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Are mutual funds part of your investing strategy?

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Yes, I one or more now.
Yes, but I don't currently have one or more in my portfolio.
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Mutual funds

Post by ccm13 »

Well, for the most part, I don't pay much attention to mutual funds. Especially since we have 5 of the best available that cover a pretty decent spectrum of the market at extremely reasonable fees. No need to duplicate. That being said, I do own two, TWEBX & FAIRX. With the recent popularity explosion of ETF's and the broad spectrum that they cover, I'm not sure I'll ever need a mutual fund again. That is not to say that I wouldn't ever invest, but it would have to be pretty special. I know with the recent downturn in the markets that some funds that have been closed for years are opened again. SEQUX & DODGX are two that have always intrigued me, so who knows. ... unity.html
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mutual funds

Post by crondanet5 »

Adam Bold addressed this issue on his radio show. He rates all mutual funds available to us. His position was to avoid these "rare opportunities" because the funds are too large to be good performers. They are opened to replace the money that has been pulled, not because they are good. Google Adam Bold and listen to some of his shows. He's good.

BTW: I do not personally use mutual funds. Too slow, not enough return. Even my Roth is a self-directed brokerage account.

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Post by trevorlawrence »

Hi All,

I guess this is the right place for the topic I want to share. I apologise if I am posting at the wrong place.

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Post by crondanet5 »

where do we study these on line, or is this a self help guide format for us to make entries in as we learn about mutual funds?

Speaking of mutual funds, and my rejection of them, consider the following:

If I buy 10,000 shares of a stock for $2 a share and it goes up ten cents a share that day, and I sell it, I gained $1,000 right? Now that was a $20,000 investment. If I had invested $20,000 in a mutual fund that same day, could I have made a thousand dollar gain AND be back in a cash position the same day? That's why I don't use mutual funds.

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Mutual Funds Are Evil!!!

Post by Sunna »

I agree with Trevor: "If I had invested $20,000 in a mutual fund that same day, could I have made a thousand dollar gain AND be back in a cash position the same day? That's why I don't use mutual funds."

Right after my divorce I invested $3,000.00 in a MF. It lost half its value in less than a year. The broker helped me to restructure it, and, I made back $300.00. However, given the fact that it cost me $40 in maintenance fees every year, over a 10 year period I actually lost money...

They kept calling me and asking me to invest MORE money with them. I declined politely and told them that I was keeping the account only to remind myself how stupid I was to give them any money in the first place...

Long story short, I pulled the money out finally this spring to pay in part for a new condensing unit for my air conditioner...

TSP so far has been reasonable. I am currently fully invested in the I fund. By the way, I made 24K (of my October 2007 high) in the last 3 months just being invested in the I fund. I am down still down 37K from my October 2007 high -- so, I am on this site to figure out how to regain that and make more... :) Not sure how much more risk I want to take since I have 9 years until I can retire.
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RE: Mutual Funds Are Evil!!!

Post by UwshUwerME »

Thank you Sunna for sharing this. I've always scratched my head at Mutual Funds but I'm glad to hear your story.

My opionion - if a financial middleman is losing you money, he needs to hang it up. Everyday I look at these TSP advisory services on the side bar, and only one is not in red. Hundreds of average joes are beating these so-called "professionals"?

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Post by jeffvan1 »

Lets see. Wifey retired from Fed Svc in 2008. Rolled the TSP into a self directed IRA with Dreyfus and Oppenheimer Mutual Funds. Picked up DNLAX-Dreyfus Natural Resources at $16.00 per share and continued to accumulate through 17.75 per share. Presently holding at 21.79 per share value. Annualized return 41%. Picked up DIBAX - Dreyfus International Bonds, buy and hold, -Annualized return 10.34%, DEAAX-Dreyfus Emerging Asia, buy and hold, -Annualized return, 13.99 %, ODMAX-Oppenheimer Developing Mkts-buy and hold, Annualized return 10.88% and my sweetheart fund, OPGSX-Oppenheimer Gold and Special Minerals, buy and accumulate- Annualized return 52.57%, OIBAX-Oppenheimer International Bonds, buy and hold-Annualized Return .78%, CRSXX-Oppenheimer Cash Reserves, Annualized Return 0.00%, DUSXX, Dreyfus US Treasury Funds, Annualized Return -

Yup!! Mutual Funds sure are evil.

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Speaking of Mutual Funds

Post by jeffvan1 »

I think there might be an 800 lb. gorilla in the room that not to many people are noticing. Now I know its been a great week for the mkts and I'm not trying to damper anyone's spirits, BUT, did anyone out there know that the top ten performing World Bond Mutual Funds and the top ten World Bond ETF's holdings didn't invite someone to the party. If you look at their holdings, nobody, but nobody in the top ten is buying United Kingdom bonds. Their buying bonds issued by Spain and Italy (PIIGS), they all like Japan, but hey, where's the Brits ???? And if the top performing fund managers aren't buying the U.K. debt, the million dollar question is why not ??? Its a little more than just scary. A U.K. default would make a Leaman Brothers default look like a cake walk.

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Re: Mutual funds

Post by romad2003 »

Historically you can't do much better than an S&P 500 Index fund. They've outperformed almost all managed funds. In the TSP the C Fund is the closest thing to one and outside the Vanguard S&P Index Fund has the lowest fees I've seen outside of the TSP. If you don't mind risk, the Fidelity Contrafund and Low-Price Stock funds have done very well for me for the last 15 years.

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Re: Mutual funds

Post by Wertz21 »

Learning about basics for investment related decisions is highly important as if you know the basics then you can clear all doubts that come into your mind when considering any investment options. I know a little about mutual funds and swp in mutual fund. Planning to get started with it.

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Re: Mutual funds

Post by TSPBuilder »

Mutual Funds are one hundred percent of my portfolio outside of the TSP. I solely use ProFunds and this year I have been in the Ultra Latin America, UltraShort Latin, UltraChina and UltraShort China funds for a year-to-date of 31.92%. I have one $15 maintenance fee per year.

No financial middleman. ProFunds creates and sells direct. No fees to buy or sell. Can trade daily but not intra-day. This works for me. I research 10- and 50-day simple moving averages (sma) on 14 funds and look for a specific pattern that gives me 4 to 16 days (usually :) of consistent gains and then get out.

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Re: Mutual funds

Post by Annierroc »

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