Problems withdrawing from TSP

Managing your TSP and alternate investment options after retirement or separation from service.

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Problems withdrawing from TSP

Post by Midway »

I have a friend that recently retired from federal service. He mentioned the other day he is having difficulty withdrawing money from his TSP. The website won't process his requests, the Thrift line is busy, and can't get through on the phone.
Has anyone else had a problem? He has been trying for months.

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Re: Problems withdrawing from TSP

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I haven't heard anything. However, if the call center is based in Texas then there might be shutdowns due to the power outage. I know that many military capabilities were shut down there for a while (and some still are). That doesn't explain the past months where he got no reply, but it might explain the more recent issues.
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Re: Problems withdrawing from TSP

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If your friend is not able to communicate with TSP via phone, I would try TSP’s message center.
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