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April 07
by  United States Tomanyiron | 2 Comments

One big criticism of pattern trading is that they always look obvious in hindsight, (after someone points them out). But executing in real time is very very difficult. Each day I scan dozens of charts, applying different screens or filters to see if shapes or patterns repeat at tops or bottoms.
This is one that I saw yesterday, waited until today to see if it would follow through.
It's not so much predictive, as it is validating.


April 07
Market Bottom? Moves to C,S,I?
by  United States seawatcher | 13 Comments

Opinions about market bottom and if this week is a good time to get back in C,S, or I?

After stocks climbed big yesterday and pre-market trading up too, stocks are coming down a bit this morning, do I act on fear of missing out or wait for a lower day that might or might not come. Is there data to support we have not already hit bottom? We know COVID-19 is still spreading in the US (rapidly in Maryland), many businesses are closed, and some companies brought to a screeching halt. I read Barron's financial news a lot now and the headline is "Stocks Keep Rising as the Market Bets Tide Has Turned". Is that true or is the worse yet to come. I think the worse is yet to come with the virus and deaths but does the market care? Money getting pumped in will help? Where's my crystal ball when I need it?

April 07
RMD and TSP 2020
by  United States spooner4 | 1 Comment

Does anybody have info on the suspension of RMD for TSP. Also what form would I need to do this. Be safe, we will get through this.

April 06
Monday theory...
by  United States - Texas Jvanhulle7 | 3 Comments

Has anyone else noticed that Mondays are starting to look like old Fridays?

I've noticed that the past few Mondays have looked great. Then throughout the rest of the week, they tic back down.

I personally am not a fan of 1 day buys, but I decided to switch into S on friday and sold today with a pretty 1 day / 8% gain. (Now back in F-90% and S-10%)

Thoughts on why Monday?

April 06
I'm seeing double
by  United States - Iowa greengrass | 2 Comments

What's up with the leader board?

April 05
TSP Contribution Question
by  United States ND_Steel | 14 Comments

Question: If I am dumping large amounts of my paycheck into my TSP such that I max my contributions by Jun, will I be miss out on the 4% matching TSP contributions for the rest of the year?

Would I be better off slowing my roll to ensure at least 5% per month throughout the year?

April 05
Any Info on TSP Withdrawal Options with CARE Act?
by  United States perikleez | 0 Comments

Anyone have any insight, even rumor, on how CARE Act will allow TSP withdrawals under CARE Act or other new law?

I am particularly interested in the option for penalty free withdrawal and re-deposit within 3 years, and how that would work on 1040 filings, i.e., if plan is to redeposit within 3 years, is it still declared ordinary income on annual 1040 between now and then? if taxed as ordinary income, how can you redeposit such after-tax money to TSP, seems more like Roth money at that point.

Also interested in criteria for eligibility other than diagnosis of immediate family members. Many of us have affected brother, sisters, parents who have lost jobs and are looking for financial assistance, family member loans to get them by until they get back to financial stability. And, of course, I know TSP general loans are available, so I'm asking about new law options.

Thanks for any info you may have.

In the event you take an early withdrawal from an IRA or a workplace retirement plan [TSP?], you are able to do so without the usual 10% penalty. However, the withdrawal has to be due to the COVID-19 coronavirus to qualify for this. Also, you could spread any taxes due on the withdrawal out over a three year period, and you could put the money back into the account during the three year period if you chose to.

So who qualifies? People who have tested positive or have a spouse or dependent who have tested positive for COVID-19 qualify. If you experienced any one of a variety of negative economic consequences as a result of the virus you may qualify also, so again, check with a tax professional if you think you might be eligible. ... employees/

rotorwash wrote:
Tax-related provisions in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. I just received a breakdown of the provisions in the CARE act from my accountant and thought I would pass along the info on 401k's. Hope this info is helpful to some.

Waiver of 10% early distribution penalty.

The additional 10% tax on early distributions from IRAs and defined contribution plans (such as 401(k) plans) is waived for distributions made between January 1 and December 31, 2020 by a person who (or whose family) is infected with the Coronavirus or who is economically harmed by the Coronavirus (a qualified individual). Penalty-free distributions are limited to $100,000, and may, subject to guidelines, be re-contributed to the plan or IRA. Income arising from the distributions is spread out over three years unless the employee elects to turn down the spread out.

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