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December 17
Rally starts Tuesday guys!
by  United States TSP Jedi | 11 Comments

Get ready for a 14 trading day rally, then back to the drawing board!

December 17
How about that I fund?
by  United States michigande | 2 Comments

Since many of the successful daily strategies move to the I fund early this week for a week or two, what are opinions on how its going to perform in the near term? Looking at its trend, it looks prime for a short term buying opportunity. Thoughts?

December 16
Trading Biases
by  United States Tomanyiron | 1 Comment

I have seen this in myself and I think I see it in others in some of the forum comments. I guess we like to think of ourselves as immune to being swayed, but I think that is not what often happens.

"Psychological Biases We all have these innate tendencies to think, judge, and behave in irrational ways that often violate sensible logic, or good judgment. The average person is unaware of these inherent psychological inefficiencies, despite the frequency with which they arise in our daily lives and the regularity with which we fall victim to them.
Below are eleven of the most common tendencies, chosen for both their prevalence in human nature and their relevance to investing in the financial markets. If you can recognize these psychological predispositions in your thought process, it will help in your decision making."
Image ... ive_biases

December 15
TSPCalc Strategies
by  United States mango72 | 2 Comments ... nk=sfmw_tw

This article got me thinking about all the folks who actually follow specific strategies from Considering the historical data on only goes back to 2004, it would be wise to maybe consider evaluating today's economic situation along with the major global events playing into this market. We might be dealing with an outlier that wont necessarily follow a seasonal pattern or marry up with historical data.

December 15
2019, what's your plan?
by  United States michigande | 13 Comments

I'm very interested to hear about how people plan to wade into 2019.

Are you going to time the market watching technical indicators, news and tweets to IFT?

Monthly or daily seasonal strategy? If so, which one and how will you or did you settle on a particular strat?

Buy and hold?

Professional advisory?

I'm personally leaning toward a daily, though I'm not sold on any one yet, to guide me while watching Tomany's Market Pull, this forum and the news to help decide on those moves.

December 14
Decent article for the Bears
by  United States - Ohio Scarfinger | 1 Comment

Pending doom supported by some technical analysis. I enjoyed the read.

December 13
The Next Two Weeks
by  United States nrialto | 11 Comments

I'm looking for everyone's thoughts on a plan from now through the year's end.

It's obvious the S Fund (normally seasonally good this time of year) is currently a stinker. Looking at historical charts, it seems as if the day before Christmas through the few days after, historically does well. Also, it seems many daily plans are in the I fund the last week of December, but even that particular fund is very dicey right now.

I'd hate to miss out on gains for one of the best month's of the year, but I'm sure I'd kick myself if I ended up taking a loss instead.


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