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August 28
Starting to See Some Topping Signs
by  United States Tomanyiron | 1 Comment

The most notable are the SP Consumer Stpl Short-Term Volume Osc (!STVOXLP) and Volatility Index - CBOE Nasdaq 100 ($VXN).

This close to the new month has me a little reluctant to exit. Hindsight says I should have followed Bolt and his RSI (2) plan. Too late, so I will suffer through today, look for a bump tomorrow, or after the Holliday.

Didn’t someone say the first two weeks of September is supposed to be up? I hope he knew what he was talking about.

August 28
TSP Charts and Returns Page
by  United States gucindy | 3 Comments

The TSP Charts and Returns page hasn't been updated since Aug 26. It also defaults to 2013. Can someone please update this? Thanks.

August 26
S-Fund looking good
by  United States inthecloud | 3 Comments

I plan on staying in the S-Fund a bit longer. Today will be 6 days in a row that the S-fund is embedded (to steal Ira's term) in the Slow Stochasitcs (K & D above 80) and there's a bit of room still to the upper Bolinger Band. I'll probably ride this train till the K/D turn down, then I'll sit out until Christmas seasonality.

The market seems to be beyond the emotion from Ukraine and Israel, so hopefully the remaining fed stimulus can give us a little more boost before the party ends. Injection from Europe and Japan may take us even a bit higher.

August 26
by  United States armyrn | 5 Comments

The I fund seems to be gathering some momentum. Does anyone see value in getting in early next month or has that time come and gone?

August 24
Last Week AUG - Up Week Before the Holiday Weekend?
by  United States - Pennsylvania Sptms2086 | 5 Comments

Often, the market rises in the days leading up to a major holiday - So, am hoping that this last week of August is an up week (particularly, the latter part of the week) leading into the Labor Day Holiday. Perhaps, this pre-holiday market boost is due to collective optimism ahead of holidays. Whatever the cause, there does seem to be an upward market tendency just prior to major holidays. Any thoughts on this? Agree, disagree?

August 19
Jumped to soon
by  United States bad70nova | 6 Comments

I guess i pulled the trigger a liittle to soon and jumped to the G fund for my last IFT on friday afternoon. Missed some good gains Monday and looking like Tuesday. Oh well maybe i can make it up later.

August 19
my projection on the nasdaq
by  United States - Utah TSPTrader | 2 Comments

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