Super bubble???

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Re: Super bubble???

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IRQVET wrote: Fri Apr 08, 2022 4:16 pm Weird thing is, and I know its not the same, but I HATE being in debt. And having negative returns feels the same to me. Bugs me.
Having a negative YTD return is far from being in debt--especially since it's unrealized losses.

Being is debt is someone who just got a margin call after shorting a stock that went parabolic.

Hope that make you feel better :cry:

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Re: Super bubble???

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jimcasada wrote: Fri Apr 08, 2022 2:16 pm I've been in G all this year except for just one day last month, but it was a good one. Up almost 5% YTD.
That move has kept you near the top of the 2022 leaderboard ever since. How did you decide when to jump in - then out? What's your criteria for getting back into the game?

“The genius of investing is recognizing the direction of the trend — not catching the highs or the lows.”
- Dean Witter

"You'll have to adapt or you'll be out of style."
- Robert Smith

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Re: Super bubble???

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Mainly just the seat of my pants. I watch a lot of news, listen to Cramer, and CNBC. And, when I get to thinking things can't possibly get lower, wait another day or so, then try to catch a quick bounce and get out. I still think we may be a few days or more until the next decent bounce. Be patient, don't fight the trend (which is generally negative right now). Thanks, Jim.

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Re: Super bubble???

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And some dumb luck.......

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