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Relevant Investments

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Relevant is the first Registered Investment Advisor to join our Professional FantasyTSP community. Relevant Investments, LLC was founded by Leo Cesna in July 2011, and was granted registration with the SEC in December 2011.

Leo has been a FERS employee with DOD for over 27 years. He is a Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM-A) and Lead Systems Accountant (GS-13) with HQ USSOCOM. He retired from the Air Force Reserve as a Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) after 30 years of service in January 2011.

Leo has been a Tax Preparer, Trustee to several Individual Investment Trusts, and has studied financial planning and investing for over 29 years.

Relevant's mission is to help individual investors navigate their TSP, 401k, and IRA's as well as provide subscribers with "Position Timing" advice as an alternative to Buy & Hold.

Relevant Investments' web site states that 50% of net proceeds from subscribers is donated to charity. For additional background, got to the "About" page at

Please welcome Relevant Investments to TSP Center...

It's a gift...and a curse ~ Adrian Monk

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Fund Prices2022-08-18

G $17.00 0.01% 1.56%
F $19.04 0.12% -8.83%
C $65.31 0.24% -9.23%
S $70.24 0.46% -15.82%
I $33.59 -0.29% -14.83%
L2065 $13.10 0.09% -11.96%
L2060 $13.10 0.09% -11.95%
L2055 $13.11 0.09% -11.94%
L2050 $26.96 0.08% -10.22%
L2045 $12.37 0.08% -9.53%
L2040 $45.43 0.07% -8.77%
L2035 $12.08 0.07% -7.94%
L2030 $40.50 0.06% -7.05%
L2025 $11.67 0.05% -4.74%
Linc $23.00 0.03% -2.07%

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