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November 18
Just opened a Vanguard Roth IRA...
by  United States mmmmmbeer | 8 Comments

I have seven years until my minimum retirement age to figure out how it compares to my Roth TSP. Comparing, meaning using a the equivalent Vanguard funds to mimic my Daily Seasonal Strat I'm using. I think that's going to be enough time to really see how it does.

I didn't put a lot of money in there, just enough to open it up and establish it. I'm sort of excited to see how my rates of return are if I follow my daily with it.

Right now I only have $6,497 for a Roth TSP balance, BUT I am now set at 100% Roth TSP for deposits and I'm at max contribution. So... at least $18,500/year will be deposited in there for the next 7 years totaling $129,500. Then of course your looking at compounding interest from now until then with the buildup.

If all works out... the plan is to transfer my entire Roth TSP balance over there immediately upon separation from the fed so my monthly draw is from Traditional only, and my Roth TSP (now IRA) has a chance to continue to grow from 50 - 59.5 when it's acceptable to withdraw any of it without penalty.

November 18
So our PIP's are gonna get a smack eh?
by  United States mmmmmbeer | 5 Comments

Unless the market goes crazy in the next week and a half, we won't be even close to our November 2017 numbers folks.

C Fund (current) = 0.31%

C Fund (2016) = 3.71%


S Fund (current) = 0.07%

S Fund (2016) = 7.95%

Sooooo... ouch. I was in Jahbulons's last year for Nov and my current 23.36% PIP is taking the Nov 2016 C Funds 3.71% into effect. Not so much this year. :(

Just hoping the S fund I'm in for the rest of the month can pick up a little so I can at least maintain a 20% PIP. Though, the Daily Mix I'm following is @ +0.95% so far so there's a chance at least.


November 18
Stay or Go
by  United States - Virginia winsprint | 6 Comments

Will this make enough difference to stay in the TSP? ... H-r1I9F7iQ

November 17
Are you sticking to your daily strategy this 2018?
by  United States managingts | 3 Comments

I'm sticking to my daily strategy. But I know something wrong is gonna happen. Every time i do something with my investment, something bad goes wrong.

It feels like the stock market knows when I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do and just say, heck let's mess this guy up.

Haha just saying :-)

November 17
OT hours and their affect on TSP contribution & match?
by  United States Timber82 | 6 Comments

So my office (for the first time since I have been a Fed employee, 3 yrs) is offering us OT in December. So my question is how OT will affect my contributions?

As I understand it (correct me if I am wrong) but I will not be "matched" based on my OT hours, or possibly I read I will not be matched based on my OT rate.

Regarding my contributions, say I am contributing on based on a % of my check. Does the OT time up my contribution for the PP or will it be the same?

November 16
S Fund$36.2957-21.36%-11.47%
by  United States - Ohio Scarfinger | 10 Comments


I am not complaining. Thanks for all your hard work.

Just a friendly notification that "S" fund update is messed up.

November 16
Modified Seasonal Strategy
by  United States Chindsey | 16 Comments

After a great deal of thought and consideration (and chatting privately with Aitrus), my wife and I have finally settled on a modified seasonal strategy that we believe improves our chances of higher-than-market long-term returns, while at the same time meets our need, ability, and willingness to take risk. We plan to begin implementing the strategy with both of our accounts on the last trading day of November 2017.

While we were initially planning to implement an "F-S-C-C-C-F-C/F-F-F-C-C-S" strategy, we attempted to dial-back what we felt was a monthly all-or-nothing market-timing aspect.

J - 75% F / 25% C
F - 100% S
M - 25% F / 75% C
A - 25% F / 75% C
M - 25% F / 75% C
J - 75% F / 25% C
J - 50% F / 50% C
A - 75% F / 25% C
S - 75% F / 25% C
O - 25% F / 75% C
N - 25% F / 75% C
D - 100% S

While I hope this post might help someone looking to implement a similar strategy, I would also welcome any thoughts/feedback.


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