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confirmed TSP interfund transfer

Post by escseven77 »

Received a confirmation from TSP that my transfer would take effect next day. I will give it the extra day if I didn't submit in time. The transfer never took effect. So, let me understand this. I have a confirmed transfer of a significant amount while we are getting hit pretty hard and now you do not see the transfer but I have a confirmation. So the money I moved from G fund into C and S was not moved and as of 3:58 the market is up 584 points, nasdaq 238 and S and P 76.
Are you kidding me.?
Who is responsible for this ?
I am in a no win situation.
Tsp right now is absolutely pathetic.
My first conversation went round and round.
Second conversation was better but got me nowhere
What is my recourse?


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Re: confirmed TSP interfund transfer

Post by bizkikr »

It's completely possible your request was actioned and the front end is lagging severely in showing you as confirmation. Best to wait it out a few days to confirm what was actioned or try to get a hold of a customer rep that knows how actions are committed on the backend from an online request.

If they were backlogged in processing causing you miss out on today's pop, that really sucks. Likely not much you can do about that but opine here.


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Re: confirmed TSP interfund transfer

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You have to get your Interfund Transfer (IFT) in before 12pm (ET) for it take effect the next Trading Day. We all experience a one (1) day “lag” with our transfers; that & bein’ limited to one (1) IFT per month, makes making money quite dauntin’ (on a consistent basis)…

Best of Luck (everyone) in all you choose to endeavor!!!
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