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December 13
The Next Two Weeks
by  United States nrialto | 8 Comments

I'm looking for everyone's thoughts on a plan from now through the year's end.

It's obvious the S Fund (normally seasonally good this time of year) is currently a stinker. Looking at historical charts, it seems as if the day before Christmas through the few days after, historically does well. Also, it seems many daily plans are in the I fund the last week of December, but even that particular fund is very dicey right now.

I'd hate to miss out on gains for one of the best month's of the year, but I'm sure I'd kick myself if I ended up taking a loss instead.


December 11
SP500 tops at 2800?
by  United States mango72 | 23 Comments

Reading this late year rally would be played between 2620 - 2800. Is 2800 the top and should we retreat to safer waters (ie...G or F?)

December 08
Hard Brexit looming, jumping to G on Monday. Thoughts?
by  United States Optimus187 | 14 Comments

I heard a discussion on the issues involving Brexit. Next week will be a huge week. I Mays deal is a no go , she will probably be given a vote of no confidence and this will cause what is call a Hard Brexit.

If a hard Brexit hit, that means that the UK will be separating from the EU hard and fast. This will then cause the British pound to plummet and send the dollar sky rocketing.

If the dollar skyrockets then the S and P will take a major hit, I assume the I fund will too.

I think the safe play is jump out to the G and see how it shakes out. I know the fundamentals are strong but that hard Brexit stuff really has me concerned. Thoughts?

December 08
[ Poll ] Choosing between a Roth vs. Traditional TSP / IRA
by  United States sgtnichols | 19 Comments

On the debate between contributing to pre-tax Roth or post-tax Traditional TSP, I would like to know where others stand and why.

In my case, I would probably pay less in taxes the Traditional route withdrawing $50k (before inflation). RMD may make that withdrawal closer to $70k (double that if considering inflation). Tax rates will probably rise over time. Looking that far ahead makes my head hurt.

We can neglect my wife's income. In my case, my salary is about $90k now as a GS-13 and I expect to make more than $120k by the time I retire in 25 years. (Inflation over that time will halve the dollar, so that $120k could be more like $200k and our $50k in living expenses would double). We don't have kids yet, but probably will next year so that could affect the tax situation.

For now I have been going with 10% into Roth TSP and 8% into a Roth IRA (backdoor emergency fund capability, though we already have 8 months set aside), but am considering switching over to Traditional if in the long term it makes sense. What are your thoughts?

Though somewhat dated, this looks like a good resource:

December 07 question
by  United States Bubba823 | 1 Comment

Can a tspcalc paid subscriber set up IFT text alerts for more than one strategy at the same time?

December 07
Bear market or Correction?
by  United States seabass | 1 Comment

The correction low in Feb. for the SP500 was 2,532.69. Right now in afterhours the SP500 is at 2633.08 and that is getting close to hitting the Feb. low. Next level of support would be 2467.11 {which is a gap left on the chart from Sept. 9th, 2017.} Then 2417.35 {which is the pullback low from Aug. 8th, 2017.} The SP500 would have to go all the way to 2298.29 to hit the -20% bear market threshold. :shock: So, we'll just have to watch and see what happens. But it ain't lookin' good. :?:

December 07
does your fantasy tsp mirror your real tsp?
by  United States - New York misfit | 14 Comments

I'm not sure if this has been done in the past. Is it possible for someone to set up a survey on here to see if the folks who make the IFT's on here mimic their real Fed TSP accounts or are they just winging it to be on top? I'm very curious. Thanks!

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