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July 20
89% of today's interfund transfer to S ?
by  United States LONEWOLF | 10 Comments

Why are 89% of today's interfund transfer requests switching to the S fund ?

July 20
Daily Seasonal is SPOT ON....
by  United States - Maryland alligatorm | 10 Comments

Wow, the more I watch this Daily Seasonal strategy, the more impressed I am....

Everyone who made the suggested switch from the C fund to the I fund yesterday must be lovin' life today.
C fund is taking a nose dive (alone with the S fund) and the I fund is shooting up!

And the Transport Index (that age ol' predictor of US stocks) is wayyy down today and has been getting hammered all week. That doesn't bode well for the C or S in the near term....

Looks like the Daily Seasonal called it correctly - US stocks in trouble and the I fund is the place to be !

Good Luck everyone.....

July 20
Pondering the Daily Calculators IFT dates
by  United States mmmmmbeer | 1 Comment

I wonder how many of these mid month calculated IFT's surround or coiencide the release of various financial reports by the fed, housing market, etc?

I speculate if a guy took a look at each one, and used the google machine, at least a few of them could coincide with quarterly/yearly releases of X information?

Heck... when does the money for student loans get released each fall? For that matter, does the S&P or Small Cap do better the first few days of each month? ;)

July 19
"Lost Year" Ahead? How would we modify our seasonal strategi
by  United States ksmoly04 | 13 Comments

Reference article: ... 2017-07-19

Okay, so aside from the MW doom and gloom, this got me to thinking. How would/should we modify a seasonal strategy for the subject conditions if they were to occur? So assuming that the larger correction takes place in January 2018, how would one adapt?

Note: this thread is meant as a education/strategy discussion and not a debate over the merits of the underlying method (Elliot wave).

July 19
No way to preschedule an IFT?
by  United States mmmmmbeer | 10 Comments

Why can we not do this? With today's tech that should be an easy thing.

I should be able to log into TSP today and schedule a move to 100% F fund on Aug. 1st.

Do we need to write letters to TSP or something? Hey IT guys that should be relatively simple no?

July 19
TSP matching calculations
by  United States - Ohio Scarfinger | 11 Comments

Assuming I am as dumb as a rock...

using Bank One calculator for 401K

I am trying to do some TSP estimations. Most the calculators have "employer match" and "employer match ends" sections.

Do I use 100% "employer match" with 5% "employer ends"

Or does this apply:

The first 3% is matched dollar-for-dollar by your agency; the next 2% is matched at 50 cents on the dollar. This means that when you contribute 5% of your basic pay, your agency contributes another 4% of your basic pay to your TSP account.

making it 4% for "employer ends" box?


July 18
Who is making an EFT tomorrow?
by  United States opg | 19 Comments

I am still pretty new to the seasonal strategy, but I have seen some people talk about making a change tomorrow.

Where are you at now and what do you plan to do? Why?


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