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2 Things
1) When I have my contribution 100%G and my allocation like 50% S 50% C, the site seems to not add things right come payday. As markets change of course S and C may not be exactly 50% and then money gets dumped in G and I don't think that happens correctly if at all on this site. ?????

2) I was working in the field on the 15th and did an IFT on the tsp website that morning and did not have time to do it here also. Is there a way to back date my IFT on here so it's more accurate?

Thanks for the help

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Re: Help

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1) The "Fantasy TSP" account tracking does not have the capability to incorporate your contributions or your actual TSP account balance for good reason. The "Fantasy TSP" account is designed to track your performance based on your IFT decisions alone so you can have an "Apples to Apples" comparison of your performance as compared to others.

2) IMHO - If back dating were allowed, the integrity of the site would be in question. There are those on this site that trade in tandem with others on this site based on past performance. Back dating would only skew the results that others might follow.

These points only represent my observations and opinions. I do not control, manage, or in any way represent the owner of this site.

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G $16.99 0.01% 1.49%
F $19.12 0.15% -8.47%
C $64.14 2.13% -10.85%
S $69.64 3.34% -16.54%
I $33.95 2.14% -13.91%
L2065 $13.02 2.29% -12.54%
L2060 $13.02 2.29% -12.53%
L2055 $13.02 2.29% -12.52%
L2050 $26.81 1.90% -10.69%
L2045 $12.31 1.78% -9.98%
L2040 $45.22 1.66% -9.20%
L2035 $12.03 1.53% -8.34%
L2030 $40.33 1.39% -7.43%
L2025 $11.63 0.94% -5.02%
Linc $22.96 0.56% -2.25%

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