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April 29
Sell and Hold Strategy
by  United States mrmaxd | 0 Comments

Sell and Hold, It's genius. My coworker exited in 2014 to the G Fund. Bought back in when the DOW dropped to 16000 and made two years worth of gains in two months with one move in and out. Now he is back in G and says he will stay until DOW drops to 16000 again. Two years of no stress, no market news watching, no chart watching. No IFT's to try to time before noon.

I wonder how this would back test to 2008/ 1997 or other big drops.

April 27
IFT Lessons Learned?
by  United States Atbattin | 6 Comments

I joined this site just a few months back, and appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is shared - Thank you!!

I'm interested in lessons learned around interfund transfers (IFTs), knowing we Fed's are limited to 2 IFTs per month as well as unlimited moves to the G fund. I realize the limitations associated with submitting IFTs by noon and waiting to see how the day ends. Beyond that, any lessons to share regarding:

• Timing IFTs with the beginning and end of the month?

• Advice when the last or first day of the month falls on a Weekend?

There are probably obvious answers that I may be overlooking. Any advice would be appreciated.

April 27
Chart Analysis-Paralysis
by  United States cartmedl | 8 Comments

The consensus here is to be very cautious going forward as the rally appears to be hitting ceilings. But looking at the chart of $OEXA200R it would appear that both daily and weekly are trending up, RSI is trending up, and MACD/Slosto still appear to be positive. Is there something I am not seeing here that should be a clue to impending doom?

April 26
FOMC Meeting.... In or Out?
by  United States nrialto | 5 Comments

I am currently in I fund. I'm thinking of switching to G today. However, considering that the market has been going up after the Feds dovish announcements, I was considering getting out tomorrow. To further complicate things, the announcement comes at 2pm... 2 hours after our 12pm cut off. So, IFT today or tomorrow. Any suggestions?

April 25
Congress, not TSP, can change the withdrawl rules
by  United States - Washington Aitrus | 9 Comments

I sent a message a few months ago to TSP via the Secure Message tool on The message was submitted twice, the first on 27 Jan and again on 4 March after I hadn't heard anything back. Here's what I said:

"Dear Sir/Ma'am,

The TSP rules currently limit monthly withdrawal adjustments to once per year when in retirement. Should a member need to increase payments due to an emergency, short notice travel plans or other personal circumstance, the member is forced to wait until the year changeover. This makes no sense.

Once a person's single lump sum withdrawal is used, the member is confined to what is essentially a fixed income, adjustable only once each year. Emergencies and sudden family events do not conveniently wait until the once a year adjustment period occurs. I do not understand the rationale behind this rule, and it would not seem to me to be cost prohibitive to institute such a service.

Would the FRTIB consider changing the policy of once per year adjustments to allow individuals to have more flexibility in controlling their retirement funds? Ideally, the member should be able to change the amount of the withdrawal on a monthly basis. I know from conversations with friends and coworkers that this single rule is one of the major reasons that they plan to remove their funds from the TSP upon retirement in favor of a mutual fund or other investment account. They want to have complete access to their money whenever they want to. They are willing to pay a premium in the form of annual fees to a private company in order to do so. The issue is that important to them.

If there is some other format, venue or method for this concern to be voiced and addressed, please let me know so that I may pursue getting this rule changed.

Thank you for your time.


Not long ago I received an answer back from Here's what they said:

"This responds to your inquiries of January 27 and March 4, 2006, concerning your TSP account. You requested greater flexibility for the TSP's monthly withdrawal rules. We apologize for the delayed response.

A TSP Withdrawal Options study project and recommendations was presented to the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (Board) at the July 2015 Board meeting. Proposed changes include allowing participants to change the amount of monthly payments they receive at any time throughout the year, as well as permitting participants to stop payments while allowing the balance to stay in the TSP. The memo may be found under the Meeting Minutes tab on the homepage.

The recommendations on the TSP withdrawal were all approved by the board during the July 2015 Board meeting. However, Congress, in law, has provided the TSP's withdrawal options. Therefore, Congress will need to enact a law to permit changes to the TSP's withdrawal options. While Congress is generally receptive to recommendations to...

Continue Reading...

April 24
Get out of TSP after retirement?
by  United States caddisfly | 38 Comments

I am a FERS employee with 34 years federal service and looking to retire December 31, 2017.
I have a TSP balance of $580,000 in L2020 fund. I had a visit with financial planner who advises transferring TSP balance to IRA that has proven higher returns that TSP. The fees are 1.6 % annually. So he tells me the rate of return net fees would be 5-6 %.

I have always planned on just leaving my money in TSP L Income fund and just paying myself a monthly amount ($2000-$3000 per month) until it is gone (around age 85-88).

I understand the IRA is more flexible in being able to withdraw different amounts when needed but the high fees kind of bother me.

April 24
new member
by  United States caddisfly | 2 Comments

Glad to have found this . Hope to get ideas on what to do with my TSP balance. Should I leave it in TSP and pay myself a monthly amount or should I get out of TSP and put in traditional IRA. :?:

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