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January 16
USMCA coming today, will the market keep booming
by  United States Optimus187 | 0 Comments

USCA is going to get signed today which will lead to more trade and more winning. Do you all think that the market will boom from this "modestly improved" trade deal

January 16
Good Video, 2018 Market vs Economy
by  United States Tomanyiron | 5 Comments

There's always a lot of talk about how they are the same, (or will go in the same direction). 2018 is talked about near the end, and how so many people got caught leaning the wrong way.
Oh, do you walk a dog? I do, and he does just like that one.

January 15
What is the deal man?
by  United States VAmanBulls | 11 Comments

So frustrating when small caps is busting out, S&P strong all day and with 30 minutes left, all the gains wiped out. I can't find the leak. Mortgage applications soar, the Fed is pumping money still, CPI looked good, some good earnings reports today and finally ink on the China deal. What the heck?

Ok, just looked and we had a positive finish, but I still hate that late day sell-off stuff. Not cool.

January 14
Can you help me understand something?
by  United States mango72 | 2 Comments

Looking at tspcalc #85660, which has been in the F fund since trade day 1, its current return for January shows .96%. However, looking at the return for the F fund YTD, it shows .51%.

What am i missing? Should the two be the same or close to it?

January 14
S Fund Seasonal IFT
by  United States - Hawaii ProduceMan | 5 Comments

I believe most seasonals IFT to ā€œSā€ today thru Fri (1/17). Is it because of the earnings report that occurred throughout the week. If so, are the reports posted always on the second week after each quarter?

January 13
To ROTH or Not to ROTH, That is the question...
by  United States - Georgia snaffu | 13 Comments

Hello all, I see that we can get to this site from DOD addresses again..YEY!!! Anyway..

I'm about half thru my civilian career, and have packed $$ away in the traditional TSP without giving much consideration to ROTH.. until recently.. I was challenged to compare the two and what I found out was AMAZING unless I'm doing something wrong..

Basic assumptions..
- 100% ROTH contributions from here on out,
- Retire in 10 years (23 total)
- 8% growth annually (staying in the high risk pools)
- Equally burn traditional TSP over 20 years after retirement
- use ROTH to maintain lifestyle
- staying on the 25% +/- income tax bracket. I'm not concerned if I have the taxes just right, since I applied them equally to both sides.

I created a .xls with a side-by-side of 2 scenarios.. Stay in TSP or split now and go ROTH from now on. (PM me w/ email if you want to see my numbers..)

Trying to take Taxes, withdraws, gains, etc into consideration and applying equally as best I can to both scenarios, By the time I had depleted my TSP, I would have 150K left in my ROTH account while having an income of aprox 90K/yr.

I would like to hear is anyone else had tried this comparison and results..

January 12
Earnings season
by  United States cswift01 | 3 Comments

Dear all,

I'm looking for a webpage where a summary of earnings season is posted. Preferably one that is updated. An example would be 30% of companies have posted 70% higher than expected earnings. A week later that is updated tp 50% with 56% higher than expected earnings. Etc.



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