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April 25
What will happen to the G Fund if....
by  United States mwbokc | 0 Comments

What will happen to the G Fund if (when) the U.S. Treasury market implodes?
I cannot find any useful information about the special treasury securities that are used in the G Fund or how (if) they are affected by public market prices.

Any info is appreciated.

April 25
All in for Blow-Off Top? Or Sell in May and go away?
by  United States Redgrange1 | 3 Comments

Invite your comments. Thank you.

April 24
What happen to the S Fund
by  United States managingts | 1 Comment

While the S&P and NASDAQ went pass their highs today, the S Fund seemed to be at a day. I wonder y?

April 24
I fund looking so good
by  United States managingts | 6 Comments

I am so tempted to jump into the I fund; however, I don't have concrete idea why. It's just that it's creeping up and up almost every single. I just worried too that it may dive so fast. Any thoughts?

April 23
I am looking for a chartist.
by  United States crondanet5 | 18 Comments

Not being that computer savvy I definitely need your help with this project. As you all know, last Friday was an option expiration Friday. Contrary to March's expiration Friday, this one had a major drop in market value. Longtime readers have endured my ongoing theories about how the market acts during option expiration Fridays and that I look for patterns in market direction. So I have a notion that there is a recurring pattern-- albeit it not very often, but a recurring one-- that there are major down option expiration Fridays . If this large drop (if it in fact occurs on a recurring basis) was known by certain sophisticated investors or institutions it would offer a phenomenal wealth gaining opportunity. Sell by Thursday, buy at the bottom on Friday (or how about buying options on stocks they expect to pop at least back to numbers before the drop happened), sit back, and let the market share prices happen. In fact, there were certain Fantasy Gamers who experienced this exact situation last week. Since the IFTs were not processed Thursday night, those Gamers going into the C, S, or I had the IFT take place Friday night. They missed the drop. But they were then in the market for Monday's rise. Needless to say, this "blessing" propelled them much higher in the Fantasy Game standing than they should have been. But, as John Wayne would say, "Oh well." The Game has its limitations on backposting IFTs so the results are what they are. My question is does this major option expiration Friday market correction occur in predictable cycles? Can anyone produce a chart (please keep it simple for me-- not a lot of lines and data (I am easily confused and probably would discard your effort that could provide very meaningful data if it was presented in a cluttered format) proving or disproving this theory? Wouldn't it be cool if we all made a bundle doing this? I await the posting of the chartists.

April 22
TSP Matching
by  United States inthecloud | 4 Comments

I was looking at my LES and am a little surprised. I always thought the TSP matched 5% on top of an automatic 1% you get for contributing anything. Apparently you only get 5% in total...darn. The actual "TSP Matching" portion of my LES is only 4% of my pay. To get to the 5% I expected, I have to add in the "TSP Basic" line item.

I wonder if this means that contributing 4% would max out your TSP matching (I'm actually contributing much higher). Any contribution gets your first 1%, then you get an additional 4% from a 4% contribution?

April 21
[ Poll ] Your thoughts: myRA program
by  United States - Washington Aitrus | 8 Comments

So I've been looking into the myRA program that the Treasury Dept. is setting up. I know what my thoughts are on it, but I'm curious as to what the community here thinks of it. Comments about it are welcomed and encouraged.

My take: It's a nice idea, but I don't know if implementation and management via tax dollars is ethically or morally copacetic. If it's still around when my kids start working, I might advise them to use it for their summer jobs.

For those that don't know what the program is, here's a brief rundown:

1. Anybody can put money into it so long as their employer doesn't already have an investment plan of some type available. You have to be employed and working to use this program.
2. Maximum annual income limit on using the program is $131,000, or $193,000 if married and filing jointly.
3. Maximum annual contribution of $5,500 or $6,500 if over 50. No monthly contribution limits as far as I can tell.
4. Funds are paid after-taxes akin to a Roth contribution.
5. Able to withdraw contributed funds at any time tax and penalty free.
6. Able to withdraw interest funds at any time, with taxes / penalties applied to only that amount.
7. No account fees of any kind.
8. Once you reach $15,000 in the account, or have invested for 30 years, you must roll it over to a Roth IRA.
9. The funds are invested in the same Treasury-backed government securities as the G Fund. This is the only option for the program.


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