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May 25
Any advice on credit tracking?
by  United States postal99 | 1 Comment

I have heard talk on here lately of different credit tracking concepts. Apparently there are sites that advise you when your credit score goes down and other things? Is that right? Can someone please give me a rundown on the best options and especially the best free ones if there are any?



May 25
So..... the Euro.... uhhh?
by  United States mmmmmbeer | 0 Comments

So the dollar to euro exchange rate is 1.11 = 1 right now. Pretty even.

If a guy was to buy 5k in euro right now... at 1.11 each. When the fed hikes the rates they're talking about in a month or two. The Euro compared to the dollar heads back up. Exchange those Euros back to dollars at 2.00 bucks a pop... making scads?

Am I looking at this wrong? How does a guy lose money? If you go to your local credit union do they charge an exchange rate?

May 25
by  United States roxy13 | 4 Comments

Would like to know what others think. Is it time to sell and sit on the side lines? A couple of good up days. I've been trying to get back on the green side. Wondering if I should take the gains and go sit in G?

May 25
Got a Checklist?
by  United States Tomanyiron | 6 Comments

You can construct a chart to say anything you want it to say. If you are out of the market, you tend to only notice the bearish signs. If you are in (or want to jump in) you tend to ignore them, and look for the bullish signs. That is why I have a checklist. And I don’t allow myself to adapt it, depending on my mood.

I have 15 chart/indicators combinations for buy signals. Yesterday’s stock rally moved 6 of the 15 to the buy. Recent action suggested that the market appears to be in a renewed uptrend. The bearish Head-n-Shoulders pattern got messed-up.

However, does the market have the ability to make a higher high. I consider the S&P’s 2,084.39 on May 10, as the last high (blue dotted line on chart below). Could it go over that today, or maybe this week? That would be encouraging. But if that happen, would I submit an IFT to the stock funds? No.

I have no crystal ball, but I can’t ignore the last two tops we have had. We are still too “toppy” and in a falling trend-line.

Have you got a checklist?


May 20
Your TSP and Physical Gold & Silver Investing
by  United States isalihi | 6 Comments

As you all know, we do not have a fund option that lets us invest/ own physical precious metals (or gold stocks/ETFs) in our TSP account. So how do you diversify retirement and hold gold & silver?

I would like to put @ 10% of TSP into physical metals. Does anyone here have experience in this? I'm just starting with researching this...

This article & PDF report covers some of the basics of transferring TSP into Gold IRA without taxes/penalties.

May 20
New.. dubs82
by  United States dubs82 | 2 Comments

New to the forum. TSP for 10 years now. Active with it for 4. Currently 50/50 with G/F.

Just saying hello.

May 19
If hindsight is 20/20, what would you have done . . .
by  United States IRQVET | 23 Comments

I've always considered myself a student of history. I'm a firm believer that you can learn something from anyone; whether good or bad. So with that being said, if you could give yourself retirement planning advice back when you first started based on what you know now, what would you tell yourself?

If hindsight is 20/20, what would you have done . . .

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