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Should we add McAlvany Videos to TSPCenter?

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Possible New YouTube Videos For TSPCenter Members

Post by skiehawk11 »

Check out some of their videos. They don't do technical analysis, but they do have good discussions on the economy, etc. They are at most times fairly bearish and they like gold so keep that in mind.

I like their videos just because I like getting perspective from different sources. I'm also on the lookout for other really good economic and financial commentary YouTube channels. Send me links to YouTube channels or post them here.



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Re: Possible New YouTube Videos For TSPCenter Members

Post by Lafrinere »

I like the discussions on the economy from the Mcalvany videos, but they are last weeks news. It's great for over-all market feel, but as we all know, every day things change a little.

:idea: I suggest TradeSight https://www.youtube.com/user/tradesight/videos for more up to date info. They also have market preview information for the next day quite often (very important to me) and include the major market players (Dow, Russel, S&P, etc), but also hit on metal, energy, etc as well as a few specific companies. I'm not real happy with the black background they use, but it's readable and explained during the videos.

:P Just a suggestion and my 2 cents.

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