Moving F fund today

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Moving F fund today

Post by polom319 »

I have until 9am PST to get out of the S fund and into the F fund per my TSPcalc strategy. Anyone else still using a strategy given the world we live in? :?: :mrgreen: :o

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Re: Moving F fund today

Post by ripp002 »

A bit late, however, a quick check of the fantasy pending transferes should be helpful. Some strategies seem to be working pretty well compared to last year....66909 is doing great and calling for an out today...

My concern with moving to F is that the 10 Treasury has been going up and it appears when this occurs the F fund goes in the opposite direction. Fantasy site shows many more people going from S to G, vs S to F.

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Re: Moving F fund today

Post by bloobs »

My take is the following....
Unlike 2022 when both Equity (i.e. C/S/I) and Bond (i.e. F) fund prices marched in lockstep (mostly downward), so far this year the normal opposite movement seems to have returned. So, if you think that C/S/I funds are about to keel over then maybe the F will go the other way. Having said all that, I'm hiding out in G for then next few weeks in my TSP :)

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Re: Moving F fund today

Post by jimcasada »

I moved to F a way too early, but I'm retiring in June. Better safe than sorry for me.

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I $37.17 0.96% 9.52%
L2065 $13.39 1.20% 9.24%
L2060 $13.39 1.20% 9.24%
L2055 $13.40 1.20% 9.24%
L2050 $27.52 1.00% 7.91%
L2045 $12.64 0.94% 7.53%
L2040 $46.48 0.88% 7.15%
L2035 $12.37 0.81% 6.71%
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