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This site is a resource for all Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) investors who want to take an active role with the management of their retirement savings while learning from and helping others. This does not mean I promote or encourage active trading of your TSP funds. What I do promote and encourage is awareness of how various investment strategies can greatly affect the quality of your retirement. Whether this means buy and hold, seasonal trading, market timing, dollar cost averaging, or "you name it"...that is for you to decide.

TSP Center was created because the information this site holds is the information I was looking for and could not find when I was investigating how to manage my TSP account.  TSP news, TSP returns analysis, a community forum for TSP investors, and most importantly FantasyTSP™

FantasyTSP™ is designed to replicate the TSP account including its nuances such as trade restrictions and when trades take effect, while offering in-depth analysis of investment performance through interactive charts, calculated returns and individual account comparison to the TSP family of funds.  With FantasyTSP™ you can easily track your results and see how and what other people are doing.   Experts with Professional FantasyTSP™ Accounts can prove their worth by showing a proven independent history of investment excellence.

I am no stock expert but after investigating a simple theory about stock performance being seasonal, I discovered that by implementing a remarkably simple and unscientific formula of seasonal moves between the C and F Funds, the rate of return averaged in excess of 16% over 20 years.  This was almost 4% higher than a simple buy C and hold strategy.  This strategy is based on only two allocation moves per year;  100% F Fund on the first day of June and 100% C Fund on the first day of October.  We know past performance does not guarantee future results and that this seasonal approach did very poorly in 2005 (though those poor 2005 results are included in this 16%+ 20 year average) but what can a real financial expert do?  I can't wait to find out.

Play FantasyTSP™, help build a community of TSP investors, and catch up on TSP related news all at TSP Center.

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Professional TSP Advisory Returns
User Start Date Return
United States BBBInvest 2015-01-01 +3.81% *
United States TSPKey 2015-01-01 -3.25% *
United States TSPFolio 2015-01-01 -1.29% *
United States - Virginia Seasonal 2015-01-01 +1.40% *
United States - Minnesota TSPMillion 2015-01-01 +2.27% *
United States Relevant ** 2015-01-01 +0.62% *
United States ebbcharts 2015-01-01 +0.09% *
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** Registered Investment Advisor
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Top Five 2014 FantasyTSP™ Returns
User Start Date Return
United States - Illinois TimboSlice 2015-01-01 +16.29%
United States maggie 2015-01-01 +13.54%
United States - Maine swampdonky 2015-01-01 +12.86%
United States - Mississippi wwwtractor 2015-01-01 +12.75%
United States - Texas sosome 2015-01-01 +12.72%
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TSP Share Prices for May 22, 2015
    Close Day YTD
   G Fund $14.7247 +0.01% +0.74%
   F Fund $16.8854 -0.23% +0.50%
   C Fund $28.2878 -0.22% +4.13%
   S Fund $38.6324 -0.17% +6.44%
   I Fund $27.0344 -0.64% +11.63%
   L 2050 $15.8443 -0.29% +5.92%
   L 2040 $27.7614 -0.26% +5.24%
   L 2030 $25.9618 -0.23% +4.66%
   L 2020 $23.7622 -0.18% +3.77%
   L Income $17.7751 -0.07% +1.86%
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