Has anybody heard of this bill?

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Has anybody heard of this bill?

Post by Aitrus »

Just found out about this bill this morning. Anybody have any deeper information than what's in the article? Is there anything more to this bill other than what's reported (i.e. any hidden "gotchas")?

https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/reti ... 56910.html
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Re: Has anybody heard of this bill?

Post by evilanne »

I don't see anything transformative about it, maybe for people starting out but Feds already have pretty good set up and some don't take advantage of it. I like pushing out the date for RMDs further. Does anyone really think it is going to make more people save for retirement?

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Re: Has anybody heard of this bill?

Post by Horaenaut »

I agree with Anne that it’s not going to affect govvies (and not likely to induce folks to save, mostly likely to help folks who are already saving in 401Ks). The two factors of interest might be more catch-up contributions and a little bit later mandatory withdrawals (although I think TSP would have to adjust that, it is not automatically adjusted by this bill).

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Re: Has anybody heard of this bill?

Post by Scarfinger »

USPS employees are being forced to take Medicare? This may be coming to all federal employees? I have heard that some people opt out of Medicare, and just use the FEHB to save the Medicare deductible.

Starts Jan 2025.

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Re: Has anybody heard of this bill?

Post by jimcasada »

Tricare forced me to take both A & B at 65 in order to keep my Tricare going. I still have APWU United Healthcare via my workplace, which is still my primary.

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