The "Thank you, MJ" thread

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The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by Aitrus »

We've got the "New website complaints" thread, and it seems to be pretty popular. A lot of people are bringing up some good issues that need to be worked - and a few are venting a little steam as well, it would seem.

However, I wanted to have a thread for people to give kudos to MJ. In my book, he's earned it. He purchased this site (which doesn't make any money) as a way to keep the conversation about TSP investing going. He still has a full-time job, and he spends a big chunk of his free time working on keeping this place going, and doing so out of his own pocket. It's a labor of love for him.

I know that a number of us have some complaints and dislikes about the new site. All I can say is that I've never seen a new product from any company that couldn't use some tweaking or had a few bugs that had to be worked out. I suspect that MJ was faced with the prospect of either continuing to put effort into a site he knew was going to eventually fail and have to be taken down, or stand up this new site that was still in the process of being created and fine-tuned. Maybe the timing was right given other things going on in his life or something else pushed his decision to go live at this point in time.

The point is, he's doing all this out of his own pocket, both in terms of time and his bottom line. Not only does the site not make money, but he pays me a small fee as moderator, so he's losing money on this site. I want to publicly thank him for his hard work and sacrifice, and I encourage others to do so as well.

This place isn't perfect (and as long as I'm here it probably won't ever be, given my own imperfections), but it's a damn sight better than anything else I've seen for discussions regarding TSP. Thank you for preserving it, MJ. Your hard work is very much appreciated, even if it doesn't always show through.
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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by bloobs »


Gratitude is a lost art in America nowadays. Let's rediscover it.
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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by kilogram »

Thank you MJ! There should be a donation option to show our gratitude.

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by wmfullen »

Love that new car smell!

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by honyant7 »

kilogram wrote: Fri Jan 29, 2021 12:31 pm Thank you MJ! There should be a donation option to show our gratitude.
TSP Calc (also run by MJ) has a "donation" of $20 annually I believe still. Mine is on autopay yearly and its well worth the small cost!

Thanks for taking on such a huge undertaking MJ. Appreciate you!

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by Amerks »

Indeed...thank you! This site and TSP CALC are my most frequently visited web pages each day. Thank you for saving TSPCENTER! I look forward to see what you do with it moving forward...all the best!

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by dcspark »

Thank you very much, being retired I enjoy
this site very much for it provides pretty good
insight to everything TSP related.
Again, a big Thank You

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by Navig8tor »

I'll roger up to that one as an 11-year site member.

I have to do some minor "coding" at work (I'm a ship Navigator/Instructor/Operations Officer - not a computer programmer) using software called "Dream Weaver." Wasn't what I was hire, nor did I have any idea how to do it. But, since the Director (who I report to) is a computer "Tweak," I've kind of inherited the job as he works his way out the the door into retirement. What little bit of coding I do to maintain various work-related websites STRAIGHT SUX. You miss ONE LETTER, get something ONE SPACE out of whack and what do you get >>> a dead link, a blown up webpage...and a LOAD of griping employees.

I can't imagine what MJ is dealing with while trying to bring up the new "TSP Center" from Ground Zero. To do it for nothing beyond personal pride is more than commendable. Let's cut the dude some slack, give him a couple or three weeks to work out the bugs and BE HAPPY he was even able to take the site over from TSP KING. Don't forget - KING was on the way out and the site was going with him. If not for MJ, we'd have no site!

Keep on Keeping On MJ!!

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by TSPking »

The improvements are impressive and will no doubt lay the groundwork for future enhancements. Great job MJ.

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by jatelle »

Thank you MJ. We all appreciate this site!!

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by Fallingh2o »

MJ - I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. I can only imagine what has to be done. The old site was nice, but I totally understand the need to modernize. I look forward to your finished product!

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by fattony »

Thank you for the new site. It took me about ten or fifteen minutes of poking around before I got the feel for the new site. I'm already used it it now. I'm retired now but I used to work in IT. I was on the network and security side of things but worked rather closely with our web designers and I recognize that this redesign was a huge amount of work, especially for one person. I also see that the new site is much quicker now. Great job! Hope you can take a break now. You deserve it!

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by Dezracer79 »

I really like the new chart compared to the old one. I like to look at the same two week period over multiple years to help me decide when to make my next IFT. This chart is soooo much easier than the old drop-down option to change the dates.

Thank you MJ!
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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by JfHorse »

I like it!! Appreciate what you'r doing MJ. Excited about what's to come.

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Re: The "Thank you, MJ" thread

Post by mmiller17 »

Long-term member. Much appreciate this site and LOVE the fresh look!

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