Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Managing your TSP and alternate investment options after retirement or separation from service.

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by TSPBuilder »

MakeMe$$$$ wrote:
JDD4J4J wrote:...
Of course, you are correct in the aspect that TSP is as low cost as they come but the limited options seem to be too restrictive compared to non-TSP options...

Thanks for your thoughts.

I really appreciate you bringing up this thread MakeMe$$$$. I'm thinking about taking a deferred retirement within 2 to 5 months (I'm short my minimum retirement age of 56 by a year and a couple) and for me it's not a question of whether or not to rollover but how to do it most effectively.

I did want to mention to you that ProFunds has been waiving the maintenance and service fees for at least the past two years on my mutual fund accounts and I believe it has been more like seven since I was last charged. You can transfer between funds daily with no transaction fees of any sort. I am told there are no redemption fees for when you pull money out but I haven't had a need to test that yet. You can be as aggressive or passive as you want with their leveraged and non-leveraged funds. You might even be please to increase your rate of return.

As of this past Friday my year-to-date returns just hit 68% in ProFunds. My goal this year is 10% per month but I will be happy to meet my minimum goal of 6.7/month.

Thanks again for inspiring the group to share some really timely and appreciated information!

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by isalihi »

Look at Barrons.com and contact the top ranked financial advisors in your area... Or just google "Barron's top advisors Maryland" (or whatever your state is)...

Why not have the #1 advisor working for you?

Also, know the difference between a "fee-only" and a "fee-based" advisor...

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by isalihi »

If you want to rollover your TSP to an advisor, check Barron's for their top advisors in your area. http://www.barrons.com/articles/america ... 1457157598

Choose a FEE ONLY advisor (not a fee-BASED advisor), and make sure to get a full understanding of all the fees involved. Investigate the advisor's fees as well as the points paid in each of the funds they're investing your money in.

I believe our costs are very low with the Thrift Savings Plan.

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by crondanet5 »

Costs are low but so are returns because of the 2 IFT rule. The only real benefit to the TSP is the Agency Match. When that is over, leave.

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by sosome »

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by Winner »

I review the link below about buy physical god/silver/etc. from IRA and I saw something that is really interest for me is real estate in the IRA. http://www.advantagegold.com/

Transfer tsp account to IRA and buy a property that for family to live on until 70 1/2 yoa that require mandatory distribution. At that time, buy the property from the IRA to get monthly distribution. This will free after tax money for other investment.

I know a lot of people think about withdrawal their tsp account to pay off the mortgage when they retire so why not transfer tsp to IRA then buy the property (without paying tax as distribution)...something to think about and use after tax money for other investment.

How much tax free on profit if you sold your property and met residence requirement....

I'm one of the guy buy high sell low when it come to real estate...
“A brave man knows the circumstances and consequences of what he may encounter ahead…..but moves forward anyway.”

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by crondanet5 »

Interesting idea. I'd check it out with a CPA tax specialist to be sure you remain free from IRS questions. Penalties for misuse run high.

Winner I always enjoy your posts.

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Re: Time to roll TSP over...but where?

Post by stu@1957 »

[I disagree with the above comments extolling the cheapness of the TSP Program. .... Can everybody understand this? Take the money and run to Fidelity or Vanguard, invest it wisely, withdraw it when deemed prudent.]

I agree with your counsel here. I just recently looked into this thread as I am doing about a 3.5 year review on my full withdrawel to a traditional IRA which I let a broker manage. I have:
-Gotten through the first year learnings with my CPA on the right amount of withholding. I typically w/h 10%.
-Take money as needed to support chosen projects or fun. Except a monthly tariff for a new truck, full balance loan at 2.5% still having the remainder earn while I use it.
-While I have not done a detailed analysis my performance curves say I would be ahead if I left it in TSP. Of course excepting the TSPrules 'a big problem with that freedom'. However, I suspect the fees for brokerage are the difference.
-With the exception of 3rd trimester problems 2018 I am comfortable with how the IRA plan is working. Come see Come saw on market performance.
-There was some prior TSPcenter threads on talking about self managing use Schaub and some others low cost brokerages. I believe you Cron participated. Do you recall where those posts are located? I think those posts still acknowledged the cost of trading making them hard to approach TSP. I have been toying with the idea of taking a 10-15% balance and managing it myself. This was simply brought on by the fact that my TSPcenter curve has been winning in all categories. My spending curve has a goal of remaining above a continuous 5% growth over time.

Thanks for your inputs.

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