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May 20
IFTs Left???
by  United States tyler3535 | 4 Comments

Coming into the week, anyone have any IFT’s left for the month?

Also, why the mad dash to the S instead of the C?

May 17
TSP change date finally announced
by  United States quidam65 | 0 Comments

The upcoming TSP changes (such as the elimination of the 6-month suspension of contributions, the ability to make more partial withdrawals, etc.) will take place on September 15 of this year.

Those who had to suspend contributions will be able to begin them again on that date even if six months have not passed. But the person will still have to initiate the re-start.

The bulletin mentioned this topic specifically but said that it would take place concurrently with the withdrawal and other changes scheduled to be implemented on that date per the TSP Modernization Act. (look for Bulletin 19-3)

May 15
Hello, I just joined
by  United States thatlilsew | 3 Comments

I just signed up, and I think i will learn a lot. I retired from the USPS on disablity retirement in 2014. I took out half of my money to live on and have left the rest to grow. I left around 56k and grew to almost 80k, but I started drawing 700.00 a month to make ends meet. I don't plan on taking it out or rolling it over anywhere, I like it in the TSP, and that I can change it if needed. I wish I could still do it every 2 weeks, that was when we made the most money. But I have done ok over the years. I look forward to hearing about how folks who have been retired are handling their investments.

May 14
Password Can't Be Reset
by  United States hunter1111 | 2 Comments

I have a coworker that has to reset his password. He has filled out the password reset form multiple times, but has never received an email (junk, inbox, etc.), and therefore he is unable to log back in to this website. It sounds similar to when I tried to create a new group, but never received an email after many tries. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

May 13
"KISS" Strategy - Says SELL!
by  United States Relevant | 7 Comments

This simple chart uses a 60 day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) to trigger Buy and Sell signals in the S-Fund.

The S-Fund closed on May 14, 2018 at $50.37 and closed on May 13, 2019 at $50.55 for a whopping 12 month return of merely 0.35%.

The "KISS" strategy returned a stellar 11.4%, not to mention the nearly 1% you would have earned from Oct thru mid Jan while weathering the storm in the safe G-Fund.

I will be monitoring the 60 day EMA closely over the coming days for signs of a "whipsaw" but for now, the signal is a SELL!

Click on the link below for a larger image.
May 13
Should I hold out?
by  United States chevyblues | 19 Comments

I have been holding on to C &S but now I'm wondering if I should go to G or F?
Do you think we are about to see a big drop?
Any advice would be great....Thanks.

May 12
TSP Center Data Call
by  United States CarlNash | 2 Comments

Geez, why are the Bears leading the TSP Center Data Call by 98% next week? China tariffs?

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