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February 25
Time to go G Fund again?
by  United States crondanet5 | 3 Comments

Now that the US is supplying Ukraine with arms via the UAE will the rabid combative nature of the Ukrainian government currently in power force Russia to enter the fray? How would the markets respond? And we also know Ukraine is about to go bankrupt so how will that affect the IMF and other money lenders? Is it time to G Fund again?

February 25
Skie, We Have a Problem
by  United States Tomanyiron | 15 Comments

Everyone has a flat line on their Fantasy accounts for yesterday. The Share Price chart, looks like updated correctly, but "Where's The Money"?

February 24
Time to hit the I?
by  United States managingts | 4 Comments

I fund is looking better than ever. Wonder if it's time to hop in.

February 24
Do Fundamentals and Risk Matter?
by  United States TSPsmart | 10 Comments

I think a lot of investors got burned during the last bear market and continue to struggle with when to take on risk and when to get out of the market. So as the market makes new highs across the board, mom and pop investors are drawn in while the smart money may be doing the opposite. I was hoping to generate a discussion on the fundamentals backing the market here and to provide info on the fundamentals as it comes in.

I do not use market fundamentals for timing the market, but I do think they matter in the long run and from a risk exposure perspective. I think the market can stay detached and diverge from fundamentals for a long time, so technical and seasonal analysis is helpful from a timing point of view. But I think the market is now diverging significantly from its underlying fundamentals and think TSP investors need to be aware so they are not loading up on equities and holding late in the game.

Is the economy strong after trillions in new debt from QE or is it already decelerating? We live in a consumer economy, but the consumer appears to be slowing down.

Retail Sales MoM Dec was -0.9% below the forecast of 0.1%
Retail Sales MoM Jan was -0.8% below the forecast of -0.27%
Durable Goods Orders MoM was Dec -3.4% well below the forecast of 1.08%
Pending Home Sales was MoM was -3.7% below the survey 0.5%
Existing Home Sales MoM for Jan was -4.9% below forecast of -0.8% and 2.4% previous
GDP Growth Rate QoQ Adv in the Q4 was 2.6% below the forecast 3.6%

While job reports look good, they are a lagging indicator for the economy and misleading. Labor participation in the economy continues to decline.

Risk levels appear to be growing while the stock market is climbing higher on low volume. Do you think the economy will accelerate and justify the market's valuation levels?

February 21
Any thoughts of next week's stock market?
by  United States managingts | 9 Comments

Any thoughts of next week's stock market. I'm on the G Fund right now and was wondering if I should put my TSP money to S and/or I Fund. Will the rally continue next week or is it over by next week?


February 20
Oil - Canary in the Coal Mine?
by  United States Relevant | 7 Comments

Oil has moved in relative unison with the S&P 500 for 15 years until last June. Just something to keep an eye on!

For More check out:

February 19
I-fund is Hot !
by  United States dcramer29 | 4 Comments

Is it time to be a contrarian investor and start loading some allocation into international equities ?

Peter Schiff, Soros, and other billionaire studs have been talking about moving away from U.S. markets and toward foreign.

Are Greece, Ukraine, and ISIS distractions that have a tendency to lead investors away from where the money can be made ?

We've seen it before when attempting to trade the news.

With this said, I still believe there are a ton of black swans out there ready to bring world economies down. Debt bubbles being the most likely of them.

So I'm going to stay nimble, and attempt to bring home gains when it seems "safe".

Schiller seems to think we're way overbought, but that doesn't mean equities can't go higher from here.

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