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March 28
Military pay dates and TSP year allocation
by  United States chairfly | 1 Comment

Hi Folks,

Question from a uniformed services guy. I'm not sure if this applies to the civilian side as well.

We obviously get paid on the 1st and 15th. So, when a contribution is applied Jan 1 2015, that contribution technically came from December 2014 pay. Is that money counted toward the 2015 or 2014 tax year?

Thanks for the input!

March 28
TSP close on March 27th
by  United States Vatspguy23 | 2 Comments

Are the numbers correct for C S and I? I closed in the positive right? And C and S closed higher than TSPcenter shows?

March 25
Kiplinger, good or bad?
by  United States Racerx919 | 9 Comments

Wondering if anyone had an opinion on this publication. I was reading it and wondering if I should subscribe or not. Did some research and they did have a few winners for the best 2015 stocks. Seems to easy!

March 24
Republican Budget wants to screw with G Fund
by  United States - Wyoming maxbobcat | 63 Comments ... op-budget/

"The House GOP budget would lower the rate of return for the most popular fund within the Thrift Savings Plan, a retirement program available only to federal employees and members of the uniformed services. The savings would result from offering a lower interest rate on the G Fund, which invests in short-term U.S. Treasury securities. The fund has offered relatively high interest rates on par with those for long-term bonds."

March 24
L2020 up 16% in one day WOW!!!!
by  United States - Georgia snaffu | 5 Comments

Never saw this one coming.... L2020 up 16% in one day... Grab it before it disappears..

March 20
Must Watch Video
by  United States Relevant | 14 Comments

This is one of the most interesting, if not disturbing interviews I've seen lately. Recently retired member of the FOMC says "In the event of a market correction, the Fed should not intervene because the market is hyper overpriced,"

FYI - The video is more informative than the accompanying text.

March 20
Analyses on Other Funds
by  United States managingts | 6 Comments

I've been reading forums here and it seems that the talks tend to focus on the G,F,S,C, and some I funds. Has anyone done any analysis on L20.... funds? I mean any kind of analyses.


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