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April 01
tax-related provisions in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and
by  United States rotorwash | 7 Comments

Tax-related provisions in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief,
and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

I just received a breakdown of the provisions in the CARE act from my accountant and thought I would pass along the info on 401k's. Hope this info is helpful to some.

Waiver of 10% early distribution penalty.

The additional 10% tax on early distributions from IRAs and
defined contribution plans (such as 401(k) plans) is waived for distributions made between January 1 and
December 31, 2020 by a person who (or whose family) is infected with the Coronavirus or who is
economically harmed by the Coronavirus (a qualified individual). Penalty-free distributions are limited to
$100,000, and may, subject to guidelines, be re-contributed to the plan or IRA. Income arising from the
distributions is spread out over three years unless the employee elects to turn down the spread out.
Employers may amend defined contribution plans to provide for these distributions. Additionally, defined
contribution plans are permitted additional flexibility in the amount and repayment terms of loans to
employees who are qualified individuals.
Waiver of required distribution rules.

Required minimum distributions that otherwise would have to be
made in 2020 from defined contribution plans (such as 401(k) plans) and IRAs are waived. This includes
distributions that would have been required by April 1, 2020, due to the account owner’s having turned age 70
1/2 in 2019.

March 31
"Seasonal TSP Calculator" under the tab "TSP Calculators"
by  United States BelieveGod | 4 Comments

Just wondering if anyone is curious to see the early "move your money 6 times a year" for an entire month, if it was updated from 2012 to the present time. What would the return rate be if 2012-present were added to the table? I realize that this is going backward from the progression of Seasonal but interesting since many still maintain generalities about favorable months. Thanks

March 31
Many folks will be dipping their foot back in today
by  United States - Maryland jimcasada | 21 Comments

Like most people here, I have been stuck for the last couple weeks or so in -G-. While it may be tempting to jump right back in to a stock equity fund tomorrow, but I would suggest not. The worst is not over yet. I even heard heard Cramer use the "D" word earlier today, and he's usually quite an optimist. The bubble has popped. The Trump bump has turned into the Trump dump. I really have a strong feeling about this. Watch the news carefully over the next few weeks and you may be able to pick up a decent bounce for a day or so, but fundamentally to party is over. I'm just glad to have picked up a decent +8% for this year, so far.

March 30
I had an interesting thought...
by  United States - Washington Aitrus | 15 Comments

This morning I had an interesting thought. What if we're all looking at this COVID-19 thing wrong.

Consider: 100+ years ago, a large number of those who are recovering from the illness would have died due to lack of advanced medical care. We wouldn't have had testing available to tell us if somebody who is asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic needs to stay home because he has the same illness that the person who can't hardly breathe is having. We wouldn't have had the ready access to information and data to identify hotspots to avoid / prevent travel from (Europe / Asia) or where to send extra supplies to (NYC).

What we're doing right now: getting upset that lives are being lost.
What we should be doing: being grateful that lives are being saved that would have otherwise been lost if this had happened but a few decades earlier.

We're facing something unprecedented - for the first time in human history, we're able to save lives from a sickness that would have killed millions of us if we'd encountered it as little as 100 years ago (maybe even as little as 50 years ago). Part of it is social distancing, part of it is an increased medical capability, part of it is new technology allowing the sick to breathe better, part of it an increased understanding of the world around us, and part is a way to analyze it and communicate the new understanding in a rapid manner. It's understandable that we're going to face some hurdles and delays in getting the infrastructure converted from routine medical care to emergency all-hands-on-deck pandemic response.

If the history of the earth were measured as a football field, then the first human ancestors first appeared 1/8 of an inch from the endzone. Civilization - science, agriculture, the start of technology - has been around for the width of a light filament at the end of the field, and modern technology is even thinner than that.

Perspective is being lost, I think. Our recent technology and advances are making it so that people whose appointed time has come can continue living instead. We should be happy that we have the opportunity to save lives at all, not lament that some are being lost due to this governmental policy or that person's / group's actions (or perceived lack thereof). Human life ends, it's only very recently that we've been able to artificially extend life when natural causes would otherwise end it.

Football field visual demonstration:

March 29
US Population
by  United States tyler3535 | 24 Comments

Not to make light of CV at all, as it is a very serious issue. But I keep seeing it reported that the US has the most confirmed cases in the world. However, I have yet to see it mentioned that we have the 3rd highest population in the world. Almost 6 times higher than Italy, a country the media loves comparing us to. Also, our mortality rate is significantly lower than any of the other affected countries, another statistic I’m not seeing reported. All I see reported is total deaths.

March 29
N95 peer reviewed study = not good news.
by  United States tspwizard1 | 4 Comments

Here is a peer reviewed scientific study on the effectiveness of N95 masks.

In the results and the conclusions is this fact; The data obtained in the present study by count-based measurement show that particles approximately between 0.08 and 0.2 μm in aerodynamic diameter are more likely to penetrate into most of the tested N95 respirators. Strikingly, the physical size of SARS-causing coronavirus is approximately 0.08–0.14 μm, and the physical size of influenza virus is 0.08–0.12 μm, i.e. the size ranges of these viruses fall into the most penetrating particle size range. Most of the tested N95 respirators and surgical masks in this study were observed to perform at their worst against particles approximately between 0.04 and 0.2 μm, which includes the sizes of coronavirus and influenza virus.

What this means is as the world creates N95 masks at a frantic pace the majority of our medical workers will eventually get infected. This is a very bad situation.

March 29
The stimulus bill includes a tax break for the 1%
by  United States head | 42 Comments

I still find this information hard to believe. Apparently the stimulus bill was voted on, and approved, before everyone could read the entire bill, which is 888 pages long. Looks like the 1% win again. Thanks. ... index.html

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