Best Dates to Retire

Managing your TSP and alternate investment options after retirement or separation from service.

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Best Dates to Retire

Post by galveston1 »

In my seemingly never-ending research about retirement, I came across this article by Tammy Flanagan who writes for GovExec. In it she explains the benefits of choosing the right dates to retire for both CSRS and FERS employees. I found it very interesting. ... 17/131764/
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Re: Best Dates to Retire

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Re: Best Dates to Retire

Post by Ericdelee »

I read these recently. I don’t think they really dive into other aspects of retiring that some other members may face.

Example: if you are National Guard/AGR you run into the issue of needing to pay attention to your AYE Daye; looking at your 1405 to see when you hit twenty years, and then calculate below how many more months are needed to make the trailing Guard time a good year for an additional 2.5 percent. Then there’s the if you are close to January; you should just wait until the annual pay increase and retire with a tad bit more money. I did the calculations once. It wasn’t a lot of money; but it is extra money a lot of people throw away. Some states will have additional retirements written into their law to give Military Members additional retirement money. Example: in Michigan, you earn $50 a month upon retiring (I can’t remember if it is upon reaching 60 years of age or if it is just upon retirement). Stipulation: must serve 20 years in the Michigan National Guard. I’ve seen a lot of people with AD time for get about this and not stay in an additional year or two to get this. Obviously to some it may not be worth it. But it is worth in to me. Staying an additional two years will net me an additional $50 per month; 5% increase in retirement pay; plus whatever percentage increase the annual pay raises make the High Three equate to.

So I said all that to say this: pay attention to individual circumstances and figure out your best date to retire off of that data. THEN look at the articles above and consider picking a date closest to that

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Re: Best Dates to Retire

Post by quidam65 »

TSPTiming wrote:Best dates through 2019... ... 8-2019.cfm
If you're still a ways off (like I am) and are looking at 2027, it turns out that New Year's Day 2028 is on a Saturday. Since the rule is, holidays falling on a Saturday are observed on a Friday, that means December 31, 2027 will be an "extra" holiday in that calendar year.

So you can call that your "date of final separation" and pick up one extra holiday (a day off without using leave)! I plan to do just that.

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