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March 25
Furlough and RIF Talk
by  United States galveston1 | 1 Comment

The Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts leave the fates of hundreds of programs and even entire agencies hanging in the balance next year, but agencies could face severe cutbacks more immediately.

The White House suggested an additional $18 billion in reductions to non-defense discretionary spending for the rest of fiscal 2017 in a supplemental request to House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. Both the departments of Defense and Homeland Security would be exempt from the cuts. With agencies operating under a continuing resolution through late April, they would likely have just five months to implement the cuts -- or less time if Congress passes another short-term stopgap measure before addressing Trump’s proposal.
Budget experts cautioned that such significant spending reductions on that type of tightened timeframe could trigger agencies to send employees home without pay, much like they were forced to do when sequestration kicked in after Congress failed to reach a budget deal in 2013.

The Trump administration, in fact, appears to be gearing up for that possibility. In updated guidance dated March 2017, the Office of Personnel Management issued clarification for agencies on the procedures for implementing administrative furloughs. The guidance was last updated in June 2013. OPM maintains separate guidance for furloughs required by a government shutdown.

OPM also issued new guidance on possible reductions in force, titled “Workforce Reshaping Operations Handbook.” The agency put forward the new manual to “provide assistance to agencies that are considering and/or undergoing some times of reshaping (e.g. reorganization, management directed reassignments, furlough, transfer of function, reduction in force.)” The guidance details layoff procedures under federal law and regulations. An OPM spokesman said the updates were intended to "consolidate existing tools and guidance that agencies can use" rather than to issue new policy.

Read more… ... =top-story

March 24
Great paper on getting good returns on stocks
by  United States cswift01 | 0 Comments

Stocks of Admired Companies and Spurned Ones ... id=1540757

More info: ... 2017-03-24



March 24
Does F fund really track the AGG?
by  United States 12squared | 5 Comments

I understand how exchange rates affect the I fund vs. the EFA, but am baffled as to why F went down 0.1% on a day the AGG rose 0.03%.

March 24
The Dows tumultuous 120-year history, in one chart
by  United States cswift01 | 2 Comments

An excellent article that also includes historical events that influenced the Dow over 120 years. This goes well with the article that I posted the other day to where they showed how the people that are millionaires in the TSP invested purely in the equities even if the times were bad. Enjoy! ... 2017-03-23


March 23
Health Bill
by  United States VJoe571 | 5 Comments

According to CNBC and the News, if the Health Bill doesn't pass the market will drop approximately 1000 points. It sounds to me that it is time to play it safe and move to the G fund before the vote.

Learning as I go. :mrgreen:

March 23
Le Sigh
by  United States Carmen909 | 6 Comments

All the gains I've had since the start of the year are gone. My TSP was doing great up until mid-March and now it's wiped out. I'm staying the course, it's just frustrating. I've only been contributing 5% plus matching for 2 years so I don't have a lot invested yet and my gains have only been small. It's still disappointing to see what little gains were there diminished and my account balance moving backward!

March 23
Time in the Market vs. TSP Timing
by  United States cswift01 | 3 Comments

An article on people that didn't time the market and how they got to over $1 million.

Enjoy! ... et-timing/


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