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December 05
Valuations are off, artificial...
by  United States - Iowa greengrass | 0 Comments

Nothing new here but finally, someone wrote an article so I didn't have to! :P

December 05
TSP rules
by  United States Chulke | 7 Comments

So recently within this past year I applied to have my Military and Civilian TSP accounts combined under my Civilian TSP account....Well because of my military service...a small portion of my military TSP was left as tax exempt in that account.

Not needing the money I decided to let it ride and just play with it to see what I could make it grow into.....well apparently the good folks over at TSP didn't like that idea....cause now they have sent me a check for a full withdrawal of that amount of which I never requested!

Can they do that? I didn't make the request....I requested an interfund transfer the day before...but that's what gives?

Anyone know?


December 04
Need help with RMDs, please.
by  United States MrSnrub | 0 Comments

Before I was a Fed, I had a 401k with another company. I am still employed with the Fed and will turn 70.5 in a year. I want to avoid RMDs if I can. So, I assume I can rollover my previous 401k into TSP, since I do not plan to retire until a few more years. Thus, I can "shield" the money from having to do RMDs. Any rollovers must be completed by Dec. 30 to avoid RMDs the following year.

Basically, I am operating under the following assumptions:
1. As long as I am currently employed with the Fed, I will not be subject to RMDs, even if I am 70.5 years old.
2. Since I am not employed by the old company, and I have a 401k balance in that account, then I _must_ take an RMD in the year that I turn 70.5.

Are these correct?

December 04
TSP Calc Followers
by  United States Chulke | 27 Comments

Just as a gee whiz question...

Which strategy is everyone planning on running for the new year and why?

I am very seriously considering Strategy #84362 because of the consistently high returns that are always (meaning 100% of the time) above my target of 15%


December 01
IFT (Confused)
by  United States Vmax2005 | 8 Comments

A few weeks ago I went from S Fund into the G Fund. Submitted the IFT before 12 EST.
The IFT was processed that day and I was beat out of $1000 as the S Fund finished in the green. Friday 11/29 I went from the S Fund into the G Fund. Submitted the IFT before 12 EST.
The S FUND finished in the red and I lost $2000 as the IFT must have been processed after the close of the day. Why were these IFTs processed differently when they were both submitted before 12 EST.

December 01
Can't access TSPcalc with Firefox or Chrome
by  United States TSPBuilder | 14 Comments

I am getting a warning from Firefox (Error code: MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_SELF_SIGNED_CERT) and it won't let me go to Is anybody else having this problem? I tried Chrome and had the same problem.

November 29
Do you believe in, "The Wisdom of the group" ?
by  United States - Arkansas Slimhandy | 10 Comments

Today, is the last trading day of November.A number close to 195 are moving, and 93% of those that are moving to a different allocation, are moving to the G fund.I also noticed a couple of the High rollers also moving.
Does the group know better than the individual? Does the Contrarian know better than the group? Thoughts? ...Slim

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