Tony Robbins Book : Money Master The Game.

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Tony Robbins Book : Money Master The Game.

Post by tsp210 »

I just started to read his new book. Any thoughts from those more experienced in The Game then me?

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Re: Tony Robbins Book : Money Master The Game.

Post by TSPTrader »

its been a good read. I had the ebook. IMO the book was taliored more toward people with rich cash. The importance of Asset allocation and risk/rewards basket. Good advice on paying off your debt first before investing in the stock market ( I have been doing it for the last 15 yrs and soon to be debt free, beside putting my two kids in college).

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Re: Tony Robbins Book : Money Master The Game.

Post by isalihi »

The book has good advice for people in the private industry with 401ks. Mainly for them to investigate the fees involved. Not all 401k plans work in the employee's best interest (high fees).

One of the biggest take-aways from that book -- That 97% of ACTIVELY traded mutual funds FAIL to beat the market. Yet they charge the highest fees to the investor (regardless of how poor they perform).

He recommends PASSIVE funds that track the major indexes such as the S&P 500.

We're fortunate that the TSP has low fees as do the funds we have available to invest in!

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Re: Tony Robbins Book : Money Master The Game.

Post by marine2008 »

I am wondering if there's still that large number of investors that want to leave their money to a mutual / hedge fund manager, even though there are just hundreds of ETFs available... Surely the Money Master The Game gives a proper angle on that, but still the humans are too greedy :)

There will always be a belief that you can easily have a 20-30% return just by investing in some "genius" fund manager :D

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