Fund Gain/Loss Percentages

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Fund Gain/Loss Percentages

Post by icebreaker »

I was wondering, if it is possible, to display the points and percentages for each fund on the main TSPcenter page. Looking at the graph gives me an idea of the direction the fund is moving, but not much else. Just a suggestion :D

Also, love the site. This is one of my "go to" pages every morning when I get to work. I definitely feel more comfortable managing my TSP account because of the wealth of information that's available on this site. Thank you.

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Re: Fund Gain/Loss Percentages

Post by sludg »

Change requests like this generally go here.

I believe King gets emailed when a change request is submitted so he will see it much faster than a forum post. Be sure to make a detailed post describing exactly what it is you want to add to speed things up.
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Re: Fund Gain/Loss Percentages

Post by jeeny789 »

i would like to appreciate you for sharing such a great info with us

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Re: Fund Gain/Loss Percentages

Post by skiehawk11 »


Would you essentially like a numerical tally of the percentage changes in the different funds based on different time periods (daily, weekly, monthly)?

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Fund Prices2022-08-10

G $16.99 0.01% 1.49%
F $19.12 0.15% -8.47%
C $64.14 2.13% -10.85%
S $69.64 3.34% -16.54%
I $33.95 2.14% -13.91%
L2065 $13.02 2.29% -12.54%
L2060 $13.02 2.29% -12.53%
L2055 $13.02 2.29% -12.52%
L2050 $26.81 1.90% -10.69%
L2045 $12.31 1.78% -9.98%
L2040 $45.22 1.66% -9.20%
L2035 $12.03 1.53% -8.34%
L2030 $40.33 1.39% -7.43%
L2025 $11.63 0.94% -5.02%
Linc $22.96 0.56% -2.25%

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