Should The Fed Be Clamping Down On The Right To Bear Arms?

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Should The Fed Be Clamping Down On The Right To Bear Arms?

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Re: Should The Fed Be Clamping Down On The Right To Bear Arm

Post by Toadystyle »

Epeacock wrote:
Toadystyle wrote:Relevant came up with some great quotes, however those quotes came from another lifetime. The purpose of those quotes is to reinforce the fact that the masses shall not be oppressed by government, and if they are they shall overthrow said governm

That is not the case today. They were making those statements in the days when weapons were essentially even. Today your AR-15 with a 30 round magazine is no match against, Apache's, C-130 gunships, F-22's, M1A1 Abrams or any other of the weapons at the disposal of the governments of the developed world.

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Re: Should The Fed Be Clamping Down On The Right To Bear Arm

Post by MakeMe$$$$ »

Aitrus wrote:...
Everything I just said above would also apply to other groups, such as the Black Panthers / New Black Panthers, etc. Another tidbit: The KKK was founded by, and is still populated by, Democrats.

Using the argument of "Well, he's got a gun, and he might do something bad with it, so we have to keep him from having it" is an illogical argument. In our country of Laws, a person is innocent until proven guilty. We do not live in a "Minority Report" world where pre-crime is punished, or even assumed.

Bottom line, any level of fear, misinformed ignorance, aprehension or differing opinion of firearms and their uses does not trump my right to own and use them.

And yes, it's legal to own a tank.

UM...regarding Democrates and KKK...nice try. Yes that is a fact but the democrats of that time have little resemblance to today's democrats. MLK was a republican. So was Lincoln. It would be a reasonable argument that the platforms of the democrats and republicans have swapped for the most part. becomes clear that you believe a militia can be formed and weaponize itself. be it.

Regarding tanks...again...nice try. They must be "de-gunned" under current law. In context of my previously made statements, is that an infringement on the 2nd amendment?
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Re: Should The Fed Be Clamping Down On The Right To Bear Arm

Post by Aitrus »

You simply asked if tanks could be owned. Yes they can. Does the government have the right to stipulate that they be demilitarized? No, they don't - "...shall not be infringed".

Yes, MLK and Lincoln were Republicans. So? The platforms of both parties are remarkably similar - bigger government control over our lives - just differing in what aspect. Economic control, morality control - control is still control no matter how you slice it. I was pointing out that lots of people point to the KKK as being an evil representation of Repubilcanism when it's more accurately a representation of Democrats at a point in their history.

You still haven't proven any moral, ethical or constitutional reason the Government has to restrict something as black-and-white as the 2nd Amendment, yet allows something equally black-and-white and applicable in the same scope as the 1st to go unregulated. Such reasons relate directly to the OP's poll. I, and many others here, have given plenty of logical and historical reasons for the government to not be involved without resorting to insults.
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Re: Should The Fed Be Clamping Down On The Right To Bear Arm

Post by TSPKip »

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Re: Should The Fed Be Clamping Down On The Right To Bear Arm

Post by heckrules »

"Well Regulated" is for the militia....."Shall not be infringed" is for the people!

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