Current Wisdom on Seasonal Strategy in Taxable Accounts?

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Current Wisdom on Seasonal Strategy in Taxable Accounts?

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I am sure this has been discussed previously, but I searched the forum and didn't see anything in the last few years. So, sorry in advance if this is duplicative.

I've been using TSPCalc/TSPCenter since the beginning of 2021 and followed TSPsmart before that. I have a lot of faith in seasonal strategies for my TSP account thanks to the these resources. Not that least of which is this community.

I have thought about, but not committed, to explicitly allocating a portion of my taxable account to my preferred seasonal strategy. I'd start with 10 or 20% of my taxable investment account and increase the percentage after I have a few extra years to watch and learn and better appreciate the down sides (if any).

I'd love to hear opinions from folks here:

Hereare my question: Do folks here follow a seasonal strategy in their taxable accounts? If you prefer to buy and hold, why take a different approach in your TSP?

Are there downsides that increase the risk? My first thought was bumping into wash sale rules, for example, making me unable to tax loss harvest along the way. Edit: + Paying short term cap gains taxes on profits.


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