. It wasn't transferred to someone else. It existed on banks’ balance sheets and when the home was foreclosed the banks had to write it off, so the value of money the fractional reserve banking system was using was erased from existence. It wasn't moved to someone else's balance sheets, it was gone.

How is it that a stock market crash that has the ability to wipeout trillions, erasing it, leads to inflation? You can argue the FEDs response by shoving money back into the system will, but that is not instant, and more to the point wouldn't be a trillion instant dollars just enough to insure liquidity in the banking system.

So wouldn’t a constriction of the money supply by the removal of such a large amount lead to deflation? Which was seen in the Great Depression.

This excludes the possibility that the next crash ends the faith in the dollar which every fiat currency requires. So let's please avoid the doomsday scenario where the belief in the dollar is gone. Because then gold and silver would be worthless, bullets will be exchanged and most likely not in a friendly way.

May 27
G or F?
by  United States - Illinois EpicWin | 5 Comments

I haven't been doing so hot this year, but we're off for vacation tomorrow. I've got an IFT in for a move to G, but was wondering if you're all feeling very confident in the seasonal holding this year. Is F looking to rebound?

May 26
Fed Bubble
by  United States Tomanyiron | 3 Comments

Looking at the longer time frames, I present this chart. A 20-year chart of the S&P 500, ... 2042816311

I used the RSI and PMO indicators to point out the sell signals on the chart. You can see the Tech bubble boom and burst on the first third of the chart. Then we had the credit bubble in the middle third. Do you think the chart is telling us another bubble is about to pop? This one we might end up calling the very long in the tooth “Fed Bubble”.

But I can’t take credit for all this completely. I came apron this: ... ned-again/

I didn’t fully understand his chart, so I worked with the idea and came up with one of my own.

May 22
Janet Yellen Speaks @ 1:00 PM ET
by  United States Tomanyiron | 12 Comments

I’m thinking she is going to pamper the markets a little more. Who doesn't love a little pampering? But at some point there will be inescapable consequences. At some point there simply won’t be enough buyers crazy enough to buy at prices that are at levels that are survivable for sellers.

May 21
HOLIDAY CLOSING, Monday, May 25th
by  United States - Georgia snaffu | 1 Comment

Some financial markets will be closed on Monday, May 25th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. The Thrift Savings Plan will also be closed. Transactions that would have been processed Monday night (May 25th) will be processed Tuesday night (May 26th), at Tuesday's closing share prices


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