Pulling the trigger.

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Re: Pulling the trigger.

Post by wingchaser »

Whether or not the Stimulus is “baked in” still remains to be seen. Most sectors are definitely OVERSOLD in the short term & that’s some of the impetus for the recent upward momentum. The Russell 2000 (S fund Equivalent) had shown some Candlestick Formations, specifically a Long Lower Shadow Candlestick on Friday, near a bottom (& I say that loosely) that indicates a reversal pattern. Once the S&P gets back up to its ATH (3,950), which serves as RESISTANCE @ this juncture, & goes beyond...

There’s nothing stopping the S FUND from charting new ATH(s), as well...

Best of Luck (everyone) in all you choose to endeavor!!!
“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t... pays it.” ~ Albert Einstein

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Re: Pulling the trigger.

Post by PhilJohn »

Damn though. Missed a nice gain today. Would have made my whole month.

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Re: Pulling the trigger.

Post by Optimus187 »

I timed it correctly and jumped in, but unfortunately I jumped into C instead of S since I thought that there was a rotation to bigger companies instead of the smaller stuff. Why is the S beating out the C so badly?

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Re: Pulling the trigger.

Post by TSPBuilder »

ubascuba wrote: Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:12 pm Every time I deviated from my plan last year, I got burned. The plan I was following made 50%. I made about 25%. I'm sticking with my plan and going to S on the 17th day.
Thanks for sharing your strategy, ubascuba! It parallels my 85660 with moments of inspired improvement. I don't know if it will help you from straying but I find it very reassuring that as long as I make my IFT's I am nearly guaranteed a +20% return every year so I am not too tempted to stray (well, I did drop into S early in January because there was a clear indicator). Kudos on the 25%!


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Re: Pulling the trigger.

Post by stilljammi »

My strat had me going into C in early March, but the S fund has been on fire so I switched over to that and I'm happy I did. I think we might ride a nice little wave of good feelings as cases go down and vaccinations ramping way up. It won't last forever though.

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Re: Pulling the trigger.

Post by PhilJohn »

I am pretty frustrated. I got out right before the dip but failed to go back since my strategy has me moving back to S on the 17th trading day. My gut told me to move but last year my gut cost me a lot of $. Whats a guy to do?

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Re: Pulling the trigger.

Post by GooseJ »

Nothing is normal these days, so trying to time the market is only a turkey shoot. Investing is long term and you can only win if you stay with a strategy that meets your needs.

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