Retirement Age, Life After?

Managing your TSP and alternate investment options after retirement or separation from service.

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Re: Retirement Age, Life After?

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cartmedl wrote: Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:23 am
Aitrus - I have to say that your comment here changed my perspective. As much negativity that creeps into my mind about things that I have not done right, wish I could do over, etc. its not been all bad. I have provided well for my family: a happy wife, a good home, private schools for my kids, and now keeping them debt-free in college. Although I feel like a TSP failure, I am not without optimism that I'll be happy in retirement. Thanks for that post as it lifts my spirits today.
My pleasure, cartmedl. Changing my perspective on life - such as learning to be satisfied with less and deciding that it's me who gets to decide what success looks like instead of others - really took a weight off my shoulders that I didn't even know was there. I'm much more at peace now than I was in my younger days when I felt so much more pressure to perform. Instead, I am happy knowing my family is safe, fed, and housed, I'm in debt to nobody, and I'm free to pursue my hobbies as I wish.

Having sovereignty over one's own life is a wonderful feeling.
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Re: Retirement Age, Life After?

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The media is full of stories telling us we should keep working until we are in our 70s because modern people are living longer and healthier lives. The experts tell us people in their 60s and 70s are likely to live longer, enjoy working full time and feel great, so why retire.

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Re: Retirement Age, Life After?

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There is no fair and objective media in this country anymore. Anybody with a brain can deduce this. Conjecture, subjectivity and outright lies dominate the vast majority of media. Retire when you're able to, regardless of age! Live life on your terms. If you want to work, then work. Whatever rocks your boat. I'm retired and have zero money worries. Saved a lot, invested better than most and never lived beyond my means. It's not that hard. Takes discipline though.

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Re: Retirement Age, Life After?

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I have a lil’ different take on this subject matter. First of all, as a Federal Civilian, my career has provided opportunity & financial security beyond my hopes & expectations; the termination of which, I don’t take likely. I believe in maximizing this opportunity which has presented itself. Target goals are Maximum Retirement Age, which for this Babyboomer is 2031 (70 1/2). That maximizes all five (5) income vehicles to include:


I’m on pace to earn more in retirement than in my current capacity, which is another level of achievement that falls in the BETTER THAN AVERAGE category.

I also make more trading stocks (daily) than I could ever make elsewhere & will continue that pursuit into retirement. Currently, I’m working on an Expert System (AI) that can trade programmatically throughout the trading day, thus removing Wingchaser from the equation. Leveraged ETF(s) provide the ability to capture movement in either direction the market may be moving:


As far as Leisure & Recreation in retirement, my inclination includes:


Best of Luck (everyone) in all you choose to endeavor!!!
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Re: Retirement Age, Life After?

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I plan to retire in Dec 2022 at 63, and with 23 yrs in. I bought a smaller home in Hot Springs, SD to move to and sell my larger home. I broke the cardinal rule of taking a $50,000 TSP loan plus savings to pay for the house in full. I made sure I had a large enough window to pay all the money back into TSP and I don't regret it. My plan is the visit state and national parks, taking adult education classes on anything that interests me and possibly work part-time. I would love foreign travel but its too costly, but there is so much to see in the US and camping by tent is cheap. I might even drive to Alaska!! I have learned a lot from this site and feel confident in managing my TSP in my future retirement.

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