Poll real or fake Fantasy Tsp account?

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Poll real or fake Fantasy Tsp account?

Post by yanni123 »


One more idea :idea: , since we have a some members who are learning how to invest and they will follow leaders?I Think it will be helpful to setup a TSPcenter poll to see how many members actually have their Fantasy accounts matching their real TSP accounts? /or trades-moves that match their real account? / Or maybe some note next to our accounts names. I am not sure if there are any restrictions, and all members would like that idea? That poll could also be use for different purpose. Just a thought. My account does matche FantasyTsp from November.Thank you :roll:
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Post by chief04010 »

I really don't see how it matters, but I don't have anything against it either. Personally my TSP account does match my Fantasy TSP account but this has only been the case since mid November of '08. Of course the amounts are different since I've been investing for over 20 years.
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Post by TSPking »

I'll give it some thought. The idea to color code or use some other type of indentifier for those who want to flag their accounts as following their real TSP sounds interesting.

However I'm currently working on TSPView, setting up a bug tracker, and working a few outstanding issues with FantasyTSP. I'll put this on the TODO list.

Thanks for the suggestion yanni...

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Re: Poll real or fake Fantasy Tsp account?

Post by nlsn »

I don't mind flagging my intent but buyer beware. I'm not consistent in remembering to adjust fantasy and also my payroll deposit is not reflected. Seems of little value. I suppose mine should simply flagged and someone NOT to watch.

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Re: Poll real or fake Fantasy Tsp account?

Post by flight23 »

I agree with nlsn... although I typically mimic moves in my Fantasy and real account occasionally I mess up and forget.
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Re: Poll real or fake Fantasy Tsp account?

Post by Tomanyiron »

My Fantasy account matches my real TSP.
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