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October 19
Finally got myself a sheepskin
by  United States - Washington Aitrus | 25 Comments

Welp, now I've done it. My BS in Adult Education from Bellevue University was conferred this morning. I earned a straight 4.0 throughout the 18-month cohort, but since it was all online and transfer credits / CLEP tests I won't receive any honors (not that this was why I went to college in the first place). As far as I know, I'm the first one on my side of the family to earn a degree. I probably won't ever catch up to my wife, though. She's currently working on her second Master's and will follow up with a terminal degree in her field. My oldest daughter is almost halfway through her own BA degree and hasn't even graduated high school yet (she's in her school's Running Start program).

Now it's on to looking for education-focused and/or curriculum design jobs in the DoD. My degree and experience lines up perfectly with GS-1740 and -1750 jobs. I've been on usajobs quite a bit lately. It will be nice to finally move on from the GS-9 level of pay I've been stuck at for the last decade.

I'm not sure if I'll pursue a Master's in the field. My professors think I'm solid Master's material, and would probably be a strong Doctorate candidate as well if I decide to go that far - but I'm not too interested in joining the formal academia / research publication side of things. If I pursue my Master's, it will mostly be so that I can teach at the college level - probably in online classes. Which wouldn't be a bad gig to have in retirement, honestly. Pull down a pension while teaching a class on the side to have something to do and have a little extra money doesn't sound like a bad way to spend the golden years.

October 19
TSP Seasonal Strategies
by  United States BowHuntr66 | 2 Comments

I'm sure questions on seasonal strategies have been asked many many times. I'm still relatively new and I'm just trying to gain some knowledge. What are some strategies that are being followed, success on them and where do you find Seasonal Strategies? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys for your time!

October 16
Fantasy TSP
by  United States Scorpio70 | 4 Comments

Is anyone else showing a 75% loss in their Fantasy TSP? I knew I was not doing well, but wow.

October 16
Investing monies from your tax return
by  United States IRQVET | 13 Comments

So come tax time I'm looking to refinance my mortgage down to either a 10 year or a 15 year loan. I'm also considering, since I usually get around $5,000-$6,000 back from my tax return every year; I'm wondering if I should throw that money into my TSP or put it toward my mortgage?

Keep in mind I'm still 19+/- years away from retirement.

Any advice?

October 16
Market News
by  United States - South Carolina VAmanBulls | 4 Comments

As part of my decision making process, I absorb information from several outlets and I'll list my favorites below. Do you have any favorites that you might list? I'm always looking to expand my information sources. I'm hanging in the C fund into next week hoping for an earnings updraft. A COVID stimulus deal would be nice but not holding much hope at this point. I plan to observe the election on the sideline in cash. Have a great weekend and stay motivated.

Ira Epstein's end of day financial review - YouTube (good chart reads and it's free)
Bill Gunderson's daily radio program - iHeart Radio on the net, 10am EST on am 1440 Minneapolis (also free)
Websites for general information - MarketWatch, Motley Fool and Zacks

October 12
by  United States VJoe571 | 9 Comments

Question: If I IFT today, Monday (Columbus Holiday), the change won't go into effect until Tuesday after the market is closed. True or False?

Learning as I go.

October 12
Site Statistics is Wrong
by  United States Tomanyiron | 0 Comments

It says Average Top 10 Allocation is 49% G Fund and 41% F Fund


But on the Top 2020 Users list there is only one person in the F, and no one in G.


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