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January 23
Roth IRA/401k TSP
by  United States kaclemen | 12 Comments

All doing some digging and a lot of books talking about the benfefit of Roth IRA and Roth 401k

Basically stating tax deferred retirements accounts are bad because your investing the governments money along with yours and the tax bracket is bound to rise in the future taking more of your final pieCe of pie.

Roth (tax now, no tax later) and traditional (contribute before tax,tax later)

My question is do we have Roth 401k option (17,500/max per year) or do we only have Roth IRA option (5500/max per year). I am contributing to Roth IRA and expect to max it out but if we have way to maximize beyond 5500 I would prefer to do that. Also what happens once you reach Roth limit does tsp automatically roll % contribute into traditional tsp or do they put it back into paycheck?

Thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Should I look into a separate Roth 401k to protect future assets? Tsp just seems like such a good benfefit with low fees and great funds. But I hate to be sitting on $1,500,000 come 65 only to find out the tax bracket is 60% and my nest egg is only worth $600,000.00 after tax.

January 22
Risk ON Baby!
by  United States Tomanyiron | 33 Comments

You ever heard “Make Hay While the Sun Shines”? Some people might not be familiar with that phrase, its means when an opportunity comes along, try to make the most benefit from it. Or as Yogi Berra said “When you come to a fork in the road....Take it”. Sometimes opportunity comes and you’re not expecting it, if your mind was leaning one way, you might have to switch gears fast and decide. Which fork do I “Take”, is one a trap, a trick, was the sign false? We never know until after the biggest benefit has pasted.

These past days when the market has had the zigs and zags, there’s not been much benefit to making a move. Money and world politics, the things that make the stock market a harsh mistress. And the news, how do we hack our way through the forests of misinformation and hype?

However we like it when the market seams to have a goal. And looks like everyone wants to take on risk, and make some money. It would be nice if we could do it without the risk, without the potential sacrifice of our own hard earned money. It doesn’t work that way. On top of that, the gratification (if it comes at all) is going to be delayed, “un-realized gain” until you take the money off the table.

I was temped to transfer to G a day or two ago, F was starting to look toppy. And at the same time, stocks still looked to have more down-side to go. I delayed because it would have been my second IFT for Jan. No way to re-enter before Feb 1. My charts were having a tough time lately. But I drew some lines that make some sense to me. It’s nice when the market respects my lines. Scary, isn't it?

I’m going to take all 100% and speculate on the S Fund. Do you notice, I’m posting and transferring before the market even opens? Scary also.

January 21
How to turn $100m into $200k
by  United States nomny2020 | 3 Comments

If you have a bad day, week, month or even year, just remember that you are doing better than this guy (at least I hope!!!).

Scary things happen when people get desperate.

But on the other hand ... oil-crash/

Sometimes you’re the bug,…

January 18
Seasonal vs. Business Cycle Strategy?
by  United States slester | 4 Comments

Has anyone done a comparison of the Seasonal investment strategy vs the Business Cycle strategy? The Seasonal seems to be based upon past trends whereas the Business Cycle depends upon where you think we are in a 4 choice cycle:

Early: TSP S Fund
Mid: TSP S Fund transitioning to TSP C Fund
Late: TSP C Fund transitioning to TSP F Fund
Recession: TSP F Fund transitioning to TSP G Fund

The trick with the business cycle is determining where you are in the cycle and positioning the funds for the change. These seem to be long term (ride out the lulls) moves.

Any thoughts on this is appreciated. I'm new to TSP and learning as much as I can.


January 18
An Almost Silent Crash
by  United States Tomanyiron | 4 Comments

Please excuse my weekend musing, but sometimes it's only then that I get time to collect my thoughts. We just ended the year, and falling prices for the start of the new year. But then Friday stocks started off good and ended even better. Whether that’s a signal that the dip is over or not, we have to wait and see. However there is some good things going on now. People that drive a lot might be feeling a little like the late James Brown when he sang “I Feel Good!” And that has got my wife and me talking about a long cross country road trip. I don’t know, we’ve done a few, and after two weeks I start missing my stuff. Talking about stuff, cheep fuel is going to lower the transportation cost for the new stuff we want to buy also.

Okay I’m getting off subject, or am I, commodities are "stuff", right? A crash in commodity prices is taking place. Oil prices have fallen in half in recent months, trading below $50 a barrel, a six-year low. Supply and demand right? At first all the talk was about “over supply”. But what about demand? I think global demand is slowing also and that indicates slowing world economies, potentially depriving U.S. companies of markets they need to continue profits.

And regarding an indicator for global economic activity, what about “Dr Copper”? Called that because its performance is often considered a “prognosis” of what’s to come. I mean its uses in all kinds of construction and telecommunications. You can’t ignore its move to 5 ½ year low. Other basic materials prices are also down, nickel, iron ore, both industrial commodities.

Right now weaknesses in commodity prices are more relevant to growth outside the U.S., but are commodities being treated with the respect they deserve? Some have felt for a while that we are due, or even overdue, for a correction in the stock market, is this the harbinger? I don’t know, but it does create extra uncertainty to an already uncertain market.

January 16
Caution with MyPay TSP Changes
by  United States xencfw | 5 Comments

I'm a civilian at the Dept. of VA. On December 22, 2014 I used MyPay to change my TSP contributions. I stopped contributing to the Roth and set it to contribute $692.00 per paycheck (the maximum for 2015 to reach $18,000 over 26 pay periods) to the Traditional contribution. This Wednesday my LES showed that contributions to the Roth ended, however, contributions DID NOT start to the traditional TSP so ZERO money was deducted. I also received ZERO employer match. MyPay showed no contributions were set on the TSP screen. I immediately input another TSP action to begin traditional withholding. I then retrieved my eOPF documents that show I intended to contribute. I went to my payroll with the LES and eOPF in hand. They said they could put in some type of ticket and suggested I contact TSP (which I thought was dumb). I messaged and called TSP. They said to contact MyPay. I messaged MyPay but haven't received a response yet.

Has this happened to anyone? Am I going to lose my matching funds? Can they retroactively fix this? I noticed on their website it says something about a problem with Roth.

I'm not a happy campier if I'm going to lose my match over some glitch.

January 15
[ Poll ] Early Retirement: Roth or Traditional?
by  United States - Wyoming maxbobcat | 12 Comments

If you were planning to do early retirement, say after 15 years with the Fed gov't, would you put your TSP contributions in the Roth or the Traditional?

If you choose mixed, reply with your mix percentages.

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