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February 05
New to TSP. Seeking Advice from the Gurus
by  United States Venge | 1 Comment


I am obviously new to this site. I have been in the TSP for about 15 years. sadly, I just now become interested how this works.

My current TSP was mixed about 20%=I, 30%=C, 30%=S, 10%=G and 10%=F

I followed a similar L fund but changed it a little.
After reading multiple threads, what works, what doesn't, suggestions and what NOT to do..

would it be proper to move everything into G fund for February? I realize this is just advice.
Jan I took a 10k hit. That hurt. The stocks are still going down. Moving everything to a G fund for Feb and then back to C fund in March is my plan. What do you think? Would I lose too much moving it all thus reducing share value? I am trying to cut loss and rebuild now that I am watching

February 05
How to estimate your retirement needs
by  United States managingts | 1 Comment

This is a simple but good posts on how to estimate your retirement needs. A lot of us want to retire at some point in the future but many can't seem to start planning it.

Hope you find this post worth your time reading. ... e-5-steps/

February 05
Going Out On A Limb
by  United States Tomanyiron | 18 Comments

My forecasting says the Friday before Washington's Birthday will be a good day to submit an IFT to one of the stock funds (C or S).
OK, now go at it, why do you think I said that?
1- I think Washington was a good president.
2- snafu's "Mr. Perfect" sent me an email saying that.
3- The Lunar calendar is what controls stock prices.
4- That's about the time Cron is going to give up and capitulate.
5- You think it's because___________________.

February 04
Hello All
by  United States marine234 | 1 Comment

Hi Everyone, Finally got a chance to jump on here and give a shout out to you all and get my account set up. Been watching you guys for the past 2 months and learned some good and bad lessons along the way. My Fantasy account pretty much mirrors my real one. I retired from the U.S. Marines in 97, and have been working with the Feds for the past 9 years. Balance right now is about $86,000.00....Was $92,000.00 after a good move to the G, but then I made a bad move and bought into the S fund to soon and finally bailed so I could buy back in at a good price. Live and learn. Now waiting on the S to bounce "Hopefully" to recover some of the loss, then watching the F. Think I may do that for the rest of the year...jump in and out, hopefully to make up the 6G loss, plus some. Time will tell. I am setting my goal at 10,000.00 this year...we will see. Have about 8 years left till I fully retire and would like to make some money before I leave. Let it sit all those years in the L funds and I think I could have done better managing and making a few fund transfers. We will see. Any Advice is more than welcome. Take Care and Semper Fi

February 04
Are You Seeing a Glut in Everything?
by  United States Tomanyiron | 24 Comments

I have been noticing something in my everyday life. Every Saturday a yard sale on each block. Flea markets everywhere, and on Ebay, I can make offers 40% less that the “buy it now” price, and the sellers agree. Self-storage facilities all over the place. A lot of talk about oil, but in terms of supply and demand, there seems to be an oversupply of everything: labor, money, energy, commodities, goods, services, all kinds of stuff and people.
Is the formula for a growing economy now failing?
That’s all I got to say right now, I’m meeting someone to talk about buying some land to building a self-storage business. :wink:

February 03
Prime Rate Hikes - FEDS vs Market Expectations.
by  United States - South Dakota MakeMe$$$$ | 1 Comment

According to CNN, the markets says no more in 2016

Some forecasters still predict some least for now.

February 03
2/3/15 - Pre Markets are Whack?
by  United States - South Dakota MakeMe$$$$ | 2 Comments

Asian markets way down. European markets slightly down. Oil way down.

US markets slightly up? Why?

Could this be a after/pre market dead cat bounce. :lol:

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