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October 20
Cant IFT to C Fund today?
by  United States SnareMV17 | 10 Comments

So I went to put in my IFT to C Fund tonight for Monday, but it said I already used two IFTS this month. I am following daily seasonal strategy #7980 and I started the month in G Fund after doing an IFT on Friday, September 29. It shows me in the G Fund as of the 2nd of october though and seems to be counting that as an IFT for October instead of the 3rd move in September. So now I can’t make my C Fund move tonight. Any way to fix this?

October 20
Retirement-Savings Cap?
by  United States greengrass | 9 Comments

The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen and Richard Rubin on Friday reported that GOP tax writers on the House Ways and Means Committee were considering a proposal that would cap the amount people are allowed to put into a traditional, tax-deferred 401(k) account or IRA. Those who go over that cap would be forced to contribute to a Roth account.


October 20
COLA 2.0% ?
by  United States spooner4 | 4 Comments

Did anyone notice that the BLS CPI W for the past 12 months is 2.3%, while the government states that the CPI W for the past 12 months is 2%. Whats up with this? Are we losing .3% in our next COLA? Is the government giving us FAKE news?

October 20
Today is the day to SELL C,S funds
by  United States Thirty3 | 18 Comments

and then rebuy Monday at a discount price!

October 20
Daily strategy questions
by  United States cswift01 | 12 Comments

Dear all,

Just a couple of things I've been wondering:

1. In terms of the daily strategies, could it be that more importantly than a "historical pattern" it has been discovered when funds pay their typical dividends? I.e. the days when its suggested to be in one fund its best to be there because the share price goes up (typically)?
2. How does the daily strategy (which is quite similar for most) compare to the other seasonal strategies for this year (YTD)? It would be interesting to see a dynamic score compared to the other seasonal plans.
3. What would have been different if I were to say, place 100% all in I this whole year or place it in a daily strategy?

Just wondering a few things.



October 19
Why I am going with the HDHP during open enrollment season
by  United States Timber82 | 27 Comments

I think I am about ready to pull the trigger on the GEHA HDHP plan when open enrollment comes around. I am going to present my reasoning to you all and hopefully you'll either dash my dreams with a scorching blow of reality (so bad I need to visit a doctor) or get a lightbulb moment yourself. This is my findings after having talked to my pharmacy, my doctor, Labs, and a heart specialist my daughter saw (thankfully no irregularities found) and numerous e-mails back and forth with GEHA.

Family of 3 (Me, wife, daughter) currently on BCBS Basic

First Some "school" on insurance as I understand it after talking to numerous others, (please correct me if I am wrong).
Deductible - Limit set by plan that once reached "co-insurance kicks in"
Co-insurance, defined amount the plan will continue paying once deductible is hit that is typically better than your copay
Max out of Pocket - After co-insurance is paid, you pay the difference, this will add up to maximum amount out of pocket threshold, so if some god awful thing happened to me the most I'm on the hook for is the first number in the Max OOP), or if both my wife and daughter included max out of pocket is the second number.

BCBS Basic: 2018 Monthly premium - $392.12,No deductible, 5,500/11,000 Max out of pocket (individ/Family)

GEHA HDHP: 2018 Monthly Premium $296.36 $1,500/$3,000 deductible, After Deductible 95% is paid Max out of pocket $5,000/$10,000

So first lets look at the Premium, upfront I am saving $95.76 per month ($1,149/year). Then the GEHA had a "Premium pass through" of $125/month for the family plan which means the insurance company puts $125 into my HSA account for being under their health plan (simplified there may be more to this), but end result every month id get $125 in my HSA. My plan, would be to also contribute the premium difference between the two which would be $125 (pass through) + 95.76 (Premium diff between BCBS & HDHP) = HSA contributions $220.75/Month or $2,649/Year.

So my logic is this, yes it sucks to pay more with having no copay, and the overall "what will I owe?" but if I contribute to the HSA at a minimum the difference, the most I would be out to hit my deductible is $351, and If I stick with BCBS then I am out all that money anyway. The rest of the money (up to the deductible) would be covered by the HSA which if I don't hit deductible I can carry it over)

Ideally of course I would look to max out my HSA as I have for the TSP and perhaps one day we would go back to a typical plan. But my understanding is I am responsible for $100% of my medical costs up to 3K, after that I am only responsible for 5% up to $5000 or $10K if it happens to all of us.

So someone more knowledgeable about this please tell me if my logic is flawed. My thinking is I piss away that $96/Month in BCBS and then I still have copays on top of it, this would allow me to "reclaim" some of that money.

October 19
Hold on to your hats folks...
by  United States mmmmmbeer | 30 Comments

The premarket shows us taking a beating at the open... could be a very long day! :)

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