TSP 2FA via email?

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TSP 2FA via email?

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Saw story that TSP has now authorized military mbrs to receive 2FA verification code via email. I questioned TSP if civs (active and retired) would be afforded same option. They said: “We regret any inconvenience. The changes to our validation processes were implemented to enhance the security of participant accounts. Participants are required to add a phone number to the account profile, and verification codes will no longer be able to be sent by email. A verification code can be received as either a voiced-code or text message. Please note that verification codes can be sent to any phone number, whether domestic or international. This includes landline and mobile phones as well as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone numbers.”
Just thought they would offer email option to all TSP participants. Not a big deal though.

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Re: TSP 2FA via email?

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I get mine via text, and have multiple accounts other than TSP set up to 2FA me via text as well. It's more convenient since I'm logging into them nearly every day.
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