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 Post subject: Recommended Reading List
 Post Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:27 pm 
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I'd like to start a recommended reading list. I'm always interested in what others see as valuable reading material. Let's make three categories. Investing (since this is a forum based on investing), Fiction and Nonfiction. When you post your recommendations, let me know which category you want me to place each book into.

As the thread goes on longer, I'll update this first post so everybody can easily see the list without having to dig through the thread. I'll also put it in my signature block so it doesn't get lost.

Edit: Good idea with the blog list and article, wisepierre. I'll add those as two other categories.

- The Millionaire Next Door - Thomas J. Stanley (for newbies and those in debt)
- A Random Walk Down Wall Street - Burton G. Malkiel (recommended for newbies)
- Common Sense on Mutual Funds - John Bogle (recommended for newbies)
- The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey (for newbies and those in debt)
- The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles - Jeffrey Hirsch
- The Little Book of Common Sense Investing - John Bogle
- Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
- The Intelligent Investor - Warren Buffet
----End of Aitrus' List----

- The Coffeehouse Investor - Bill Schultheis (an easy intro to all those investing terms and jargon - haywoodkb)
- The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need - Andrew Tobias (a really complete guide to managing money - haywoodkb)
- The Little Book of Main Street Money - Jonathan Clements (haywoodkb)
- A Random Walk Guide to Investing - Burton Malkiel (haywoodkb)
- The Four Pillars of Investing - William Bernstein (haywoodkb)
- All About Asset Allocation - Richard A. Ferri (haywoodkb)
- Your Money or Your Life - Vicki Robin (specifically about relationships and money - wisepierre)
- The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke - Suze Orman (wisepierre)
- I Will Teach You to be Rich - Ramit Sethi (wisepierre)
- The Boglehead's Guide to Investing - Larimore, Lindauer, and LeBoeuf (wisepierre)
- The Boglehead's Guide to Retirement Planning - Larimore, Lindauer and LeBoeuf (wisepierre)
- The Richest Man in Babylon - George Clason (wisepierre)
- If You Can: How Millenials Can Get Rich Slowly - William Bernstein (haywookkb)
- Your Money and Your Brain - Jason Zweig (winsprint)
- The Intelligent Asset Allocator: How to Build Your Portfolio to Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk - William Bernstein (skiehawk11)
- Aftermath - James Rickards (TSPTiming)

- The Myst Reader - Rand Miller (All are in no particular order, but kudos for those that get why I list this one first)
- Starship Troopers - Robert A. Heinlein
- Methusela's Children - Robert A. Heinlein
- Glory Road - Robert A. Heinlein
- Farenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
- The Ender's Game series- Orson Scott Card
- Dune - Frank Herbert
- Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
- The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand
- The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemmingway
- The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemmingway
- For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemmingway
- Swiss Family Robinson - Johann David Wyss
- The Iliad and The Odyssey - Homer
- World War Z - Max Brooks
- The Rama series - Arthur C. Clarke
- The Road - Cormac McCarthy
- The Stand - Stephen King
- Contact - Carl Sagan
- Ringworld - Larry Niven
- The Foundation Trilogy - Isaac Asimov
- The Martian - Andy Weir
- Lucifer's Hammer - Larry Niven
- Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Phillip K. Dick
- The Complete Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
- The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien (If you've read those and want more, then try The Silmarillion)
- The Dresden Files series - Jim Butcher
- The Codex Alera series - Jim Butcher
- The Wheel of Time series - Robert Jordan
- The Legend of Drizzt series - R. A. Salvatore
- I Am Legend - Richard Matheson
- Clan of the Cave Bear - Jean M. Auel
- The Riftwar Saga - Raymond E. Feist
- The Dragonlance series - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
- The Game of Thrones series - George R. R. Martin
- The Kingkiller Chronicles - Patrick Rothfuss
- First Blood - David Morrell
- Bat-21 - William C. Anderson
- The Call of the Wild - Jack London
- Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
- Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
- The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoevsky
- King Solomon's Mines - H. Rider Haggard
- The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexander Dumas
- The Maltese Falcon - Dashiel Hammett
- Shibumi - Trevanian
- Moby Dick - Herman Melville
- Frankenstein - Mary Shelly
- Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe
- Gates of Fire - Stephen Pressfield
- Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M. Pirsig
- Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
- One Second After - William R. Forstchen
----End of Aitrus' List----

- All the King's Men - Robert Penn Warren (Longstreet)
- Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert A. Heinlein (crondanet5)
- Walden Two - B.F. Skinner (crondanet5)
- 50 Shades of Grey series - E.L. James (ajareds92)
- 1984 - George Orwell (cb3)
- The Riddle of the Sands - Erskine Childers (haywoodkb)
- On the Road - Jack Kerouac (cb3)
- The Five People You Meet in Heaven - Mitch Albom (cb3)
- The Left Behind series - Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (maui21ice)
- The Once and Future King - T.H. White (Ofsthun01)
- The First Law Trilogy - Joe Abercrombie (a trilogy and three standalone books set in the same universe - Midway)
- The Shattered Sea Trilogy - Joe Abercrombie (Midway)
- Gentlemen Ba$!@%d series - Scott Lynch (Midway - Use the full name of the series when searching for book titles, I edited the name due to Board rules - Aitrus )
- Older Tom Clancy novels like Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Sum of All Fears, Red Storm Rising, etc. (inla$vega$)
- The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho (GetOut)
- Without Remorse - Tom Clancy (Longstreet)
- All Quiet on the Western Front - Erich Maria Remarque (sandquest)
- Animal Farm - George Orwell (sandquest)

- The Autobiography of Mark Twain - Mark Twain (published 100 years after his death)
- The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - Ben Franklin
- Theodore Roosevelt Trilogy - Edmund Morris
- Education of a Wandering Man - Louis L'Amour
- The Last Lion Trilogy - William Manchester
- The Federalist Papers
- Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Frederick Neitzsche
- We Were Soldiers Once... And Young - Hal Moore
- Look Me in the Eye: My Life With Asperger's - John Elder Robison
- The Mad Trapper of Rat River - Albert Johnson
- On Writing - Stephen King (recommended for aspiring writers)
- The Republic - Plato
- Nicomachean Ethics - Aristotle
- Meditations - Marcus Aurelius
- Walden - Henry David Thoreau
- Self-Reliance and other essays - Ralph Waldo Emerson
- Roman Honor: Fire in the Bones - Carlin Barton
- The Way of Men - Jack Donovan
- No More Mr. Nice Guy - Robert Glover
- Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Aron Ralston
- Band of Brothers - Stephen Ambrose
- With the Old Breed - Eugene Sledge
- Return With Honor - George E. Day
- Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer
- The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith
- The Art of War - Sun Tzu
- Lives - Plutarch
- After Virtue - Alasdair MacIntyre
- A Message to Garcia - Elbert Hubbard
- Our Iceberg is Melting - John Kotter
- Lincoln on Leadership - Donald Phillips
- The Code of Man - Waller Newell
- His Needs, Her Needs - Willard F. Harley
- The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman
- Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage - Mark Gungor
----End of Aitrus' List----

- Norman Schwarzkopf Biography - a banned user suggested this, and we'll keep it but that person is still banned.
- The Bible (John316 and others)
- Endurance; Shackelton's Incredible Voyage - Alfred Lansing (haywookdb)
- Chaos: Making a New Science - James Gleick (evilanne)
- Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill (evilanne)
- Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom (cb3)
- The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli (cb3)
- Leaders Eat Last - Simon Sinek (cb3)
- The Killing of Historical Figures series - Bill O'Reilly (floridabre)
- The Admirals: Nimitz Halsey Leahy King - Walter Borneman (Josiedog)
- The Forgotten 500 - Gregory A. Freeman (OSS rescue downed Airman in WWII - Josiedog)
- Strangers on a Bridge - James Donovan (the original book of the movie Spies on a Bridge - Josiedog)
- The Guts to Try - Col James Hk. Kyle (Air Force Desert One Commander, Iran 1980 - Josiedog)
- Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam's Most Infamous Prison - Alvin Townley (Josiedog)
- Blackhawk Down - Mark Bowden (Josiedog)
- The Quran (mjedlin66)
- The Fourth Turning - William Strauss and Neil Howe (TSPTiming)

Blogs / Websites
- TSP Allocation Guide
- Equity Clock
- The Art of Manliness
- Daily Stoic
----End of Aitrus' List----

- Get Rich Slowly (wisepierre)
- The Finance Buff (wisepierre)
- The Simple Dollar (wisepierre)
- The White Coat Investor (for professionals, specifically medical - wisepierre)
- Mad Fientist (Financial independence and early retirement - wisepierre)
- Mr. Money Moustache (early retirement and frugal lifestyles - wisepierre)
- jlcollinsnh (early retirement advice from a retired guy - wisepierre)
- smoking-meat.com (cb3)
- lenpenzo.com (offbeat style, personal finance - evilanne)
- Investing and early retirement (at the different stages of life)- J.L.Collins (TSPBuilder)
- thecollegeinvestor.com (TSPBuilder)

- Article: The Case for Index Fund Investing, a Vanguard publication (wisepierre)
- "Top 21 Trading Rules for Beginners A Visual Guide" (http://traderhq.com/top-21-trading-rules-beginners/) (TSPBuilder)
- Jim Rickards on US Debt Crisis https://www.financialsense.com/blog/193%20...%20ing-points (TSPTiming)

Seasonal Musings 2020: http://tspcenter.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=17572
Recommended Reading: http://tspcenter.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=13474
"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters" Epictetus

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