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February 08
TSP Forecast 8-12 Feb
by  United States - Georgia snaffu | 0 Comments

Thank you Scarfinger for the shout-out.. We're so close, I could use your chart for what I have in mind..

Other than a good size chunk taken out of the market Friday, my previous analysis is holding.. So I wont re-iterate other than STO's on the core funds have rolled over, so look for lower lows. AGG has already maxed out, so its just going for a ride.. Here are the charts as always..

AGG / F Fund:... , SPX / C Fund:... .. DWCPF / S Fund:... .... EFA / I Fund:... ...

Other Charts... DOW Index:..., NASDAQ Index, CNBC Pre Market

Ok, on to what I talked about last Friday..

If you haven't caught it, I have made several references to out current situation as a near mirror to Aug 2014 and that view hasn't changed.. IMHO, we are about to retest the lows of Jan.. and if that holds we should be in for a nice buying opportunity within a week or so..

Considering where STO's ended last week, I expect to find a buying this week, but it may be only for a few days..

But what if support doesn't hold..

.. The following is my Worse case scenario, IF !!!! Support doesn't hold.. Look for a few days of rest at support and a continuation bearish..

Spx - A continuation to 1790/1845, retrace to 1870 before continuation to 1700 area...
DWCPF - same scenario, but with 825/859, retrace to 880 before continuation to 770 area...
EFA - Dosent like to retrace with the others, so it should just jump to 51 then 48..

February 07
by  United States sonofnthng | 3 Comments

Just wondering what some of you are reading, or have read and recommend. My buddy picked up some books, I'm going to get copies of a few of them.. The Death Of Money and Currency Wars by James Rickards, and Irrational Exuberance by Robert Shiller.

Let me hi-jack my own thread. Anybody subscribed to any of the TSP advisories, and how have or haven't they helped you? Thanks

February 07
S&P 500 "C"
by  United States Scarfinger | 1 Comment

Snaffu commented recently about a ascending wedge formation on the "C" fund. I saw the same thing. What concerns me is that it broke below the wedge suggesting a continuation downwards. Also RSI/Stochastic are starting to turn over from overbought conditions.

I am eager to hear snaffu's views.
snaffu wrote:
If you're not in safe harbor yet.. the damage is mostly done already, so sit tight for next week.. If we break below last months lows, then bail... I'll go into why in next weeks posting.

Until then I thought I would put up a pic for your viewing pleasure.

Any end of day closing price in the yellow could be bad news. I also see a potential for a short term bounce up. It seems like all news is bad news right now.
February 06
Following seasonal, where do monthly contributions go?
by  United States Doc-Rush | 1 Comment

I'm trying to do a seasonal investment strategy and have been reading up here as much has I can on it. I understand that I make my IFT along with the seasonal advice the last trading day before the new month, but what do I do with my monthly contributions? They're currently at CSI:60-20-20 after being a buy-and-hold guy.

Sorry if this is obvious, I'm trying to digest a lot of info...


February 05
New to TSP. Seeking Advice from the Gurus
by  United States Venge | 21 Comments


I am obviously new to this site. I have been in the TSP for about 15 years. sadly, I just now become interested how this works.

My current TSP was mixed about 20%=I, 30%=C, 30%=S, 10%=G and 10%=F

I followed a similar L fund but changed it a little.
After reading multiple threads, what works, what doesn't, suggestions and what NOT to do..

would it be proper to move everything into G fund for February? I realize this is just advice.
Jan I took a 10k hit. That hurt. The stocks are still going down. Moving everything to a G fund for Feb and then back to C fund in March is my plan. What do you think? Would I lose too much moving it all thus reducing share value? I am trying to cut loss and rebuild now that I am watching

February 05
How to estimate your retirement needs
by  United States managingts | 2 Comments

This is a simple but good posts on how to estimate your retirement needs. A lot of us want to retire at some point in the future but many can't seem to start planning it.

Hope you find this post worth your time reading. ... e-5-steps/

February 05
Going Out On A Limb
by  United States Tomanyiron | 20 Comments

My forecasting says the Friday before Washington's Birthday will be a good day to submit an IFT to one of the stock funds (C or S).
OK, now go at it, why do you think I said that?
1- I think Washington was a good president.
2- snafu's "Mr. Perfect" sent me an email saying that.
3- The Lunar calendar is what controls stock prices.
4- That's about the time Cron is going to give up and capitulate.
5- You think it's because___________________.

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