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August 19
Jumped to soon
by  United States bad70nova | 6 Comments

I guess i pulled the trigger a liittle to soon and jumped to the G fund for my last IFT on friday afternoon. Missed some good gains Monday and looking like Tuesday. Oh well maybe i can make it up later.

August 19
my projection on the nasdaq
by  United States - Utah TSPTrader | 0 Comments

August 17
Stock Buyback Warning!
by  United States Relevant | 1 Comment

According to the August 16th issue of “The Economist” and data services company “Trim Tabs”, companies purchased $671 billion worth in stock buybacks in 2013 and have made plans for nearly $300 billion already this year. “That is more than four times the money placed into stock funds by retail and institutional investors.”

“Like a snake swallowing its own tail, the corporate sector is absorbing its own equity. How long this can continue is anyone’s guess. The peak year for share buybacks was 2007, just before the debt crises. That is not a great omen.”

To read my unabridged version of this blog go to:

August 17
Got Pring?
by  United States Tomanyiron | 2 Comments

I have been reading some Pring this weekend. Martin J. Pring is described as a "technician’s technician". He gives out very simple and accessible information.
You may like to read his “19 Trading Rules to Beat the Markets”. It has things like this: When in Doubt, Stay Out, Never Invest Based on Hope. And I really like this one, “Act on Your Own Judgment or Else Absolutely and Entirely on the Judgment of Others”. You can see the complete list here, Good stuff. ... e-markets/. And an hour webinar on YouTube here:

Pring created some Diffusion Indicators, which take a basket of securities and create an oscillator that shows how many of those securities are in a positive trend. Of the five, seams like The Dollar Diffusion Indicator (!PRDIFCUR) is the best for finding signals in the S fund. By no means perfect but does offer an additional “look” for the pros/cons of IFTs.

As of late, (past 8 months) that chart seams to give an early warning of which way the market is going. If anyone has a chance to look at it, I would be interested in what you think it is saying.

August 16
Contributions Today
by  United States MSR | 33 Comments

I logged in to my actual TSP yesterday and again today and did not see my contribution in there. Does anyone have this issue?

August 14
by  United States Moonshine$ | 8 Comments

HELP!.....I accidentally 'disabled' my chart!! Can someone please tell me how I can get this back??

August 13
S&P 500 at 2000 to 2050 by Year End?
by  United States - Pennsylvania Sptms2086 | 5 Comments

I've read recently that some investment folks think the S&P500 may reach 2000 (2.7% higher) to 2050 (5.3% higher) by the end of this year - Some expect traditional lackluster performance through the end of October, followed by a rise in November and December. The latter would put the C Fund up about 12% on the year. Am currently 50% in the C Fund (the other 50% in G Fund), so am hoping for the S&P500 to rise by year end. How about you - any thoughts on how the market will do by year end, and how you plan to play it?

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