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What's new at TSP Center as well as discussion of features that are due to launch shortly.

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New Site Features

Post by Jahbulon »


TSPKing has added some new features to the site.

1) On the Private Message function there is now a "Reply All" button.

2) One of the professional members, Relevant, recommended we add a "RISK TOLERENCE" level to the profiles so that when someone is asking for advice, others can see what that is, so that when they give advice they can gauge at what level to give it (you don't want to advise someone with a low risk tolerance to trade futures on margin…).

This was a great idea, and should help a lot. A person's risk tolerance level will display under their flag in the posting.

To input your risk tolerance level you need to go to "Edit Profile".

3) And lastly, underneath the "Pending Allocations" Tab on the right side of the Home Page you can now see TSPCenter's test systems at a glance with YTD returns.

Thank you to all of our members for your continued input to make the site better.

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Re: New Site Features

Post by sludg »

Jahb some of the tests on your site are asking for a password. I was trying to get to T7 and cannot. Are there some tests that aren't ready for full viewing yet as things are still being tweaked?
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Re: New Site Features

Post by Jahbulon »

Understood. It is not that we don't want to share the system with you all, but some of the people that provided the input for thier development shared closely guarded secrets, and so we agreed to keep them as such. But members are welcomed to follow along, and I think all of the "proprietary" system will do well.

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Re: New Site Features

Post by rotorwash »

Looking forward to all the improvements. Thank you for all the hard work.
I was looking around, can’t find watch lists. Are you going to still have these or can I just not find it. Sorry if you have answered this already.

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Re: New Site Features

Post by mjedlin66 »

This is an 8 year old thread man, lol.

See here:
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