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May 25
Tsp loan for closing costs?
by  United States Neuronic | 2 Comments

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has used a tsp loan for closing costs on a house purchase? Is it a 10k limit? We may try to purchase a home prior to sale of our current home, which we have equity in and I just want to make sure we have some extra cash on hand in the interim. From what I read, I should be able to quickly pay back the tsp loan in a lump sum once our current place sells? Is the only difference between the general loan and residential loan the potential payback length (5 vs 15 years)? If so, wouldn’t a general loan get approved much more quickly? Are there down sides to doing a general for a home versus residential? For those who have done this before, any things you would do different?

May 24
Word of the Day (Political)
by  United States userque | 2 Comments


A kakistocracy ([kækɪ'stɑkrəsi]) is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens. The word was coined as early as the seventeenth century, but gained significant use in the first decades of the 20th century to criticize populist governments emerging in different democracies around the world.

May 24
Daily investing tips
by  United States Bubba | 2 Comments

Dear all,

Who do you go to for your daily investing tips? It might be nice to create a sticky for that if anyone's interested.

If you want a wealth of great advice, I really like these guys: (they have some awesome research and include work on seasonals)
Seeking Alpha

I go to this guy from time to time to see what he says. Usually it's very interesting: ... r%5Eauthor (level headed guy) (lots of little tidbits)




P.S. I peruse many more, but these guys are my constant group of "advisers."

May 23
Thoughts on how new China stocks bill will affect the market
by  United States Optimus187 | 0 Comments ... es-forever

    May 22
    Memorial Day impact on investing
    by  United States Bubba | 6 Comments ... orial-day/

    Thanks again for saving this website!



    May 21
    New Ownership
    by  Japan mjedlin66 | 42 Comments


    I echo Aitrus' thread on "thanks to TSPking". My FREE membership on this site is ultimately what started me down the path to build the Seasonal Calculator at TSPcalc.

    TSPKing and I have struck a deal. Between now and the end of June, TSPcenter's website will be migrating to my server. It will share a server with TSPcalc. There will be disruptions during this move, however, TSPking is a professional server admin and has offered to help me with this move.

    I don't have the long-term plans hammered out. But I wanted to give proper reassurance that:

    1. TSPcenter and FantasyTSP will continue to exist.
    2. The service will continue to be free.
    3. Aitrus will still be the primary moderator, with me as backup.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have just a few weeks to test and update code to be compatible with its new server environment.

    As a farewell to TSPking, please consider donating to him. If you donate within the next couple of weeks, the donation will still go to him directly. Once the site transfer is complete, I will disable this donation link:


    May 21
    Bond Market Injections
    by  United States cashworth | 0 Comments ... ond-buying

    When I read this, I feel like it should pump the F fund share prices. What am I missing?

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