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March 14
Money coming out of Cryptos
by  United States TSP Jedi | 1 Comment

It seems like when cash is leaving Cryptos the Market follows it down and when cash is going into Cryptos the Market follows it higher. Seems like a solid indicator right now, anyone else agree?

March 14
Check out the present P/E ratio of the S&P 500
by  United States cswift01 | 8 Comments




March 13
Emotional IFT
by  United States ProduceMan | 19 Comments

Just went 100% G from C and S on Monday 3/12

March 13
by  United States Forza | 3 Comments

Hi! Been on the other tsp site and just encountered this one, it loads up fast! Been in fed gov for over 20 years and been investing in TSP since I started. Been using a subscription service for a few years but lately not sure if I want to continue that, but willing to learn what others are doing and saying. Talk to ya'll soon!

March 13
Great website on evaluating stocks
by  United States cswift01 | 2 Comments




March 12
TSP Seasonal Website issue
by  United States sigtau88 | 6 Comments

I paid to access this page and never got a confirmation email. I was able to reset my password using the same email, which verified that I typed it correctly.

However, I can't log in, because I am still waiting to be sent the initial verification email....

Grr...anybody else have any similar issues?

March 11
The monkey found a nugget.
by  United States - Colorado Elkhunter | 6 Comments

From the tsp center home screen on the right the last box that says tsp share prices for and the date it has all the funds listed. If you click on the fund, it will tell you its performance since 2008. Looking at the I and the S fund you can see a pattern, the C fund seems pretty positive.

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