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August 16
2108 results
by  United States showme$ | 7 Comments

Did we ever find out why the 2018 numbers have disappeared

August 16
Enjoy your smile for the day
by  United States cswift01 | 6 Comments

I just saw this and realized that it had a special significance today: ... 2019-08-15

Enjoy the laugh! We all need one once a day.



August 15
[ Poll ] Reputation Points, Positive, but not Negitive
by  United States Tomanyiron | 19 Comments

Poll Question: Should the negative option for reputation points be removed? Points can be added, but not taken away.

King and/or moderators wouldn't that be easy to do? Without asking to remove past neg. points, just stop allowing them from now on.

It would make this a friendlier place. And less vulnerable to the internet trolls?

August 14
Well today was fun! What will tomorrow bring?
by  United States Carmen909 | 18 Comments

“‪Dow tanks 800 points in worst day of 2019 after bond market sends recession warning” ... -data.html

August 14
Interfund transfer question
by  United States crtusmc | 1 Comment

If you do a interfund transfer after 1200 the tsp website says it generally gets processed the next day. So my question is: at what price does the new funds get purchased at? The day that I requested the transfer or the stock prices of the next day when it is processed?

For example: I request a interfund transfer today after 1200. I want to move into the C from the G. Today’s closing C price is 41.7475(not correct, just example). Tomorrow the price goes up to 43.47484, which price gets used to calculate?

August 14
TSPCALC Strategy Question
by  United States heckrules | 3 Comments

In addition to this site I follow & pay into the TSPCALC site. There are a vast number of seasonal strategies on tspcalc site...
In the Results table for a chosen seasonal strategy returns are listed by month from Jan 2004 to the present month.
I've been following a strategy that has done well over the past 6 or 7 years...not so much this year however...
My question is for example if seasonal strategy 2000 had the best January return over the 2004 to 2019 time frame & strategy 3000 had the best February over the 2004 to 2019 time period and a different strategy had the best March over the same time period...etc.

Is there a seasonal strategy number that follows strategy 2000 for January then follows strategy 3000 for February and then switches to the best returning strategy each successive month? If that is the case what is that particular strategy number?

Thanks for any help…



August 14
Thoughts on how to plan 4 FTC Chief wanting to break up Tech
by  United States Optimus187 | 0 Comments

Saw this interesting article. Based on that the FANG stock are leading the market, who are going to play this ... tech-probe

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