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June 20
"Go away in May"
by  United States - Colorado Elkhunter | 0 Comments

Historically May has been the beginning of the bad season, again historically when do you come back September?

June 19
Received up ban yesterday
by  United States - Florida Corn | 8 Comments

Woke up this morning to log in on my pc and received news I was up banned. Same on my phone until i restarted it and turned off wifi and went with 4G. Not sure what this is about bu it want to talk about a lot morning jolt, holy crap. What's going on and thanks for whoever lifted it!

June 16
Residential TSP Loan
by  United States emars | 4 Comments

I am looking some information about getting a residential loan after I have already closed on my house (I know I have a 2 year window to this). I am trying to find out if I am limited to strictly the amount I paid out of pocket for closing costs or if I can get more than that amount. For example if closing costs were only 5k can I borrow 10k. (I am eligible to borrow more than that according to the tsp website so that isn't an issue) Also I am trying to find out if it really takes the full 3 weeks for processing and deposit or is that is an exaggerated time frame they give you incase it takes it longer than usual. How long did it take you to get your deposit? I would appreciate any insight, Thank you.

June 14
Exporting TSPCalc Strategies
by  United States Scotty2Hot | 2 Comments

Does anyone know if it is possible to export the full list of strategies from the TSPCalc site into text or .xls format? I would love to see more than just the hundred from the tops and bottoms of the various lists.

June 12
Just for fun, microcap
by  United States cswift01 | 2 Comments

So, just for fun I was playing around with small caps, mid and large caps (checking out value, blend and growth). I used this tool for my analysis: ... sisResults

I checked from Jan 1994 through Apr 2018. I found that mid cap value and micro cap destroy all other areas (micro being the clear winner). That's pretty neat, given that many (e.g. Paul Merriman) suggest small value to be the winner.

Feel free to play around with the same tool.

Naturally this doesn't consider the different indexes nor the alpha beating abilities of different funds.



P.S. I also tried to compare these vs. emerging markets and REITs. Mid value and micro just destroy all others.

June 12
Exiting the L2030
by  United States michigande | 4 Comments

Back around 2012, before I knew that there was anything other than buy and hold, I switched from all G to L2030 and continued buying 2030 until about the end of 2017. Now that I am less uncomfortable with actively managing my TSP I'm thinking about creating something 2030'ish with a large portion of my money (cutting out the F fund) to buy/hold there and having the rest mobile in a strategy. Thoughts?

If I sell L2030 do I then re-buy S and C shares at today's prices or does TSP allow me to keep the shares within the fund that I purchased 6 years ago?

Thanks to all in advance!

June 10
Singapore Summit
by  United States nrialto | 11 Comments

Anyone hedging their TSP bets one way or the other based on what may happen at the summit?

I have a feeling it may be a market mover.

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