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May 27
King Celebrating the Big Five O
by  United States Tomanyiron | 8 Comments

When you going to retire, at 55? I hope it is sooner, so you help us a little more. All skiehawk and Aitrus want to do is have fun. Someone said they both look like Cyndi Lauper. :lol:
Well you have fun too King, but be back here Tuesday (extra day to get over your hangover) and get back to work. :P :P

May 27
High 3 vs. High 5
by  United States TheWall | 8 Comments

Now that the idiots in Washington are once again trying to screw us by attempting to change the rules of the game, I think we need to start a petition and start calling everyone of them day and night.

May 26
Free Retirment Webinar
by  Cayman Islands BoozAllen | 8 Comments

I attended this webinar a while back. I found it informative and I actually learned from it.

If any one cares to check it out, just use the link below. It will open a registration page. Once you register, you will be taken directly to the webinar which opens in a separate player. It's free.

A new webinar is hosted weekly. If you attend it live, you can ask questions. A few questions are answered at each session.

May 26
Hello from So Cal
by  United States js10211018 | 10 Comments

Just wanted to say hello from So Cal. Just a Fed employee with 2 yrs in. Started late at 38. Spent a few yrs in county governments. Tempted to roll over my 457s into TSP to Maximize compounding as opposed to rolling over to some other IRA's. Any input or knowledge would be appreciated. Just trying to maximize for me and my family.

May 25
So it looks like the magic number is...
by  United States mmmmmbeer | 20 Comments

$700k at 9% ARR...

If a guy can retire with at least $700k and get an average of a 9% return, he/she can withdraw $5,000 a month and your balance will never go down.

I need >$700k and 50 and I'll pull the plug.

May 25
June - The Next IFT
by  United States ObamaSucks | 38 Comments

Most of the seasonal plans go to the F-fund in June. With the S&P 500 looking at a potential breakout, what's everyone's plans?

May 23
Early Retirement
by  United States ajareds92 | 20 Comments

I was thinking the other day about what I would do to survive until i could access my TSP and pension if I decided to retire at 50. I max out my TSP and have since I hired in at 23. I am only 25 now but I am wondering if i should be putting part of it somewhere else.

So my questions are as follows:

What is your plan that will allow you to retire at 50?
Do you wish you didnt put so much money in your TSP so you could access it between 50 and 60?
Where would you put your money to live off of from 50 to 60?

Just interested in peoples plans and experiences.


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