Pros and Cons of CES (Cyber Excepted Service)

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Pros and Cons of CES (Cyber Excepted Service)

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I've been notified that almost all of the jobs on my installation are being converted to Cyber Excepted Service (CES). I understand that this is a conversion from the GS to the GG pay scale, and am still learning about the rest. I've been given the option to convert or remain as GS, and in the future whenever I vacate my position it will automatically convert to CES at that time.

Does anybody have any additional information to share? What are the pros and cons of staying with competitive vs going to CES?
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Re: Pros and Cons of CES (Cyber Excepted Service)

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I've never even heard of it. But if it's anything like the "pay-band" systems, you'll almost certainly be better off.
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