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Stock FYI

Post by TSPBuilder »

IGC and RST making great gains.

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Re: Stock FYI

Post by wingchaser »

Cannabis Sector is exploding & has been for quite some time.

India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC), which explores "cannabis-based therapies to treat Alzheimer’s, pain, nausea, eating disorders, several end points of Parkinson’s and epilepsy in humans, dogs, and cats", has seemed to have found a nice niche' in that sector...

Read more: This Marijuana Stock Is Up Almost 300% Since It Announced a CBD-Infused Drink | Investopedia ... z5Sm64UvdQ

Strong catalyst (event-based) for short-term investment growth. ... yptr=yahoo

Rosetta Stone Inc. (RST) had an entry point on (or about) 3-Sep-18, followed by High Volume (confirmation). May have missed that 50% ROI opportunity.

Best of luck in all your endeavor's!!!
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Re: Stock FYI

Post by jlozano042 »

wingchaser wrote:Cannabis Sector is exploding & has been for quite some time.
That is what everyone has been talking about in my office for many months now. :mrgreen:

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Re: Stock FYI

Post by kavic »

Actually I put IGC on a watch list last week. But I also see Citron Research is short on it and other cannabis stocks. The new Bitcoin :lol:
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Re: Stock FYI

Post by ripp002 »

A good natured suggestion to have a chat with your security office before investing in cannabis stocks or some type of umbrella that contains them.

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