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What's new at TSP Center as well as discussion of features that are due to launch shortly.

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FantasyTSP Change Log

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Author Notes:
FantasyTSP is an object oriented PHP web application leveraging MySQL, XML, and the Smarty Template Engine. It's development began in February of 2006 and was initially a private TSP tracking tool for a few colleagues at work. It is now under constant development and has been made available for all TSP participants to use.


May 11, 2013
Fixed long standing bug preventing some users from adding/editing phone number in User Profile for Watch List Allocation Change Text Messages

April 18, 2013
Subscriber Feature: Individual Watch List Group YTD Return

March 23, 2013
Subscriber Feature: Individual Watch List Group Average Allocations

March 08, 2013
Extended Watch List to include user created/managed groups. Requested by GT-NMSU.

February 23, 2013
Added Risk Tolerence to Member Profiles.

June 10, 2012
Rewrite of Statistics function to speed up results.

April 14, 2012
Added Average Pending Allocation as requested

March 07, 2012
Added Rank, Leader, Member Count, Average Return to FantasyTSP Groups

March 05, 2012
Added FantasyTSP Groups. See announcement.

January 08, 2012
Per member request, added YTD Returns to Member Watch List.

January 01, 2012
Per member request, added 'Who Is Watching Me?' to User Watch List.

April 02, 2011
Added Charts for Real TSP Balance Tracking (including contribution visual indicators). See announcement.

March 23, 2011
Added Real TSP Balance Tracking. See announcement.

February 28, 2011
Added SMS Texting for member Watch List. See announcement.

January 28, 2011
Added L 2050 to FantasyTSP.

January 08, 2011
Added 'Watch Count' to Leader Board. See announcement.

January 05, 2011
Average Watch List allocation added to member Watch List page.
Watched member's Pending Allocation Changes added to member Watch List page.

September 25, 2010
Added option to include individual member performance with Fund Moving Average Charts. Thank you flight23.

September 23, 2010
Added FantasyTSP Account Topics. See announcement.
FantasyTSP Member Comparison option is now CaSe InSeNsItIvE. Thank you winner.

September 15, 2010
Fixed problem where new member's starting allocation counted towards total allowed allocations for given month. See Bug Tracker

September 10, 2010
Number of Allocation Changes per year added to member accounts. This data is currently not exposed on Professional TSP Advisory accounts.

August 01, 2010
Added 'Sort by Account Balance' to Leader Board

July 28, 2010
Fixed member identified bug in Seasonal Calculator. All seasonal allocation calculations should now be accurate.
Configured 'Watch List' email alerts to be sent in text format instead of HTML which will improve readability on mobile devices.

July 25, 2010
Fixed bug to enable members to change email address through member profile.

October 10, 2009
Added rank to logged in user's return shown in top 5 snapshots. See thread.

October 09, 2009
Added 'Average Top 10 Allocation' to the Leader Board Statistics page.

January 17, 2009
Enabling, disabling and privatizing FantasyTSP. See announcement.

December 22, 2008
FantasyTSP reset option added to member accounts.

December 18, 2008
Improved graph legends.

December 12, 2008
Added watched member's current allocation and current allocation date to Watch List.

December 03, 2008
Added option to compare FantasyTSP returns. See announcement.

November 02, 2008
Moving averages added to TSP Charts & Returns.

October 11, 2008
Added Country/State flags to member profiles.

October 04, 2008
Added balance sheet to account summary page.
Added support for embedding YouTube videos into forum posts.
Added support for adding attachments to forum posts.

October 02, 2008
Added countdown timer to 12:15 PM EST to allocation interface for current day interfund transfers.

October 01, 2008
Added fix to not allow new allocation that equals current allocation.

September 30, 2008
Added reputation points for investment excellence. See announcement.
Added forcing IFT restrictions through allocation interface. See announcement.

September 29, 2008
Removed inactive users from Leader Board. See announcement.

September 23, 2008
Various enhancements to FantasyTSP account charts. See announcement.

September 08, 2008
IFT window extended to 12:15 PM EST.

July 27, 2008
Various enhancements to TSP Returns. See announcement.

July 20, 2008
Added allocation distribution pie charts to member accounts.

July 12, 2008
Added YTD to list of selectable time ranges for member charts.

July 10, 2008
Daily returns added to member accounts.
Allocations By Date added to Leader Board.

July 08, 2008
Percentage deltas added to member charts.
Fixed error found in YTD calculations.

July 03, 2008
Extended Leader Board features including:
- Returns by calendar month.
- Logged in user's returns shown in Top 5 snapshots.
- Current allocation displayed for each user in category full listings.

July 01, 2008
Altered database to handle four decimal places for TSP share prices.

June 29, 2008
Masked member allocations from guests. Users must now be logged in to view member allocations.

June 22, 2008
Added Current Allocation to list of selectable time ranges for member charts.

January 28, 2008
Added optional TSP Fund performance plot lines to member charts.

January 11, 2008
Added unrealized percent gain/loss for current allocation. Identified by italics in Allocation History.

January 02, 2008
Added 5 Day and 15 Day returns to Leader Board

December 01, 2007
Single sign-on between FantasyTSP™ and forums

It's a gift...and a curse ~ Adrian Monk


Fund Prices2022-08-12

G $16.99 0.01% 1.51%
F $19.10 0.37% -8.58%
C $65.23 1.74% -9.34%
S $70.95 1.86% -14.97%
I $34.16 0.59% -13.39%
L2065 $13.19 1.35% -11.37%
L2060 $13.19 1.35% -11.37%
L2055 $13.19 1.35% -11.36%
L2050 $27.11 1.14% -9.72%
L2045 $12.43 1.07% -9.06%
L2040 $45.65 1.00% -8.33%
L2035 $12.13 0.92% -7.53%
L2030 $40.66 0.84% -6.69%
L2025 $11.70 0.58% -4.50%
Linc $23.03 0.35% -1.93%

Live Charts

Pending Allocations

Under development. For now, you may view Pending Allocations by going to "fantasy TSP" and selecting "Leaderboard sort" of "Pending Allocations".