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new web features

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Thank you so much for your great website. It gives me the courage to change my funds by watching other successful investors and visibly seeing the history of a certain type of investing. A feature I miss from the old site is the ability to view investors who changed funds on a certain date or dates. I could return to those dates and watch the investors if I needed affirmation of my IFT moves. I realize there are other ways to watch them, but I don't want to delete my watch list each time I make a move. I also can save them on a spreadsheet but I don't always need to watch them. I do miss the ability to see past history for IFT's but even without this feature I love your site and appreciate it. It has made such a financial difference for me. THANK YOU.

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Re: new web features

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Thanks for the kind words, amybelieve. This labor of love for us has helped many people such as yourself, and we're honored to continue our work. As long as people benefit, we feel that it's well worth it.

MJ has more plans in the works for further improvement of the site.
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