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 Post Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:39 pm 

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TSPCenter members,

First off, I want to thank you all for bearing with the issues that have occurred over the past few months due to the few members that have decided to spam and troll other members.

I want to give you all an update and provide further guidance moving forward.

First, a history of events.

A few legitimate accounts (some may still exist) for whatever reason became disgruntled and started abusing the Reputation Points System. This was done by having accounts that had positive rep points provide other legitimate and spam accounts positive points. The accounts started giving negative points to members as a way to troll members. Moderators were finally able to trace the source of the main accounts and banned all accounts related to the IP addresses (many of which were legitimate IP addresses).

However, the disgruntled member(s) decided to put time and effort into trolling. Essentially, there were a few remaining legitimate accounts with positive reputation points that were not banned in the first mass banning. The main spammer(s) decided to utilize proxy and VPN services to create fake accounts on a massive scale. There were a few leftover accounts from legitimate IP addresses that the spammer used to provide positive reputation to the new troll accounts. That's when the second round of trolling occurred.

Moderators responded by doing a mass ban of any linked accounts or IP addresses in hopes of slowing down the troll attacks. This helped somewhat, but the fact remained that the spammer(s) could utilize proxy and/or VPN services to create new accounts. However, they couldn't troll the Reputation Points system since staff effectively shut-down troll accounts that had positive reputation points. All that was left to do for the spammer(s) to do was give neutral points which didn't have the impact the spammer(s) wanted.

A few days ago, the spammer(s) decided to spam threads by posting crude posts in as many threads as possible. TSPCenter moderators identified the proxy and/or VPN services used to make the troll accounts and blocked the entire services from using TSPCenter. Further, TSPCenter will continue adding all proxy and VPN services IPs to TSPCenter's list of banned IP addresses moving forward. This has effectively stopped the spammer(s), but that doesn't mean it's over.

Moving forward there are a few things TSPCenter will be implementing and we continue to ask for patience and assistance reporting posts and/or pms that violate TSPCenter's policy.

TSPCenter will be adding the following changes or guidelines to TSPCenter:

1. The use of proxy and VPN services will be banned from TSPCenter. The IP addresses will be constantly updated so there may be times when a troll account succeeds in utilizing new IP addresses. We ask for patience in this regard.

2. Some legitimate accounts may still be used to spam/troll. Please report these asap. The accounts and IP addresses will be banned which may include legitimate IP addresses. There are many TSPCenter members that have been affected by the ban because one of their co-workers decided to play the role of troll. Unfortunately, these IP addresses (many are legitimate workplaces) will remain blocked.

3. TSPCenter, will be working on implementing new features to include that new accounts need to have x amount of initial posts approved by moderators along with other security features.

4. Please utilize the thread located here to get your account and/or IP address(es) unbanned: http://tspcenter.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&p=66748#p66748

5. TSPCenter Moderators are also placing our foot down on usernames. Moving forward, usernames shall not have any partisan slant or crude terminology (e.g. - Obamasucks, Trumpsucks, etc). These accounts will be instantly banned and you will be requested to create a new username. This will be applied retroactively.

Moving forward we ask for your patience and continued diligence in helping us ensure that TSPCenter remains an active and safe place for individuals to share their insights, questions, experiences and knowledge.

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Board index » General Discussion » Anything Goes

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