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February 16
Are the following practices allowed in our...
by  Russia bloobs | 7 Comments

...TSP, retirement, investing discussions here?

1. Be curious, ask questions.
2. Define terms.
3. Examine evidence.
4. Analyze/challenge assumptions and biases.
5. Avoid emotional reasoning.
6. Avoid oversimplification.
7. Consider other interpretations.

I ask because i notice a pattern where practicing the above leads to a torrent of heavy-handed attempts to suppress from a certain demographic here.

As if the status quo (whatever that may be) must not be disturbed.

Just curious (see #1 above).

February 16
Curious proposal
by  United States cswift01 | 14 Comments ... tocks.html

Funny thing is that now you already have this option. Hsa for 3500, coverdell for 2000 and 6000 for roth. That excludes the 529...

February 16
Roth vs traditional
by  United States cswift01 | 0 Comments ... ation.html

February 14
S&P average return during election year
by  United States cswift01 | 2 Comments

February 14
S&P return for February, 10, 20 and 50 years ago
by  United States cswift01 | 0 Comments

February 13
Impending Termination :(
by  United States karlabug | 29 Comments

Well it is is full of changes. Here is a brief summary of my past with VA. I am a social worker at VA. I was hired 10/21/2012. I have received kudos from peers from various departments, Veterans and their families. My Performance Appraisals were always on point with positive remarks. Then I pissed off my direct supervisor after I reported that she yelled at me and used profanity. I asked for a dept meeting and her response (yelling) "MY OFFICE IS ACROSS THE F@#^*ING HALL!". It has been downhill ever since. Just 6 weeks after my last mid-year performance appraisal I was found incompetent in many areas. They then detailed me out of my position on 6/12/2017. Since that time I have been assigned to various VA departments. I have removed tiny batteries from thousands of medical tracking devices, worked selling plants at the greenhouse, data entry at the factory, customer service surveys, compiled mailing list for the National Art Festival, updated Mental Health community resources and other tasks. As of today I have been detailed 966 days. I have jumped thru every hoop they have put in front of me with a smile on my face.

I asked multiple times for updates and no own knew anything. I finally had a meeting with the Chief of Staff on Tuesday 2/11/2020. I was provided documentation "Proposed Removal and Revocation of Privileges". This is a nice way of saying that VA is starting the final process of firing me. I could resign however I would not qualify for unemployment. I am single and need a source of income until I can obtain a new position. I am looking at moving to Missouri to assist in caring for my mother who is on hospice.

I am not sure if I apply for a position at the Fayetteville Arkansas VA if they will look at my resume of not. I am hopefully that they will. Unfortunately I am aware that I will no longer be able to contribute to my TSP once I leave VA. Luckily it will hopefully continue to grow since I have my snowball started.

I am looking for words of encouragement and any advice. I am aware that this too will pass. It just is a bit raw at the moment. To have devoted 7+ years only to have the BIG Government Monster come crashing down upon you.

Thank you in advance for any comments you may grace me with.

February 13
Can anyone speak of this quote?
by  Russia bloobs | 17 Comments

I found the following on some random internet forum about the Fed repo events.

"....Apparently hedge funds and financial institutions borrow money at 1-2% interest, buy a bond, use that as collateral for another huge loan, repeat the process many times, and leverage their money 10-20x at least, then they invest it in the stock market, CDOs, and derivatives and make tons of money on other people's money. If they lose, the Fed bails them out, and since September 2019 they have bailed them out hundreds of billions of dollars...."

Agree or disagree? Why? Please provide your sources.

Feel free to add any additional context as you see fit.

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