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August 01
I Fund
by  United States Heckler511 | 4 Comments

Did the I fund really jump over 1% on Friday? Can we still use EFA to track the I fund?

July 31
Ways to Save.
by  United States ArrieS | 5 Comments

I was just curious how other people might be saving money, managing and track it, either for retirement or something specific.

For example I use digit ( ), it automatically takes a small amount out every few days based on a calculation from my income and spending habits. I basically forget about it and it has saved me a lot, about $900 after 7 months and I never missed the money. I like it because I basically forget about it and don't see it with all my other accounts so I never think about possibly using it, a secret rainy day fund.

I also use services like Mint ( to track my spending and net worth, and personal capital ( to consolidate and track my investments. Mint does that but I think Personal Capital is better at it.

I was wondering if there are other services people might use, or just general tips. After all retirement is more than just the TSP and IRA accounts.

P.S. shameless plug, if you do sign up for digit I get $5 bucks for a referral if you use my link. :mrgreen:

July 30
Quick Question (Still a bit of a NOOB)
by  United States Heckler511 | 7 Comments

Hey Guys,

If I submit an IFT before noon eastern time tomorrow on Friday 7/31/15 will it get processed as a July IFT? I want to be sure not to use an August IFT. Thanks!

July 30
Fed leaves interest rates unchanged
by  United States - Georgia snaffu | 6 Comments


'With Wall Street looking for any clues that tighter policy is coming, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday declined to raise interest rates or provide any clues about when a hike is on the way.'

July 29
Possibly New Withdrawal Options
by  United States TNCarters | 8 Comments

Many have probably seen this on various outlets. Thought I'd throw a FedSmith article link on here for everyones info. Guess we'll see if they fix things enough to keep me from doing a full rollover to another IRA after retirement. ... n-the-tsp/

July 27
Markets Topped
by  United States TSPsmart | 4 Comments

I am looking for a good discussion... The markets have topped.

A double peak is always possible after a good correction and the Fed hitting the QE button again, but by double peak I mean the market returns to no more than plus or minus 1% of the first peak then fades fast. We saw a double peak in 2000 and 2007, but it does not guarantee another one. We are seeing the results this summer of a QE driven bull market being taken off QE life support.

Here is what I see for peak dates.

20 July
TSP C fund at 28. 4005 (S&P 500 index with dividends included)

23 June
Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index (total US market)
TSP S fund at 39.3314 (mid & small caps)
Russell 2000 index (small caps)

21 May
S&P 500 index (price only as quoted everywhere)
NYSE Composite

19 May

I have been in the Sell-on-Strength mode since the Spring.


July 27
What-to-do-Voo-Doo for week of 27 Jul
by  United States - Georgia snaffu | 26 Comments

Well, not only was last Fri. a down day, it was a BAM Down day for all the major indices.

All of the closes are back down to or near the lows of earlier this month after the Greece crash... In the world of trend analysis, this could be a retest of the lows.. If it fails, that indicates the brakes are off and look out below.. If prices bounce, then firm support has been reached and expect a positive run..

SPX: Last Wed, I called a target of 2080, we hit it Friday, a few days sooner than I expected.. Since SPX has reached the highs of the whip-saw of earlier this month, I expect a rest or bounce.. I was expecting this later this week, but SPX fell faster than expected. I have one very fast STO which has already reached 20 supporting a rest.. Other standard slow STO's are in the 30-40 range while Slow STO has barely turned over to 80.. Previously when this sto reached this point, at least a couple day bounce happened.. (See attachment)

Ok, so what does all this mean? Using current parameters, i.e. a sideways to slightly down market, A Fast STO reaching 30's, and Slow STO still high indicates that a small rest is near, say over the next 3-4 days, but the overall bottom is off in the future.. Not a good time to be in the core funds.

I know I talk mostly about SPX, but unless there are specific differences, why repeat it 3 times..

Tradesmart-U last night called for an overall continuation down before it gets better. Then again, these are the same guys I followed down a hole last year.. so I'm taking it under advisement, and doing my own analysis.

I have all my IFT's left for the month so I may do a quick in and out trade before the end of the month, so don't take my move in as a que to go all in.. Just looking for a few points on the leaderboard and it may blow up in my face.

Summary.. Safe Harbor is the order of the day..

- Pvt Snaffu

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