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July 30
The crazyness needs to end
by  United States bad70nova | 3 Comments

This has been a really crazy month, seems the S&P 500 comes out of the gate strong and fast each day then runs out of gas. Wanting to switch to the G fund for Aug, but with the down turn this month i believe i may just have to ride out the storm and see what happens.
Just need 1 good day to get back to even this month come on i know it can happen.

July 30
Anyone Watching the Shanghai?
by  United States Tomanyiron | 4 Comments

($SSEC) China's version of the Dow Jones started rallying last week, and is up over 6%. It had been in a 5-year consolidation period. Are Chinese stocks about to rally? It has been a long time since I even looked at the I fund and I’m out of IFT for the month, so all I can do is look.
The Wall Street Journal web site is tricky, it may only let you look at something once without asking you to subscribe. ... _Video_Top
Chinese Stocks Take Off
“The Shanghai Composite Index jumped for a sixth day to the highest in nine months on Tuesday, bringing the gain to 6.6% so far in July and leaving the market in position to record its best month since December 2012. The index is catching up with a rally in Hong Kong that sent the city's main stock index to a three-year high last week.”

July 27
F fund
by  United States harmonicab | 2 Comments

Could someone please give a brief explanation of how the F fund could lose value? I don't understand how diversified investment grade securities could ever lose money. Thanks!

July 24
No double top on IWM
by  United States - Virginia boltman | 12 Comments

Looks like a bullish cup and handle pattern is playing out on IWM, which bodes well for the S fund.

July 24
TSP Maxing Question
by  United States cfichera | 33 Comments

So up until recently, and by that I mean this morning when I read all the new comments on Lollipop's thread, I had always thought that when people talked about maxing out TSP it was doing the 5%. Now it seems like what it means is doing the 5% then contributing even more on top of that.

I guess to me that doesn't really make sense to do....idk maybe I am missing something which is highly possible.

The 5% match..yes makes sense it's free money. But then to take money away from your pay check just to place it into a retirement system that most complain about with the 2 IFT per month rule and limited options to buy just doesn't register as a "smart" money move. Now I am going to talk through it below in the way that I am "seeing" this. Please comment and tell me how I am wrong or maybe....right? lol As many know I am a young engineer that just started my Fed service in Oct 2012 and I just turned 27 years old so I for sure wanna make sure I don't do too many bone head moves when it comes to my retirement down the road.

Ok here are my thoughts:

Going into the TSP Calculators tab and doing the projection calculator I enter in my current information and keeping it conservative so that way I make sure to get a realistic possible outcome. When I input FERS, 5%, $54000, 27, $5000, 65, 12%, 1% I get a potential $4.9 million in my TSP when I retire at age 65. This is how I consider that conservative; I get my GS11 this October and my real TSP balance is closer to $6K but I rounded down. Also this shows me only making about $79K when I hit 65 which I know is not going to be the case, or at least hope not :shock: And I also feel that making an average of 12% per year is obtainable. With that said I am pretty pumped about that possible number being in my account one day. This is more than enough for me to have a comfortable retirement and to have money left over for the kids when me and the wife pass away.

So then where is the advantage of contributing more money? Which is only taking away funds which could be used to live a little while we are still young. Setting the same numbers but doing my contributions to 10% only got me 4.9 million about 3 years earlier. Putting it at 15% got me 4.9 million about 5 years earlier.

Now I do plan on taking my "extra money" after I get a few more raises and finished having kids and investing into other retirement type accounts for the advantages of having my money spread out into different markets and being able to take advantage of different rules like people have mentioned about being able to take money out from certain accounts for rainy days or whatever.

So I am not against investing as much as possible for retirement but why so much more over the 5% for TSP?

July 23
TSP Newbie Question
by  United States lollipop02 | 18 Comments

Hi All!

I am sure people come to this board all the time with newbie questions. I've been working for the government for 3.5 years and have always contributed to the TSP since day 1. However, I never took the time to actually see what it meant and how it worked until about two days ago. I'm 25. I also just upped my contribution since it was nowhere near the 5% agency match. Didn't up it to the total 5%, but I did increase it as I realized not doing so was a disadvantage to me.

One of my co-workers was asking if I played around with my funds and I told him no I just kept it simple and had my money going into the G fund. However, after my research the other day I split things up amongst the G, C, S, and I. I split them something like 30% for S and I and 20 for C and G. However, I am just wondering (as I am an investment neo) how do you sell shares? (Is that what you do when you make an interfund transfer?) I've been watching CNBC and trying to pay attention to some of the investment sites online to see what's going on with the stocks and the international uproar and I noticed the S and P is slated to hit 2000 (in my eyes I don't see myself making another transfer immediately nor do I totally understand what that means). I'm just really trying to understand how, hypothetically, say if by some weird act of God the I or S become say $50 per share how do I sell my shares in that?

July 23
When and If S&P 500 Breaks 2000
by  United States - Florida Lafrinere | 3 Comments

:!: The S&P 500 is poised to break the 2000 mark! My best (and slightly educated) guess is that there will be a little pull back and floundering across the markets for about a week at that point. After that, I would expect a return to small increases inching up passed 2000 again. I will be watching closely at this point due to ALL seasonal recommendations say "August 100% F".

:? Yes, the market of 2014 is different that many years past due to our present economic situation and quite frankly, it scares investors. But earnings reports, jobs reports and market trend is much higher than expected and investors are now buying (but with a finger poised over the sell button)... so what to do, what to do?

:?: What does hitting the S&P 500 2000 mark mean for us TSPers and how can we take advantage of it?

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