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May 28
G Fund
by  United States VJoe571 | 4 Comments

So why is everyone moving into the G fund, today (5/28/20)?

Learning as I go.


May 28
Interesting study?
by  United States Bubba | 0 Comments

As many have noted, it's nice that you can see where most of the moves are going any given day on the TSP Center. It would be interesting to make a study of all the moves throughout the year. If for example, 80% of all the given moves in one day have gone one direction, it would be interesting to see if those moves correlate with positive market action. If such a study could be made, that would be interesting to see over a 10 or 20 year period AND at what point would this number mean something (e.g. could the percentage or number of people moving make a difference?). This could be an expansive study as you would have to first look at the number of people and then at the percentage movements. I'm sure at some point its just noise, but its often said that the "herd" can be trend following...but sometimes they are also right (or at least economists say that).

I don't know if TSPKing or TSPCalc would be interested in such a study. I certainly don't have the stats from this website.



May 27
The Power of Momentum
by  United States VAmanBulls | 5 Comments

The S&P closing 36 points over 3,000?? Say what? Who would have thought back in March we would be in this V shaped recovery so quickly? I know many of you may correctly point out I've been saying this current market is too hot. Went up too far too fast. I still believe that from a valuation standpoint. But never underestimate Momentum. That's what is fueling this Bull train along with the fat Fed checkbook. So what to do? Looking at my June moves, how far can this momentum keep pushing before we pull back a bit to reality? Stay motivated TSPers!

May 27
I fund laggard
by  United States armyrn | 4 Comments

Anyone think the I fund could be making a short term run to catch up with the S and C. Historically, this fund has bitten me in the butt so I'm reaching here but always looking for opinions outside my experience.

May 26
F Fund most of June. What is your external TSP strategy?
by  United States TSPBuilder | 2 Comments

I haven't found anything that is a direct (or near miss :) of AGG for this purpose at my brokerage. I figure I'll just have to park it in the money market to hold principal until a negative trend establishes on the moving averages.

Anybody else with their thoughts?

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day and remembering those not with us was a warm thought for the day.

T :)

May 25
Tsp loan for closing costs?
by  United States Neuronic | 2 Comments

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has used a tsp loan for closing costs on a house purchase? Is it a 10k limit? We may try to purchase a home prior to sale of our current home, which we have equity in and I just want to make sure we have some extra cash on hand in the interim. From what I read, I should be able to quickly pay back the tsp loan in a lump sum once our current place sells? Is the only difference between the general loan and residential loan the potential payback length (5 vs 15 years)? If so, wouldn’t a general loan get approved much more quickly? Are there down sides to doing a general for a home versus residential? For those who have done this before, any things you would do different?

May 24
Word of the Day (Political)
by  United States userque | 4 Comments


A kakistocracy ([kækɪ'stɑkrəsi]) is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens. The word was coined as early as the seventeenth century, but gained significant use in the first decades of the 20th century to criticize populist governments emerging in different democracies around the world.

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