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April 20
Things are Getting Crazy
by  United States dcramer29 | 1 Comment

- U.S. Foreclosures were up 20% last month to 120,000.

- Greece just MANDATED it's local governments to put their funds into Greece's central bank (the Bank of Greece). This is because they are running out of money, and these funds will be used to pay salaries, and also make a loan payment to the IMF.

Greece now owes 313 Billion euros to big banks that will never be repaid. This default of 313 billion could occur in the coming months. ... cmpid=yhoo

- China's manufacturing data dropped 15% last month, while it's GDP also fell to 7%. The GDP has continued to trend downward.

- The U.S. had a terrible jobs report last week that fell well short of expected job growth. Meanwhile, overall wage growth hasn't happened in a long time.

- Oil companies in America's heartland are shutting down rigs and pumps like crazy, and some already have or are about to go bankrupt.

- Some countries in Europe are selling negative interest rate bonds. Who would buy a bond, with a guarantee that you'll get less back when it's paid back ? ? ? Thats nuts !

Everything that Harry S. Dent said is gradually coming to fruition. He called for the spike in the dollar. He also called for deflation in commodities....that is also happening.

If you get a chance, check out his latest thoughts on this radio broadcast. The one thing he's starting to change his tune on is precious metals. He was extremely bearish on metals a few months ago, now he's talking about buying gold.

April 20
Motif Investments or Folio Investments
by  United States - Colorado BuckeyeBoy | 1 Comment

Has anyone used "Motif Investments" or "Folio Investments"?
Looks like an interesting concept.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

April 19
Individual 401K
by  United States managingts | 9 Comments

My wife is working at home mommy. We want to open an Individual 401K for her or some may call it Solo 401k. I wonder if you guys have any thoughts as to where it's best to open one (best in terms of fees, minimum balance, etc).


April 17
IFT question
by  United States - Colorado jpinvestor | 5 Comments

I put in an ift request on april 15 after 1215. Pending transfers showed it would be end of trading day april 16th. This morning pending trasfers showed it to change april 17th. If Im after 1215 deadline does it take 2 days for the ift request. Sorry for the silly question Im a new at this. Thanks.

April 16
Silly Question
by  United States gr8nole | 1 Comment

Can the TSP transfer it's assets? Reason being is that a coworker of mine indicated that during the last big significant dip in October 2014, his losses in C&S werent that bad as the "TSP transfers assets to weather the storm." To me it sounds like sour grapes but just wondering.

April 15
Market Highs...Flying too close to the Sun
by  United States - Wyoming maxbobcat | 11 Comments

S&P 500 is very close to it's record high after today's gains. I have a little more than 5% gains on the year that I am so far very pleased with. I don't want to fly too close to the market highs only to get burned when a correction comes.

Just wondering what signals others are looking for that will signal a time to get out of the market. Last I saw a few weeks ago, the Fed was looking at raising interest rates in June or July right?

I think conventional wisdom says that C&S funds will go down when dates get confirmed on the interest rate rises, so each date we get closer to that it seems riskier and riskier to stay in the market.

Any other signals you guys are looking at? Thanks.

April 15
TSP Gain not reflected in account
by  United States pghgrl | 3 Comments

Both the S&P and Dow closed with gains yesterday but my S fund shows a loss. Does anybody know why that would be and does anybody else's account show the same?

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