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Tspcalc/TSPcenter concept

Post by mjedlin66 »

I hired a design firm called Audentio to build the next generation TSPcalc website. When it launches, the forum and FantasyTSP will finally move to tspcalc.com. The tspcenter domain will just point to the forums on tspcalc.

Expected launch is 3-6 months from now.

When I redesigned tspcenter, there was a lot of unrest. Here's your chance to comment on the design.

This is a non functioning concept for the tspcalc homepage.

https://projects.invisionapp.com/m/shar ... /461204783

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Re: Tspcalc/TSPcenter concept

Post by Tomanyiron »

Looks good, but I don’t like that picture you have of me. That’s my bad side, I’ll send you one to use. :lol:

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Re: Tspcalc/TSPcenter concept

Post by Aitrus »

I like the layout and design. Color choices are good too.

It's cool that you're going to include guides and articles to help broaden understanding. I remember you and I discussing that aspect of the site.

I suggest a "New to TSP? Start Here." section. A fair number of our new members seem to be new not just to seasonal investing, but to TSP in general.
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