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Author:  mjedlin66 [ Sun May 14, 2017 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Seasonal Calculator Launch

So tonight I was able to get everything working correctly!

Here it is: http://tspcalc.com

You can copy and paste the URL from your results page here to show your strategy to others. If you get an error or something doesn't work quite right, please take a screenshot and send it to mjedlin66@gmail.com.

Now for the fun part-

In celebration of the launch, I have decided to have a contest. The user who comes up with the highest Total Compound Return for year range 2010-2016 by the end of May is the winner. Post your link here with your Total Compound Return for entry.

Japan has several Kit Kat flavors that are not available in America. For example, they have Green Tea flavored Kit Kats and Sake flavored Kit Kats. I will mail a couple of kitkats to the winner.

Have fun!

mjedlin66 strategy 2010-2016: http://tspcalc.com/seasonal.php?ID=95
jahbulon strategy 2010-2016: http://tspcalc.com/seasonal.php?ID=96
TSPcenter strategy 2010-2016: http://tspcalc.com/seasonal.php?ID=97

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