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TSPCALC Change Request

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Hey mjedlin66! First, I want to say that I love TSPCenter and TSPCalc. Thanks for making them awesome - I visit multiple times a day.

I have one change request for TSPCALC. If it's an easy lift, I'd love to to see it happen. If it is hard, then maybe others can comment on value to the community and relative return on your time.

In the Seasonal Strategies Sort and Filter section of the homepage it would be great to add a filter for minimum yearly CAGR in the same way that you can choose a maximum total StdDev. I see minimum CAGR as equally or more important than StdDev (though I respect I am in the minority). To me, it should matter less that a strategy has a high StdDev if the spread is across a set of higher percentage returns.

For example, I am tracking 153087. The strategy has a relatively high stddev of 10.75, but the lowest return from 2004 to 2020 is 2005 (24.01%).

Filtering strategies by minimum yearly returns would (hopefully) allow me to build a strategy with the highest historical minimum returns even as my stddevs go up. I've been trying to get there by trial and error, which is how I got to 153087, but I'm hoping for a more direct path.


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Re: TSPCALC Change Request

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I appreciate the suggestion. It certainly sounds like it has merit.

Right now, I am not developing new features for TSPcalc. It is simply a matter of being overwhelmed with other projects. I am trying to get TSPcenter running better, address bugs, and keep the TSPcalc SMS service working. Also, there is a TSPcalc app on the way.

I will say though that the seasonal builder will allow you to specify minimum returns for each month. It won't work on an annual basis, though.

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