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January 15
Preferred Fund/Shunned Funds
by   harryface | 5 Comments

Years ago when I first started coming to TSPCenter.com I watched the Preferred/Shunned fund indicator in the top right corner but over time I noticed that what people were doing with their fantasy accounts was usually very different than the Preferred/Shunned indicator.

It would be a great addition for the Owner of TSPCenter.com to create an indicator based on the Fantasy TSP moves. The more moves to a specific fund the Higher the rating for that fund, etc. I am sure this is not an easy thing to program but I thought I would throw it out there. Could also do a separate board based on the top 20 gaining fantasy TSP accounts. Meaning grade the funds people are moving too for those with the highest return for the year.

Many watch the top five board and see how they are trading to decide on our own trades.

January 15
S Fund Frenzy
by   VAmanBulls | 14 Comments

Hey all you pending allocators, you're a little late to the party. But don't worry, the keg is not floating yet. So come on in and have a seat. Is all of this getting out of control? Are the neighbors going to call the valuation cops and shut this down? Or are we safe with the near guarantee of more stimulus and vaccinated buyers? Someone dust off that crystal ball and hook us up. What are you thinking?

January 14
Was this a "friend" / "force" move Tom?
by   klausvonbg | 3 Comments

Just curious friend/force move or just missing out?

January 13
How many of the leader boards
by   DoubleTzz | 10 Comments

In Fantasey TSP how many of these leader boards really have what they say in the funds they say. :shock:

January 13
50 State Armed Protests next week
by   IRQVET | 2 Comments

Curious what the cause and effect will be on the market?

https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fbi-w ... 1610395891

January 09
Leader Board Numbers
by   dbjr2000 | 5 Comments

Why does the Leader Board still show last years returns instead of 2021 ?

January 07
2021 Fantasy TSP numbers not working
by   MTLobo | 28 Comments

The 2021 fantasy numbers are not working. The 2021 returns are being dumped into 2020. Can this please be fixed as I use this a lot to mirror my actual TSP allocations and it allows me to easily track my diversification. Thank you!

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