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S Fund

Post by VJoe571 »

Why so many IFT to the S fund today?


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Re: S Fund

Post by bloobs »

It's "risk on" day for those who are assessing election uncertainty and vaccine development progress.

That and blindly following the moves of really smart people :)
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Re: S Fund

Post by Racerx919 »

Some of the seasonal strategies also went to S fund today as well. Mine did, however I chose to remain on the sidelines with a wait and see approach. I’m betting on a downslide based on market news such as a lockdown or problems with the COVID anti virus shot distribution timeline. Of course I could be wrong and equities shoot up!

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Re: S Fund

Post by anomadtoo »


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Re: S Fund

Post by IRQVET »

Some people are followers, thus follow seasonal strategies that dictate their movements. I'm not sold on season strategies; not saying their bad. For me the jury is still out, but I'm still learning and not saying I'm right . . .
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