TSP transfer did not transfer

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TSP transfer did not transfer

Post by Ranger1971 »

I recently made a transfer in my real TSP 100% c on Nov 8 and got a confirmation email. I checked it today and I am still in G and the history says I transferred $0 to C????? Maybe I am not quite familiar with the new system but this does not make any sense. Has anyone had this issue.

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Re: TSP transfer did not transfer

Post by bizkikr »

First off, the new UX design is complete crap. It's possible you're submission didn't go through. Easiest is to simple repeat and 'expect' a different outcome. You can also contact them with the confirmation number TSP would have sent you via email to inquire what that ref number corresponds to for troubleshooting. Yet, I doubt TSP will retroactively re-allocate. Also here's a PSA W A R N I N G ! ! !

The new system change occurred because of lax internal controls resulting in TSP recipients having un-authorized withdrawals. This isn't FDIC insured, so a big loss doesn't guarantee you will be made whole. And un-authorized account access is still occurring. Have that account locked and ensure it's checked regularly. Withdraws should be hard but criminals are using sophisticated credential stealing ruses to make TSP recipients victims; still an ongoing issue. Worst, those losses are being covered by everyone else invested in the TSP funds. Ever wonder why the expense ratio keeps creeping up?

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