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May 21
Seasonal Strategy...F Fund in June...Or...not?
by  United States Roguejim | 8 Comments

Looking over some of the resident seasonal strategies, I see that the F Fund is a popular destination for June transfers. I thought I would share this short article from "Paul" at tspallocation. ... ind-adage/

May 20
Federal Employee Computation Calculator (With Agency Match)
by  United States - Texas Navig8tor | 17 Comments

Does anyone have a calculator, spreadsheet, or intimate knowledge of the requisite math that will give a new federal employee the correct per-paycheck numbers to maximize TSP contributions while taking into consideration the 5% agency match AND the catch-up contributions?

I know the max contribution numbers and the percentages for agency match. I know there is no agency match for the catch-up money, and that you have to max out the regular contributions in order to do catch-up. What I'm trying to compute is the required monetary contribution I need to fork out each pay period while insuring I don't hit the $18000 ceiling too early in the year and in turn lose the agency match.

I've read somewhere (Fed Soup maybe) that it equates to $693 per pay period for the regular TSP contribution and $231 per pay period for the catch-up contribution. $693 for the regular contribution to max out the year makes no sense to me because not only does that amount compute to more than $18000 over 12 months, it also seems to NOT consider the agency match.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong: if you intend to make a full yearly contribution that is accompanied by a 5% agency match AND the 5% match is based on your gross salary, am I incorrect in thinking that the agency match, say on a salary of $85,000, would total out at $4250 come the last pay period on the year?

In turn, that means you are putting in $13,750 to hit the $18000/yr max. Unless I'm all out of sorts, that means your per-pay period contribution would be $528.84 (based on 26 pay periods)????

Don't hold back if I'm all jacked up. DROP IT ON ME!!

I just retired after a 30-year military career. That math is EASY: $18000/12=$1500/month. Now you're talking pay periods (that may change year to year), agency matches, catch-up contributions...

May 19
EFA results vs I Fund results
by  United States SeaBear | 6 Comments

This has probably been covered before but why does the EFA gains differ significantly from the I fund gains? Looking at the gains for the past couple of days they have been way off. For example today the I fund returned .75% but the EFA returned 1.16%. That is a pretty big difference. Yesterday the EFA was positive but the I fund was negative. Does anyone know the reason? :?:

May 19
TSP conversion
by  United States - California Jokerswild | 4 Comments

Can anyone help me understand the mathematical conversion from the index stocks to the TSP funds? For example, as of closing today the S and the C funds according to tspcenter match the exact percentage of gains to the Dow and S&P respectively. However, the F fund says it went down .04% but the index shows it closed out at zero. I know which index moves each fund, but what is the mathematical conversion?

May 19
Hints at the budget plan?
by  United States ajareds92 | 12 Comments

What are your thoughts on the potential adjustments to government retirement? ... b9d83847fc

May 17
Has the bubble burst?
by  United States - Montana evorgsumaf | 47 Comments

Watching the S&P and the DJ tanking today. Has the bubble burst from the 52 week highs?

Man-oh-man everything I have is going into not jumping ship to the G fund right now.


May 15
What is the market going to do?
by  United States ron.logan | 9 Comments

I would like to get thoughts on if you all think the market is going to continue to rise or fall, when and why. the "experts" are all over the place. Some are doom and gloom, some are saying everything is roses. I don't know what to think. I a little skittish because it is at an all time high and has been a bull market for 6 years now. One would think that it has got to make a correction sooner than latter, right?

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