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September 29
TSP Masters
by  United States - Hawaii ProduceMan | 8 Comments

Has anyone been on this site?

September 26
TSP Change Coming This Fall - Bad Idea
by  United States - Virginia TopNotch | 9 Comments

So according to an email I got from the TSP, there are some account changes coming this fall.

"You must add and validate a personal phone number in My Account. This adds a stronger layer of security to your account. When you log in and request certain account transactions, you’ll choose to receive a one-time verification code by phone call or by text message. You’ll then see a prompt to enter that code in your internet browser to verify your identity before you can access your account or continue with your transaction.

You will no longer be able to use a validated email address to receive verification codes. You should keep a personal email address on your TSP account to continue receiving important TSP information that may affect your account."

So we can no longer receive the verification code by email, it has to be by phone. I'd venture to guess that almost everyone uses a cell phone nowadays rather than a landline. So what happens if you change your cell phone number? Does that mean you're locked out and can't access your account? TSP, did you fully think this through? I think not. :x

September 25
Should i move from I to C???? Could use yalls advice
by  United States tyler3535 | 7 Comments

Considering moving some money out of EFA into SPY. EFA has underperformed SPY this year, so I have 35% of my portfolio there for a value play. But with their renewed CV cases, thinking about making a move to C. Am I selling too low in EFA and should just stay put? I’m just thinking that SPY has dropped as well, so might be a decent opportunity to buy.

Advice would be appreciated. Have a good one y’all!!!

September 23
Stocks, Bonds, Precious Metals All Down Big This Afternoon
by  Saudi Arabia bloobs | 10 Comments

Analysis? Is it possible everyone who's anyone is hoarding cash?

September 23
Heres a thought
by  United States - Hawaii ProduceMan | 7 Comments

What about this point of view (with all this market volatility madness), YOU are still “good to go” if your losses haven’t dipped into your 5% matching money .....

If you are still in that category, than you have gained more than 100% ;)

September 22
Searching for indexes
by  United States Bubba | 3 Comments

Dear all,

I'm looking for a handy website to compare indexes to each other. I'm having a hard finding some newer indexes such as Morningstar US Mid Cap Target Market Exposure Extended Index and others.

I've been using this from Bogleheads, but the newer indexes are often not included:

https://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/US_mid_ ... ex_returns



P.S. I know that the S&P provides a great overview and that MSCI also provides PDFs. I'm trying to find something that'll compare these indexes together. I have found some on Marketwatch, but this isn't as complete as I would like.

September 21
Helping My New Army Granddaughter
by  United States - South Dakota MakeMe$$$$ | 19 Comments

Hello All!

My oldest granddaughter has completed basic and just arrived to her AIT training at Fort Huachuca AZ. She was enlisted a few weeks out of high school. Needless to say, I'm super proud of her!

She has asked me to help her transition from being in high school student to becoming a financially responsible adult. So, I've had to bone up on TSP for military and have learned a bit about the Blended Retirement System (BRS). It appears BRS really has the most advantage for folks that don't make reach the 20 year mark. So here is what I understand:

1. Matching funds up to 5%.
2. Matching funds go into the traditional account even if payroll deductions go to a Roth.
3. The BRS changes were made to make transitioning out of the military easier for those not serving until they obtain a full military pension.
4. Currently the max annual donation is $19,500. (Even on E-3 or E-4 next year that won't happen. LOL I'll encourage her to go more than the 5% to maximize here savings.)

We have spoken about Roth vs traditional and she plans on going Roth with her contributions. She does understand the payroll taxing differences and taxing of Roth vs Traditional withdrawals.

A couple questions...

1. Can she move matching contributions from traditional to her Roth?
2. Is there any wrinkles in the BRS program to watch out for?

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