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February 25
Do you really own your TSP account?
by  United States - Florida galveston1 | 19 Comments

Interesting commentary from Federal News Radio. ... p-account/

February 24
20 Month MA
by  United States Tim88M | 0 Comments

I saw this quote today and was wondering if anyone else had look into this in the past.

"If the S&P 500 closes above the 20-month moving average I want to be long, and if the S&P 500 registers a monthly close below the 20-month moving average, I move to cash."

February 24
A TSP Checkup article from Morningstar
by  United States evilanne | 1 Comment

"A TSP Checkup
The retirement plan for government workers is solid and cheap, but not without idiosyncrasy." ... ?id=694560

February 23
Roth TSP for kids
by  United States cswift01 | 10 Comments

Dear all,

I have been recently considering doing this. I have found terminology that a judge ruled this legal at the age of 7 (for your child). Some interpret this earlier in the child's age. I am curious to your experiences and opinions.


Me ... -child.asp ... 2015-03-11

February 22
Comparing G and F Funds
by  United States cswift01 | 18 Comments

Dear all,

I was having a moment of clarity/cloudiness this morning when I was thinking about what many economists are predicting in the medium-term (i.e. past this first year). Many are predicting that interest rates will go up as inflation will pick up (potentially quite a bit). Given that this could be happening, bonds would become less interesting for investments making the F Fund less interesting in general. Then I got to thinking about the G Fund which could go up if interest rates rise. Given that F would become less interesting and G would give better returns, I'm wondering if in terms of seasonal investing that it would be prudent to consider replacing the F fund with the G Fund? Can anyone compare a time period when inflation/interest rates were higher than average making the G Fund outpace the F Fund (I saw in '88 that this was the case...maybe an after effect from Reaganomics?).

Your thoughts...


February 21
Ask Your TSP Questions Tomorrow - 02/22/2017
by  United States - Florida galveston1 | 8 Comments

Director of External Affairs for the TSP, Kim Weaver will be live on Federal News Radio's "Your Turn" at 10 a.m. EST on Wednesday 02/22/2017. Email questions or comments now to

You can also call in to the show live at 202-465-3080.

Weaver will explain what the TSP is, how it works, who oversees it and she will answer some questions from listeners.

Download the Federal News Radio App free from the App Store and listen live.

February 21
When the I Fund won
by  United States cswift01 | 4 Comments

Dear TSPcenterites,

So, I've been going over the comparison data for the C, S and I funds. What I found interesting is that the I Fund "outscored" the C and S Funds for the years of 2003 through 2007. Afterwards, it only outdid the C Fund once, but either always lost in value per year or gained very little.

I'm a person that believes in political events influencing the stock market. What was going on in this time to influence the I Fund (period of 2003 to 2007)? Could it be the war in Iraq? Maybe the high oil price? The fact the Dollar was worth much less (although after 2007 it didn't increase that much in value)? I know that the majority of the value is Japan and the UK.


Check this for the rates

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