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November 08
Experts please verify!
by  Russia bloobs | 18 Comments

I did cursory analysis using the daily TSP funds' share price dataset from 2003 to 2019 and appeared to come to this startling conclusion regarding December TSP fund returns:

The S fund's performance in December has gotten progressively worse since 2012, as compared to the period from 2003 to 2011. Can anyone confirm or rebut this? What I mean by that is the sum of day-to-day returns (either + or -) for the month is averaging less and less with each passing year (2012 to 2018).

Feel free to let me have if my algorithm is way off.

November 08
Real World Funds Equivalent to TSP Funds
by  United States polom319 | 5 Comments

I am currently using TSPCalc strategy #66836, and have a question.

Are there funds at Vanguard that have the same objectives as the G, F, I, S, and C funds.
I know there are Mutual Funds/EFT's for C and S, but are there options for the other funds. Also would I look at an EFT or Mutual Fund? This would of course be in a ROTH.

I'm thinking about moving my own investments around as well following strategy #66836.

Thanks for any help and ask questions if you are not sure what information I'm looking for.

November 08
Fantasy IFT
by  United States - Hawaii ProduceMan | 2 Comments

I submitted my Fantasy IFT couple seconds after 12 noon eastern 7 Nov. But, my request has
been posted to take affect today 8 Nov. I thought Fantasy TSP IFT went up to 1215 pm eastern.

November 07
Paying off your mortgage early
by  United States IRQVET | 17 Comments

So I was fortunate enough to come into financial security about the time when the RE market hit rock bottom. I purchased my first house, held onto it for 7 years, road the housing wave skyward, and sold it making a $170K profit. Then I moved out of state where the housing market is not as strong as where I came from, although in the 3 years I've been here my current house, the value has risen 60K +/- as the market fluctuates.

I'm currently locked into a 30 year VA loan at 3.785%. I've been kicking around the idea of refinancing to a 15 year loan, but I'm not sure by doing that I could best my current interest rate. So the other part of me thinks I should just pay more each month since I don't have a pre payment penalty.

Anyone navigate these waters before? If so, any words to the wise?

November 07
I guess today is Gaslighting Day at the market
by  Russia bloobs | 5 Comments

Enjoy the pop :idea:

November 06
The Storm
by  United States - Hawaii ProduceMan | 11 Comments

Is this the calm before the storm

November 06
Leader Board
by  United States JimB | 12 Comments

The Leader Board shows amazing returns and I’m jealous. Do you think anyone will break 40% this year?

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