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November 24
Draw from TSP or SS @ 62
by  United States scotth2010 | 7 Comments

Thought for FERS employees, has anyone run these numbers? Drawing SS $ vs. TSP $ starting at 62.
Background, planned retirement at 62, fully vested in SS, FERS, expected TSP balance ~800k, spouse eight years younger with very little in the way of retirement income, we have no other investments, only home debt. To replace ~70% of my working income I will NOT need to draw both SS and TSP!
Opt. 1: At 62, draw SS ~1800 per month, let TSP ride until needed or 70.
Opt. 2: At 62, draw ~1800/m from TSP, let SS ride until needed or 70, increases 7-8%/yr.
Opt. 3: At 62, draw from both, reinvest/live high.
I plan on living forever, but odds are she will outlive me, so when I am dead, she will have 50% of my SS, 50% of FERS, and 100% remaining in TSP. Thoughts????

November 24
Ran screaming from market in August now need to jump in?
by  United States texasex78 | 7 Comments

I had read Airtrus' post regarding seasonal strategies, and thought it might be something I wanted to look into. I foolishly ran screaming from the market in August and have sat in G since that time. I had been "buy and hold" for the long haul in C and S, but... I will retire 12/31/20 and currently have 1.1M in my TSP and am starting to be more squeamish regarding my investments. Although the bulk of my money is in G, right now, my contribution allocation is still in S and C. I want to continue maxing out my investment but seem to be a little more timid now that my TSP is over 1M. If I were to do the seasonal and wanted to start for December 2015, do you just IFT and contribution allocation ALL to the S fund?(that's the Jahbulon method). Any thoughts. Thanks

November 24
News is Going to Put Fear Trading in Play
by  United States Tomanyiron | 4 Comments

Pre-markets are down, on bad news. The good news is that you can use that to your advantage, (if you're in cash). Because it will pass, you’ll see. Well that's my opinion.

“European markets moved sharply lower on Tuesday following an uninspiring lead from Asia overnight and Wall Street Monday, increased concerns over the threat of terrorism, and continued pressure on commodity prices.”

“Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border after it violated Turkey's airspace on Tuesday, a Turkish military official said. Turkish presidential sources told Reuters that the downed warplane was a Russian-made SU-24, adding it was downed in line with Turkey's rules of engagement after violating Ankara's airspace. President Tayyip Erdogan has been briefed by the head of the military and will talk to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the sources said. Russia's defense ministry said the downed fighter jet was Russian and did not violate Turkish airspace. A Kremlin spokesman called the downing of the SU-24 in Syria a "very serious incident" but said it was too early to draw conclusions, Reuters reported.

Turkey is a member of the military alliance NATO which has said it is ready to defend Turkey if Russia violated its airspace, the BBC reported.” ... order.html

November 23
529 plans?
by  United States puddy | 6 Comments

Was wondering if I could get some insight from all you investment gurus regarding 529 plans. I live in Utah and was having trouble figuring out what kind of return they were generating. Is a 529 plan worth signing up for or should I invest the children's college funds elsewhere? thanks puddy

November 23
Black Friday and the TSP
by  United States nrialto | 3 Comments

I am currently following the same seasonal strategy as Aitrus. The current allocation is C, with an IFT to S on December 1st. Does anyone know what fund does best following the Thanksgiving holiday? I was thinking that if Small Caps (S) do best on Black Friday, I may IFT early to catch the gain.

Aitrus, maybe you can field this? Any thoughts/suggestions will surely be appreciated.

Thank you.

November 21
Seasonal Investing
by  United States RonaldLWil | 6 Comments

So I am looking at seasonal strategy..........December states S Fund from the C Fund in November.........when should I pull the trigger?

November 21
Can I contribute to TSP outside of my paycheck
by  United States BarbosaBLZ | 4 Comments

I am new to TSP and have a question. I wasn't able to contribute as much as I wanted to this summer. Now I have a several thousand bucks I would like to add to my TSP.

Can I mail them a check or send a money order so I can get it added to this years $?

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