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February 24
Sitting back watching T.V...watching the F fund channel
by  United States - Oregon pdm | 9 Comments

heard there was a show on another channel called "C.S.I. Stockmarket"...way to scary for me!

February 24
Corona Correction
by  United States polom319 | 22 Comments

Not sure how many of you got out of the market this past week, but I am glad to be in the F Fund for the time being. That being said my personal investments unfortunately are in a T Rowe Price S&P Index fund.

Should I leave my funds where they are or move them even though the markets are tanking? I'm loosing value of my shares, but would a move today potentially save me some value?


February 23
A possible explanation for why some of us suck at investing
by  Russia bloobs | 9 Comments

...and perhaps other things too :lol:

February 23
Seasonal TSP or L 2050
by  United States DanielSon | 21 Comments

I am 3.5 years a FED employee and have been dumping as much as I can into a lifecycle 2050 fund. I did this because I didn't think I could beat the annual returns of the L 2050 I had seen from the last several years. I do not really like having the 18% in the G and F funds that the 2050 plan does though. I am only 27 and I want the highest risk/reward I can get with my TSP. I guess that is what led me here.

After looking at the TSPcalc site, I am curious as to what most people do here. Do they copy a Strat or try to make their own? Of course, everyone has a different retirement date, but wouldn't someone consider the Strat with the highest mean?

February 21
Lots of great research here
by  United States cswift01 | 1 Comment

Check out the Tweets. They're usually very informative and thought provoking. I hope they pique your curiosity too:




February 21
Almost there
by  United States cswift01 | 8 Comments

It would seem like we have our 2nd inversion happening, just today. ... =home-page

I didn't find any literature on historical impacts of multiple yield curve inversions.



February 20
Say no to April showers...yes to gold showers???
by  United States cswift01 | 3 Comments ... il-showers

Someone mentioned in the forum that April would be the end of the Fed's repo actions. I had understood that they would continue through June (of which I posted an article), but it looks like they will probably end it in April after all. I'm posting this because, that might have an impact on the market for May. Or not, who knows, right? It might be worth paying attention to puts/calls for that period, especially in terms of gold.

Another shout out should be send to TSPCalc. Many left the market yesterday and according to futures that has been a good decision (although things could still change after the market opens).


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