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September 26
by  United States heckrules | 7 Comments

Not many posts....everybody must be waiting for the POTUS debate tonight....... 8-)

September 19
Ever Wondered Where the Dividends Went?
by  Iraq sgtnichols | 4 Comments

Re-posted from Scott Zane on the TSP Facebook page:

It's not uncommon for members to wonder exactly what happens with dividend payments as far as TSP is concerned. The answer is, they get paid to the fund manager, which is BlackRock. Because dividend payments are normally treated as taxable income and because the fund involved is a tax-deferred fund (if Traditional TSP) or money that has already been taxed (Roth TSP), it's not possible for dividends to be paid directly to the account holders. It also must be able to be taxed at some point in time. Because we can't be taxed on dividends generated from a tax-deferred fund, the dividends are instead paid to BlackRock. In turn, BlackRock re-invests the dividends right back into the fund that produced them.

Not every company in the S&P 500, for example, pays a dividend. However, more than 80% of the companies in that index do pay one, and the average yield is typically in the 2.5%-3.0% range. The net effect on the C Fund should typically be in the +2.0% range.

If the C Fund was a taxable fund that was able to pay dividends directly to shareholders, the applicable fund will in most cases mirror or slightly underperform the related index. However, that is normally NOT the case with the TSP funds.

S&P 500 closed at 1848.36 at EY2013
S&P 500 closed at 2058.90 at EY2014 (+11.39% from EY2013 close)
S&P 500 closed at 2038.97 yesterday (-0.97% from EY2014 close)

Looking at the C Fund's performance, we have:
EY2013: $23.8752
EY2014: $27.1655 (+13.78% from EY2013)
Yesterday: $27.4848 (+1.18% from EY2014)

As you can see from the above numbers, the C Fund outperformed the S&P 500 by 2.39% in 2014. It's also outperforming the S&P 500 by 2.15% this year as well. Very few basket funds ever outperform the underlying index. Between that and the fact it's known the average yield for all S&P 500 dividend payments relative to cumulative share prices (including non-dividend stocks) is normally somewhere above 2%, we can reasonably believe that the C Fund's outperformance against the S&P 500 is not really outperformance, but is actually the result of share price increases created by dividend re-investments in to the fund.

So, if you're wondering whether dividends get paid in TSP, the answer is yes they do - but they show up in share price changes and not by payments directly to participants.

September 17
Anyone correlated TSPcenter Market Sentime to actual market?
by  United States - Florida docrings | 3 Comments

Every week we have the opportunity to weigh-in on what we feel/think next week's market will do; which fund will do worst, and which fund will do best.

Has anyone graphed and correlated this historical data to the market? Is it all mumbo-jumbo, or is there some correlation (statisitically significant) at all?

Just wonderin'... figure there might be some stats junkies here who could plot the sentiment vs reality and see what comes up.



September 16
Plug in not supported
by  United States - Virginia airwinger6 | 2 Comments


What phones are people using to access TSPCenter? My current phone just died and it wouldn't display charts in my fantasy account, stated that plug in wasn't supported. What phone out there will?



September 14
Going Forward
by  United States nrialto | 40 Comments

Obviously, there's alot going on in the market's currently, and even more headed our way in the coming weeks. Having said that, does everyone who went to G, today in particular, know something that is escaping the rest of us?

September 14
Android mobile app for TSP account queries
by  United States donbrock | 4 Comments

For you Android users, an app named "TSP Connect" is available to login to your TSP account and query your balances, recent transaction and summaries of contributions.

It is 100% safe to use as your account number and password are sent only to It uses the HTTPS protocol for secure connections over the network (same as your browser) to ensure reasonable protection and integrity of your data. Go here to view screen shots and to download: ... tspconnect

TSP Connect has no official connection with the Thrift Savings Plan. It simply provides access to a limited amount of read-only data.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

September 11
Stop Being Complacent With Your TSP
by  United States BBBInvest | 22 Comments

Over the last two months the S&P 500 has traded in a tight range between 2160 & 2180 but on Friday the market dropped a whopping 50 points.

Instead of trying to pinpoint the exact reason for this drop we subscribe to a different mantra.... DON'T BE A TURKEY!

An Investing Lesson From A Turkey!

If that makes absolutely no sense to you, in short it means...

Don't be complacent with your Thrift Savings Plan.

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