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June 17
Pay back loan or keep putting in TSP
by  United States tspguy15 | 13 Comments

I took a home loan on my tsp a year ago and currently put in near the max contribution into my tsp yearly.

Would I be better off upping the amount I pay back the loan and keeping the min 5% contribution or keep paying the loan over the next 5 years and contributing as much as I can?

June 14
Push Pull and Bullishness
by  United States Tomanyiron | 7 Comments

With the “Too many connections” error that keeps occurring, I decided to unite the two threads.
Updated Thursday June 13, 2019 at EOD

PUSH: Appears to have stopped descending.

PULL : Eight days up.

STRENGTH: S fund taking a leadership role.

6 / 05__7.25_1.99
6 / 06__7.27_2.46
6 / 07__7.25_3.23
6 / 10__7.25_4.02
6 / 11__7.25_4.53
6 / 12__7.25_4.88
6 / 13__7.26_5.28

June 10
Site was down, Couldnt IFT before Noon
by  United States TSP Jedi | 11 Comments

so now what? my fantasy isn’t paired with my real TSP now

June 08
Dow Jones Index
by  United States VJoe571 | 6 Comments

The Dow Jones Index is back to 26000. What does 26000 mean? Does it mean $26000 per share? Can some one please explain this to me as if I am a five year old.

Learning as I go.

June 07
Up trend or dead cat?
by  United States PhilJohn | 48 Comments

Stong gains this week. Congrats for those who caught it. For those who didnt, stay put or buy?

June 06
Did anyone buy WKHS?
by  United States Chulke | 18 Comments

Did anyone buy WKHS about a month ago after the President tweeted about it?


June 05
When does an IFT actually take effect?
by  United States ronh227 | 5 Comments

Am new at this. I understand you have to have an IFT in by 12:00 (Eastern time) for it to take effect by the end of the business day right? My question is when exactly does the move to your new allocation change? Is it at noon? Close of business day? Is there some kind of pro-rated process going on such that your new move only affects the remainder of the day?

Example, been waiting recently for things to turn around. So yesterday morning with all the positive news coming out and markets trending up I decided to move 50% to C before noon. When I checked this morning my balance did not show what I thought it would be (close to 2% increase on the 50% I had in my balance).

Can anyone shed some light on this process? If you decide to make a move before your cut-off time (noon eastern where I am) when does that move take effect? If you make the move after the cut-off time, when does that kick in? Thanks.

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