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Author:  Tomanyiron [ Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Support Logical Participation

We’ve had a rash of trolls invading the site lately. And it appears their sole intent is to cause havoc. With genuine hard working contributions getting penalized with negative reputation points. The comments associated have been very juvenile with little credibility. Now the reputation point system it self is in jeopardy, with talk of scraping it. This behavior should not be rewarded with that structural change to the site.

The authentic membership still outnumbers the subverters. The rational members’s involvement can stop the destabilization. We do that by countering the negative points with positive ones. I admit I have been lazy about awarding points myself. However now when I see good contributions, I will bestow as many points as the system will allow. If I get the “must spread them around” message, then I give points to other members who support those contributors.

Help me help us restrain this turn of unpleasant events. mjedlin66 and evilanne have received the most unjust treatment. These are getting negative points for just agreeing with logical contributions.

If I missed some I apologize (please add).

If you are unsure how to award points, please PM me.

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