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November 25
Thanksgivings Effect
by  United States Tomanyiron | 5 Comments

Ok we are starting to read it every where. “The Wednesday before and the Friday after Thanksgiving has seasonally been the two best trading days in November, and that effect also includes a negative Monday following Thanksgiving”.

But I stand by my words, “Seasonal tendencies are great to look at and talk about, but you can’t count on them each and every year. What the market is doing leading up to the “Event” is important”.

The Fear/Greed Index is at 57, not extreme greed yet. And the pre-markets are up a little (6:30 AM EST). But my F fund charts are still telling me to hold, and my S and C fund charts are not signaling a buy.

Has anyone did any “back-looking”, I did and this site will give you the actual dates of past Thanksgivings. Take the time to look at what the past Thanksgivings have provided and see what you think. I think it has been very mixed the last 10 years. And if you factor in the overbought-ness (including the last two days), I don’t see the odds good enough for me this year.

If my situation was different and I was already in the C/S funds, I might hold at least past the holiday. My signature line very much applies to this post.

November 24
[ Poll ] Are you going to max out your TSP contribution for 2015?
by  United States - Wyoming maxbobcat | 13 Comments

TSP max Contribution for 2015 is $18,000. Are you going to max it out this year?

Bonus question: What other investments do you plan to do besides the TSP?

November 22
Best Paid TSP Website info
by  United States managingts | 26 Comments

I was wondering if you guys know which website is quite good for TSP strategy. I would rather pay a fee every year if it means that I'll get a bump up on my yearly TSP return, which is not a guarantee but I'd rather have the technical folks tell me more on what's goin on rather than me (the not-so-technical guy) telling myself where the market is heading. Thanks.

November 20
New Guy Jumping In
by  United States TSPArtist | 1 Comment

Hi everyone I just found/joined TSPCenter, changed my Fantasy to my real (100% C) fund. I have been reading some of the post, and I’m wondering what if the recent decline is enough to work off the overly optimistic sentiment, leading to a Santa rally through 2015? I know the leading members are mixed, some S, some C. And some G, but not many F.
I am new at this so if you can use everyday language rather than technical jargon I would appreciate it. I don't work in an office, and can't get online but a few times during the work day. But I do try to check in time for the noon cut-off.
Thank you for your ideas of where we are going.

Oh, and that “Back to The Future” avatar reminded me of the noon cutoff, is why I picked it.

November 20
Question for Sig
by  United States - Colorado Sig | 8 Comments

I didn’t see the “Question for Sig” post till too late and could not answer it. I hope this will answer some of what was asked.

I was on AL (vacation) last week and I’m catching up this week. I use these sites (tspcenter,tsptalk & tspevelution) as “what if” test sites. I believe you can look at a chart till your eyes cross and not know what the market is going to do until you make the move and get into a position and then it becomes very clear. More often than not the market goes against you right after you take your position. I say it is better to get that clear vision with virtual money than real money. Then you can make better decisions with your real money. As for tspevelution I’m testing a buy and hold (till January) strategy. As for my real TSP I’m in the 2050 for now and may go to G because the DOW looks like it is beginning to fizzle out and could fall hard.


November 19
Help with myEPP and the "Retirement" Deduction
by  United States Heckler511 | 6 Comments

Hello TSP Community,

I've been enjoying being a member of this site and reading all the posts / commentary. Thanks to everyone who participates.

It struck me that this might be a good place to ask about a question I have.

On my online employee personal page, "myEPP," every month there is code 75 "RETIREMENT" deduction and I have no idea what that is or where that monthly deduction goes.

Can anybody please offer some insight? This is in addition to my code 75 "TSP-FERS" deduction that ends up going to my account.

Thanks a million! Keep the great market discussion coming.

p.s. - warning, they are making you change your myEPP password if you haven't logged in recently.

November 18
Flexibility and Options for the TSP
by  United States - Kentucky Sad Al | 6 Comments

TSP Board has been slow to adopt new investment strategies, and I really believe their motivation is to save us from ourselves. After adding the Roth option to our investment choices, the board is finally considering other options for investments and withdrawals. ... fed&wpmm=1

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