Paying off your mortgage early

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Re: Paying off your mortgage early

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aev wrote:just pay extra and get out of debt as soon as you can.
I'm in this camp. Especially after the recent tax change bumping standard deduction which for many people wipes out the advantage of having a mortgage.

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Re: Paying off your mortgage early

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Ditto. We're about 12 months away from paying off a mortgage we first signed on four years ago. No massive down payment, just really aggressive about payments and living on about half of what we bring in. After the house is done, either of us could lose our job and we're still good to put the kids through college and still have a nice retirement. If need be, we can live at our current standard of living on about $35k a year if the house is paid off, so no worries about going bankrupt.

It's a great peace of mind.
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Re: Paying off your mortgage early

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dearsmiths usually has a reasonable response to these conundrums we all face. Kudos to dearsmiths!

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