The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

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The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

Post by TSPking »

New for 2012! We have a $50 Visa gift card every month for the top monthly leader demonstrating investment excellence (if there are multiple members in a tie, the gift card will be split accordingly).

The catch? We need 300 new members every month. We have a generous member who approached me about this concept and is pony’ng up the $50 Visa gift cards under the condition that TSP Center grows by 300 members per month. That's only 10 members per day. If we don’t reach 300 members for a given month…the jackpot is reduced to $25.

We also are accepting PayPal donations to up the ante and allow for additional appreciation for our top performers.

Let the competition begin!

It's a gift...and a curse ~ Adrian Monk

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Re: The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

Post by peteruso »

This is an excellent concept. I am a huge TSP advocate at work and this is the site I recommend for any Government employee looking to take a more proactive approach to managing their investment options. Some very intelligent people here and the more you bring in, the more the knowledge base grows. I'm amazed at the amount of people who take an indifferent approach when it comes to using the TSP option available to us.

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Re: The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

Post by houston »

well hopefully there won't be tsp accounts reset every time someone loses 10 bucks now... :/

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Re: The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

Post by Evolution »

This is wonderful, hopefully everyone will tell at least 1 or 2 people to sign up each month and we will blow the 300 New Monthly Users out of the water.

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Re: The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

Post by Tsunami »

Of course, this will lead to wildly reckless investment strategies.
If you take a big risk and it pays off, you make real money. If it does poorly, you lose imaginary money and wait for next month's competition.

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Re: The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

Post by TSPKip »

Regarding the S&P 500, 20 points separate the rising 50 day SMA over the 200 SMA, and, with a continuing daily 1 point rise of the 50 day moving average similar to the past 9 day's action, we may close the gap by month's end.

And, if we develop optimism regarding the market and if more than one equity is rising 20 % over 2 months, we will be back in a Bull market.

However, with Congress's intransigence issues, Europe's Debt issues, Iran's nuclear issues, and China's inflation issues, I am not so sure I will be optimistic in order to fulfill the definition.
Seek Wisdom where it can be found.

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Re: The FantasyTSP™ Jackpot Challenge For 2012

Post by inthecloud »

Cool! Nice job mystery donor.

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