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Author:  plang926 [ Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Greetings


I'm Phil and I'm very new to this. I started for the Feds in August of 09 (yay almost 8 year anniversary yay....). I grew up in the town where I work and never actually thought I would work here but I was close to finishing college and couldn't afford to keep working at places like Wal Mart. To my surprise, they called me about 3 months after I applied (when the economy had taken a huge dump; I don't "love" my job but consider myself VERY fortunate). There were a few years that I didn't invest in TSP largely because I just don't trust my employers (the government) and kind of think a total crash (like, Turkey level) is pretty imminent. But I decided that if the system does crash that badly, it is pretty irrelevant whether I lose all my money in TSP or keep my money and its not worth anything. So I started again a couple of years ago.

Until now I have invested all my money in the L2040 fund because that's what they say to do for when I'll likely retire (I have about 16 years until I can retire which, if things go how I hope I will because I want to teach in a college or university after) or I can go another 21 years, give or take a year. So I have a lot of time to try to make the most use of what is available and try to work the TSP system.

It was just yesterday that one of my coworkers was showing me this website and talking about how he'd been switching his TSP around and making pretty decent gains. So it was today I started looking in to how this stuff works. That said, I'll be having TSP fun starting today and I hope all goes well. Other than this introduction, I probably will not be posting much for a while because I am VERY new to all of this market shares stock stuff. But I also enjoy learning new things. Thanks to you all for the info I've already gotten and I look forward to checking out more.


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