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October 30
In Caps, Size Matters
by  United States Tomanyiron | 23 Comments

Since mid-October, small caps have risen much more than large caps (From Oct 13 low: S Fund +7.70% / C Fund +5.61%). Small-cap stocks are deemed riskier than large-caps. They are less diversified, less liquid and generally more volatile. The market is showing confidence in smaller and riskier stocks. If they get too far ahead, they pull back some, (like today). And gave Sig an opportunity to sell his C and buy S.

But even now there still appears to be a fair number of people who believe we are going to retest the October lows in the near future. But you can put this in the, for what it’s worth category, from my personal observations trends will last longer than most people expect. That’s why no more “Knee jerk” IFTs for me. I believe it’s best to stay with the trend all the way. If you look at any long term chart of the financial markets, you will see that most of the time, the market moves up or down in trends that last for months. I wished I had accepted these facts in 2013.

October 30
29th G Fund
by  United States - South Dakota MakeMe$$$$ | 1 Comment


.40% is awesome for any fund but probably a data error for the G fund today.

October 29
Interfund transfer
by  United States jalvaro | 4 Comments

On the TSP website, when submitting an IFT, it states "This interfund transfer request will be applied to the entire balance that is already in your account. It will not affect your future contributions." Does this mean the IFT will include my earnings for that day or will not? Thanks for the clarification

October 28
Small Caps are Surging...Large Caps Should Follow
by  United States dcramer29 | 0 Comments

The $RUT is currently up %1.84...and it surged right through it's 50 day moving average and upper Bollinger band.

This is bullish for the C-fund, and confidence in pushing through all time highs is renewed.

Plan to stay put in the C-fund until we start to see a break down in small caps.

October 27
Post retirement, how much is enough, why wait to draw?
by  United States billandkat | 30 Comments

Have been talking with my wife this morning about TSP and what we're going to do. I've been retired about 10 months. Believe it or not my pension is covering all my bills, leaving a bit left over. I spent the previous 5 years paying off every bill we had, haven't had a house payment for 15 years, no car payments, no extended credit bills. Everything gets paid as it comes in and no balances remain.

We through our normal course of life seemed to spend one paycheck a month and banked the other while I was working and now the take home for the entire month is more than the take home for the bi-weekly pay so life is good.

But I'm saving money. I haven't bought a new car in years. We take good vacations every year, but not expensive ones. Still having high school kids at home prevents some of the stuff I'd like to do as a retiree.

But when I look at my TSP, 80%G 20%C I wonder, what am I saving for? My pension will last my life. Playing with the numbers I can pull a couple grand a month out and not touch principal as long as I can break 4% earnings.

For those folks who retired at what point did you start drawing? Why did you start drawing? I understand at 70 1/2 I will be forced to begin drawing down, but did any start just because they wanted to buy a new car, boat, motorcycle?

Just looking for some reason to draw some or not draw some.

October 24
Quandl - An Amazing Site
by  United States - Washington DC skiehawk11 | 0 Comments

Quandl is a free website that essentially data mines all sorts of cool data that can be used for algorithms in forecasting models.

Check it out. I use it quite frequently to build models.

October 23
by  United States jerrypapa3 | 4 Comments

I have around $50K in the traditional TSP; recently started contributions to Roth TSP so I also have around $2K there. I also have around $20K in a vanguard Roth IRA. I want to consolidate the accounts and move the vanguard Roth money into the Roth TSP because of the easier inter-fund transfers and lower maintenance fees. Apparently, the TSP does not allow a rollover from a Roth IRA, so I think my only option would be to withdraw the money and take the 10% penalty and tax fees on earnings. I've had the vanguard Roth IRA over 7 years, and don't qualify for any of the authorized distribution rules. Do you guys know of any other way that I could transfer the money without withdrawing and taking the money loss? If not, do you recommend I just leave the money in the vanguard account and leave both accounts as is? Current vanguard expense ratio is .14% and approximate earnings are $5K


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